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Planes, trains, and logo-inspired art

minimal Coca Cola logo

Rounding up the latest logo-related news posted on Twitter and Facebook.

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Five personal favourites

Creative Review logo issue

I judged my selection a little differently, basing my choices purely on the idea of the isolated marks, as opposed to recognition or flexibility. I reckon that’s partly why none of my five made it into the top 20, so I’ll share them here with you.

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Saul Bass logos: then and now

Saul Bass

It’s hard to beat a Saul Bass original.

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Colors by Mu Chen

Chanel logo in soil

For Colors, part of Mu Chens Forever and Ever solo show at Shanghai Gallery of Art, the artist took a variety of Chinese soils (red, black, brown, and green) and packed them into molds, shaped like global-brand logos, from a swoosh to an apple, using a centuries-old construction technique.

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Comics’ greatest logos

Batman comic logo

Todd Klein chooses comics’ greatest logos.

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