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7x7 logo design

7×7 – Future Focus was the fourth in a series of lectures from the Design Institute of Australia, held during The Melbourne Design Festival in 2009. Luminaries from seven design disciplines presented their top seven future industry trends and predictions to an audience of creatives from all design sectors.

7x7 logo design

The visual identity, created by Landor’s Sydney office, reflected the idea of looking beyond the obvious, to seeing more than is immediately visible, and reading between the lines.

7x7 logo design

7x7 logo design

7x7 logo design

7x7 logo design

7x7 logo design

7x7 logo design

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26 appreciated comments

  1. Op Art rocks my world.

  2. Dominic

    Like it.

    Reminds me of the old logo of german tv station pro 7 … somehow…


  3. Erik Mellenius

    Lovely! Great! Really, really nice!

  4. Now that my eyes have refocused, I must say that I quite like it!

  5. Very strong concept behind the logo, but what’s even better is the implementation of the identity on branding material. All concept, no color.

  6. I agree with Mark — the implementation is stellar.

  7. Reminded me of Experimental Jetset’s project:

    There are several other implementations in their portfolio. I’m sure they’re not the first to do this type of stripes-graphics, though :)

  8. Landor’s works are always inspiring.

  9. Martin Navarro

    It just works. Good for Landor.

  10. Stunningly beautiful, I agree. I love the inline type style and, as Mark notes, that it’s in black and white.

  11. Raspo

    really nice, really simple. massive standout. something i wish i had done. and the 7 stripes making up the 7 is a nice touch.

  12. Jim

    A miracle has occured. Landor does a great bit of design that isn’t Blandor. It’s great.

    Who was the designer?

    They deserve a big pat on the back.

  13. Beto

    Totally love it! The implementation, the use of only black and white for the pieces, four thumbs up! BTW it is kind of retro, kind of 60’s-70’s look, reminds me of some logo for an old science tv show ages ago

  14. Fun stuff. My curiosity got me a’countin’ and while the poster, etc., have 49 lines, the first image does not.

    What gives?

  15. JC

    Reminds me the Mexico 68 logo

  16. Alin B.

    I find it really hypnotic.
    Nice work.

  17. Elena S.

    I like the way it hypnotises you and conveys immediately the message. Nice job!

  18. It’s interesting how the 3 lines in the negative space of the mark complete the seven lines concept. Great thinking.

  19. That’s beautiful! Did anyone notice that if you count the lines making the “7”… there are 7? Start at a black line on the border of the 7, then count the white lines and black lines until the other border of the 7! Seven lines! Hence, 7×7! :D Very ingenious, I love it!

  20. Love this! Really love the look of the identity across the board. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Jim,
    I’m pretty sure the designer was Malin Holmstrom with creative direction from Jason Little. Great piece of work!

  22. This is one of those great instances where the logo is transformed by the entire system and becomes more than itself. 1+1=3

    Great job to Landor.

  23. Simplicity that stands out. Some good thinking there. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Fritz Walter

    Great logo and appliance but I reeeeeeeally dislike how they took an /X/ instead of a /×/. The placing of the /X/ also seems a bit random (or obvious?) to me.

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