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7th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival

Colourful idea by Mirko Ilić to symbolise equality, and to form the Star of David.

7th Jewish Film Festival

7th Jewish Film Festival

7th Jewish Film Festival

7th Jewish Film Festival

It’s for the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival, now in its seventh year.

The design for the 6th festival was featured back in June.

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6 appreciated comments

  1. It’ too similar to the 2015 EXPO logo, take a look: http://tuttosullavoro.libero.it/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/logo_expo.jpg
    same colors, same process of overlying.

  2. Rich

    Similarities aside I think it’s a great idea, making the star out of equals. I’m sure neither are the first nor last to overlay primary colours, and in this instance the symbolism works really well.

  3. Mitchel

    Love this design! Great colour combinations and composition.

  4. Giles

    I like the concept but using CMYK seems wrong when you’re essentially talking about an RGB image?

  5. Nice job Mirko. It’s strong, simple and very expandable. There are about a hundred ways an identity like this can be used. Pat on the back.

  6. wilsonality

    it would had been spectacular had it been the 6th film festival, but it being the 7th film festival, I would have liked to have seen something referencing that it was the 7th as well.

    still, it is very beautiful

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