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Pulsating Sonos

Sonos logo

If you scroll while viewing the Sonos wordmark, the surrounding lines appear to pulse, kind of like the speakers sold by the home audio company.

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Made in Britain, by The Partners

Made in Britain logo

In June 2013 The Partners were commissioned to redesign the logo.

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Crave Dessert Bar

Crave logo

“We mixed things up with a hand drawn brush typeface made of chocolate icing.”

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New Visions for Public Schools

New Visions for Public Schools logo

“…the three bars suggest both growth and dynamism, as well as climbing steps…”

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Atelier Works

Trees for Cities logo

The first and most basic role of a logo is identification, it acts as a flag.

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Bruce Mau Design rebrands Canada

Canada rebrand by Bruce Mau Design

Canada has an image problem in the US.

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More4 rebrand options

More4 logo option

“The inverse space created the 4 with this invisible attraction/repulsion principle.”

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Nuts.com packaging

One of my favourite identity improvements of the year.

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Zagreb Jewish Film Festival

Jewish Film Festival logo

Designed by New York-based Mirko Ilić Corp for the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival.

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Swisscom sketches

Swisscom logo sketch

There’s something about logo sketches I find much more interesting than the polished, digitised outcome.

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One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center logo was designed by London-based Wordsearch.

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Zebra logo

I rarely double-post between blogs, but I know many of you don’t keep tabs on Identity Designed, and this Zebra-inspired mark is worth another share.

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Grand Central centennial logo

Grand Central logo

Next year Grand Central will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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White House Conference on Children

White House Conference on Children logo

Ultimately, success came with another old trick: switching to the less dominant hand, which is sure to produce a slightly imperfect and clumsy result.

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IDA and Pentagram recreate Pangaea

IDA Congress logo

Note the speed at which India moved toward Asia around the 60 million years mark.

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Moving Brands does HP

HP identity design by Moving Brands

I can’t remember seeing a more impressive, in-depth brand identity project than what Moving Brands has done for HP.

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Broighter Gold

Broighter Gold

There’s a lot of gold in them there fields.

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johnson banks’ new website

johnsonbanks website

Great improvement over the old Flash-based offering.

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Saffron ident for Austria’s A1

I’d love to learn about creating videos like this.

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Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf logo

A good example of relevancy between the symbol/monogram and the name.

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