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Available book translations

Chinese lead type molds

For my foreign readers, Logo Design Love can be bought in the following languages:

A Japanese translation is scheduled for 2011/12.

I’ll keep the book website updated for future translations (the Japanese one is available now).

ePub format for iPad

You can find the book in the U.S. iBookstore.

And can also purchase Logo Design Love in Kindle format, reading on a Kindle or using the iPad’s free Kindle app.

Chinese lead type mold credit.

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

20 appreciated comments

  1. Matthijs

    Hi, do you have any clue about when the book will be available as an iBook?

  2. I already got the book in english and I absolutly love it, I have friends that would like to have it in swedish, will Logo Design Love be available in swedish any time soon?

  3. No update on that, Matthijs. Is it for iPad reading?

    Billy, great to know, thanks. I was told of the above plans only, so there’s nothing else to report just yet.

  4. Matthijs

    Yes…iPad reading!

  5. Have you tried the Kindle app? I don’t have an iPad, so can’t say what it’s like. Seems popular, though.

  6. Have you perused the Kindle version yet in the pc/mac app? How do your larger graphic items do in that format?

  7. Is there a PDF version of your book available somewhere? I’d like to see how that fairs on my Nook.

  8. Jitachi

    I can make the translation for Spanish (:

  9. I’ve not seen the Kindle version, Doug, but you can get a PDF version of the book through Peachpit here.

    Jitachi, my publisher takes care of the translations and republishing rights, but thanks all the same for the offer.

  10. apernettt

    Hi David, again. I had to lock down my copy because everyone wants it. Any idea when will see a spanish version? Latin american design is interesting too :)

  11. I’m not sure, unfortunately.

    Update: 13 April 2011
    The book’s now available in Portuguese, so at least a little of Latin America is covered.

  12. LAMIAA


  13. JChristian

    I wonder if you have a Spanish edition of books … thanks and good work has
    much logic and wisdom.

  14. No Arabic as yet, but you’ll be pleased to know that an ALL CAPS version is in production. ;)

    As soon as a Spanish version is available I’ll publish a new blog post. There are no plans that I’m aware of. Hopefully soon.

  15. Paulina

    and ….. spanish? :(

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