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Asian Cup 2015 logo unveiled

The logo and preliminary qualifying draw for the 2015 Asian Cup football tournament were unveiled in Melbourne last week.

Asian Cup 2015 logo

“The logo depicts a stylised player, kicking a football from the east coast of Australia across country towards Asia. The ball also represents the Australian summer sun arcing west from Australia to Asia.

“The four golden bands forming the map of Australia represent the four host cities. The design is embraced by the AFC holding device.”

Quoted from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) website.

According to Sports Business Insider, the logo was designed by Sydney agency, WiteKite. I’ve been unable to find the agency’s website.

One commentator likened the design to the 2010 World Cup logo.

Asian Cup 2015 logo

Asian Cup 2015 logo

Asian Cup 2015 logo
Photos from Getty Images

The Asian Cup is held every four years. The 2011 tournament was held in Qatar.

Asian Cup 2011 logo

Via Jonathan Nolan of Sydney-based Coast.

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13 appreciated comments

  1. Josh

    I didn’t see the map of australia until I read there was one.

  2. Rich

    Me either, seems like a stretch. I think using the stylized A from AFC as the first A in Asian works a lot better when the rest is lower case, otherwise you have the 2 conflicting capitals there. Also think that penalty line bit is unnecessary.

  3. I thought it was a cool logo, definitely emphasized the action packed Asian cup through the logo. :) It’s a thumbs up for me.

  4. I wonder how much they got paid for it.

  5. Ben

    Don’t think it works, not overly keen on the ‘Devils Horns’ and the typefaces are weak. The 2011 Qatar logo is far better design.

  6. Seems like there is far too much going on with the logo.

  7. Jeremy

    Please tell me why the World Cup logos are always so awful. Does such an event not deserve better? I keep holding on to hope that one year someone will get it right and design something nice. Quit with all the gradients, make a better illustration and please, for the love of God, choose better typography.

  8. Aaron

    I have to agree with Jeremy above. This just does not work for me on any level.

  9. I don’t know where to start. I almost feel exhausted looking at this, not worth my time making a comment or dissecting the parts to tell what is bad and what is bad again.

  10. Azz

    It’s too easy to criticise when your not in the game of design.
    But remember the stake holders (clients) have to have their say. As a designer whether you like it or not, you have to add everybody’s input into the final design, which is why you get the results you do for final artwork/logos/brandmarks etc…

    Maybe there was a better logo, but this was probably the result of many non-creative people having their way.
    Remember they pay the bills in the end.

    I too didn’t notice that it was supposed to be Australia!

  11. Sydboy

    I agree with Azz.

    A logo designed (“hacked around”) by a committee. A pity that simplicity and originality were low on the agenda.

    Why pay lots of money for a brand when you can get an online “competition” going and pay $200 to get a pile of “copied” ideas… you get what you pay for!

    (p.s: I have been in the branding design business for over 30 years.)

  12. Sydboy

    An embarrassment to good design… WiteKite have used ‘Freelancer.com” to get a corny idea.

  13. Sydboy

    Sophie’s art direction gone wrong.

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