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10 logo designers. 20 logos.

I’m a great believer in giving credit where it’s due, and here I briefly mention 10 talented creatives from across the globe, showing a couple of logos from each portfolio.

(listed in no particular order)

1/ Roy Smith

Saxon logo design

“I decided to go it alone in September 2007, after many years working for leading design companies.”

French Property Exhibition logo design

2/ Raja Sandhu

Fashion Australia logo design

“My name is Raja Sandhu, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, on August 1st, 1974. I think it was a Tuesday.”

Bistro 1689 logo design

3/ Bojan Stefanovic

Park City logo design

“My name is Bojan Stefanovic and I am all about logo and corporate identity creation.”

mind formulations logo design

4/ David Pache

Brokers logo design

“dache is a creative studio founded by designer David Pache in 2005. Located in Switzerland, dache serves clientele locally, nationally and internationally.”

Hope Stewart logo design

5/ Kevin Burr

day one fitness logo design

“Creating a successful brand relies on visual recognition, creativity, originality, and most importantly, an enjoyable experience.”

watermark logo design

6/ Bart O’Dell

spots logo design

“Brand / Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Print Design, Multimedia, Web Design.”

robin rutherford logo design

7/ Cris Labno

ronou logo design

“Hello. I’m Cris Labno. I’m a freelance designer from Poland and I would love to work with you.”

anarchia logo design

8/ Dale Harris

clockwork rhino logo design

“I am a creative type bloke living and working in my hometown; Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.”

little red one logo design

9/ Ivaylo Nikolov

royal key logo design

Not much info on Ivaylo’s website, but there are some excellent logos.

occa logo design

10/ James Cullen

moblo logo design

“Hello, my name is James Cullen and I am a graphic designer living in Dublin, Ireland and I have just graduated this year from The National College of Art & Design.”

version 2 logo design

Coming soon

I’ll soon be providing more of an insight into these designers (where possible). Definitely worth looking out for.

Do you have a favourite design from those above?

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

57 appreciated comments

  1. Jeff

    Love the Version 2.0 logo.

  2. I’ve seen the bistro one quite a bit and really like it every time I see it. Some of those featured here though I’m not too fond of.

    Really like the two from Roy Smith.

  3. Agreed—the examples from Roy Smith are great.

  4. Wow. Love the French property exhibition, Bistro 1689, and the Rhino and the fox. I guess I’m a simplicity kind of guy. Thanks for being unselfish and sharing others’ work with us David. Another great post.

  5. Some excellent logos in the post – thanks David.

  6. Nice post, David. Smith’s bug for French Property Exhibition is excellent and both of O’Dell’s (and Harris’s) marks are quite good. Thanks for pulling these together.

    Eric Hillerns
    Pinch. A Design Office.

  7. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for this site. Thank you!

  8. Utter inspiration as far as I am concerned. The title is great and the content better.

    Awesome selection of talent.


  9. Oh, you’re a true gentleman, David, giving the credit where it’s due.

    I remember some of those logos from the logo contest that you held some time ago.
    My favourite ones on this list are:

    Saxon, French Property, Hope Stewart and Watermark

  10. Dear me, this is about the 10th post I’ve seen inclusive of the Bistro logo. It just goes to show how popular the design has become. However, I wonder what the B+W version looks like? Great logo non-the-less…

  11. The version2 logo is really interesting, as well as the royal key and french property exhibition (sans etre chauvin hmm…)

  12. nido

    that French one has been a favourite of mine for some time.. cracking designs & a cracking bunch of lads too.

  13. Good selection. My favorite is logo #2.


  14. Yasmine

    The Fashion Austraillia and Bistro logos are my favorite. Then again, you can’t expect any less than world class work from Mr. Sandhu. Day One Fitness and Spots are also good contenders.

  15. If the second Bart O’Dell’s logo is of a dentist: OMG! Finally a diferent logo of theet.

    And the rhino logo of Dale Harris is cute.

  16. Great post, very inspiring and refreshing, love the french property one :-)

  17. Version 2 is sweet. All are really nice though.

  18. Brian, Roy’s got a knack for it, so it was a pleasure to mention him. Nice guy too.

    Preston, you’re very welcome. If a potential client chooses not to work with me, I at least want to point him/her in the direction of others who may be able to help.

    Vivien, good memory. I featured some of these before when showcasing my favourite LogoPond designs, here and here. Keeping well I hope!

    Andrew, the bistro logo has been doing the rounds. Raja has a top array of ideas on his site, and I’m looking forward to his relaunch.

    Thanks very much to all who have commented.

  19. Some very talented designers there, I like the two examples by Dale Harris very much.

  20. Excellent designers, I really like Roys work and Rajas work.

    I think French Property Exhibition is brilliant.

    Day One Fitness is another I like a lot and Version 2 is exceptionally clever, but not that attractive to me.

  21. Fashion Australia is very original and will make me remember the brand.

  22. Thanks very much for the mention David!

  23. For some reason my previous comment didn’t appear, so i’ll try to repeat now that i think this is a great selection. Specially liked Dale Harris’ work.

  24. I am honored to be mentioned in this company David. Roy’s French Property exhibition and Bart’s dentist logos are really top notch. Cheers!

  25. Thanks for the mention David. And thanks for the nice comments, guys. My personal favourites are: Robin Rutherford and Clockwork Rhino.

  26. I remember reading that the Little Red One was for Dale’s daughter. I think the story went something like “Daddy, you have a symbol. I want one!” Absolutely adorable! Love the color on his site, too.

    Stumbled for sure!

  27. That French Property Exhibition logo is certainly one of the strongest here. Love it.

    Lauren, I remember that story too. Very cute.

  28. I’m honored to be included with such a fine group of logo designers. Thanks, David.

  29. David, you mentioned the Bistro logo making the rounds, here is another one :/


  30. Raja,

    I understand that immitation is a form of flattery, but when it saturates the market, there’s certainly a barrier crossed.

    Another for that file of yours.

  31. Richard


    Which logo you are talking about ????

  32. Agreed, David. Thanks.

    Richard, the logo has since been removed but it was on the left side of this page, http://www.logodesigner.no/logo-design.html . It’s now replaced with a ‘hand’ graphic.

    Nice of the community to always been on the lookout for plagiarism and inform the respective designers about it.

  33. That’s good your logo has since been taken down, Raja, though I notice your type layout has been kept. How typical that it was a half-baked attempt at cleaning up the rip-off.

  34. That hand looks familiar ;)

  35. French property logo is such a superb case in point for keeping it simple. That logo does pretty much everything I love in a logo, I almost think it’s a crime to put type next to it.

    Quite a big fan of the Day One logo too, i think the actual logotype needed to be within the calendar icon though to be more self-contained, that would have worked better for me. The type is almost repeating itself, just the word fitness would have done it for me, possibly fitness within the icon opposite ‘day’ at the bottom.

    The dentist logo is brilliant. not a huge fan of the overlay transparency thing, bit of a soft touch but the idea, maybe in some solid colour would be amazing.

    Version 2…immense.

  36. What can I say, I LOVE Logo Design!

  37. Hi David, I managed to get a screen-capture and posted it for reference on my site of the dude that ripped the Bistro 1689 logo, http://rajasandhu.com/images/logos/bistro_logo_rip.jpg . I hope this acts as a deterrent to anyone else thinking they can make
    money this way. The internet is a small place!

    – Raja

  38. Good work, Raja.

    Roy, it wouldn’t be surprising if the hand was also ripped-off.

  39. khayyam

    I now love logodesignlove… love it. Glad I was directed to the site and this post has some incredible inspiration and sharpness.

    Makes me want to be a better person and designer.

    Oh, that James Cullen…. wow.

  40. Hi everyone, just came to know about this website and I have to say its inspiring! I am a furniture designer and you can see my logo and work on vivekkevin.com, actually i would like to get some suggestion about my logo- vivekkevin and pls. note when you spell my name vivek backwards its almost is kevin. I want something simple, sleek and classy. I will really appreciate your suggestions. Vivek

  41. Hi Vivek,

    I’m not sure if you have seen these — useful forums for logo design feedback. Many talented designers take part in them. Good luck.

  42. Thanks David for posting my work and thanks to everyone for the lovely feedback. Its much appreciated!! Muchos Gracias!

  43. David thanks for showcasing some of my work along side some of who I consider to be the best designers in the world today.

  44. James, Bart, keep up the great work, guys.

  45. Amanda Vlahakis

    David Pache is suffering a little bit of a scandal today … http://www.trulyace.com/blog/general-musings-on-life/red-fox-logo-design-plagiarism/

  46. Thanks for the link, Amanda. It’d be interesting to read David’s thoughts on the matter.

  47. David, with all do respect. Do you really think there is another side?

    This is appalling to me.


  48. Sup Dave. Nice round up.
    Kevin Burr kicks ass no doubt, love that guy to bits and i love his designs.

    You def missed out a couple amazing designers that in my personal opinion are pure beacons of light in the design community, then again they were prob ‘too much’ competition to be allowed a place up there eh? ;)

    again, nice roundup mate.

  49. I do think there can be another side (accidents ‘do’ happen) but unfortunately we aren’t hearing the other side at all, and it’s been weeks, so that doesn’t sound very good.

  50. Mike,

    LIke Amanda, I do think there can be another side, and it’s up to David to tell us.


    Thanks for the compliment, and for dropping by. I’d love to know who your favourites are. By all means share their websites.

  51. David, I talked to Dache more than once concerning this issue and have a record of these instances. At one point he confessed he had not done proper research on the matter before designing the logo, right after I had said that could be the reason, seconds before he had seen that very same post on a forum, coincidence? maybe.

    Anyway, some of my personal favorites that you forgot to mention (who are btw in my opinion some of the industries most passionat, able logo designers);

    Mike Erickson of http://www.LogoMotive.net

    Alen Pavlovic (his site is being redone – his LP showcase can be found here – http://logopond.com/members/profile/showcase/13028)

    Sean O’Grady (http://logopond.com/members/profile/showcase/10018_

    Sean Farrell of http://www.penflare.com/

    There’s probably more but id have to check my bookmarks, those are off the top of my head is all :)

  52. David, I don’t want to stir things up any more but It all starts here.
    pretty much sums it up in my mind. He can have whatever story he wants but hard to argue with the timeline.
    BTW yes a great list of designers. Kudos to all.

  53. Love the Version 2.0.//

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