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Broighter Gold

A great symbol design from the portfolio of Belfast-based Hamill Boskett Dempsey.

Broighter Gold

Broighter Gold

There’s a lot of gold in them there fields. At least there was in the fields of Broighter, Limavady. In 1896 a local ploughman, Thomas Nicholl unearthed Ireland’s most important archaeological find “The Broighter Hoard.” It’s now on the same land that golden rapeseed oil is harvested, cold-pressed and bottled by the Kane family. We created a strong elegant brand to position the oil as a premium local product. The symbol is our interpretation of the golden torque, one of the most impressive pieces in the hoard.

Quoted from the HBD website.

Broighter Gold

Broighter Gold

Broighter Gold

I love how the negative space in the stylised torque also gives the impression of oil flowing from the bottle.

View more work in the Hamill Boskett Dempsey portfolio.

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9 appreciated comments

  1. I swear I’ve seen this before, so I went looking. It reminds me strongly of this logo: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/100665

    I’m sure it is the whole, “great minds think alike” phenomenon, but, well…

  2. Henning

    Nicely done.

    But reminds me very much of Statoil (fuel stations in Scandinavia & Eastern Europe); http://www.statoilfuelretail.com/

  3. nina douglas

    Nice and clean. Love the color. The graphic, however, looks to me like the “bladder” graphic a pharmaceutical company is using.

  4. It’s nicely done…even looks great in black and white, but I too got the feeling that this felt too familiar.

  5. There goes..!
    It is hard to react when we see such beautiful logos and then coincidental (or not so coincidental?) discoveries of similar ones.

    God bless the creative minds.

  6. Ever heard of Operation Flood in India in the 80s???
    Beautifully designed by Vikas Satwalekar…

  7. Lovely. Colours are gorgeous, but it also looks very strong in mono. Very strong symbol that.

  8. Mikael

    The name “gold” and the smelting furnace appearance of the logo work well!

  9. Just went to bring up my site and saw everyones comments:) Lovely – dont forget that we are a local farm that not only have a great logo and design from HBD but also a great locally grown product too!

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