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Woolmark logo

Woolmark logo design

The Woolmark logo, designed by Italian graphic artist Francesco Saroglia, was launched in 1964 in Britain, the US, Japan, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

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10 timeless logo designs

CBS logo design

Regular visitors and subscribers will have probably seen the recent showcase 30+ Logo Design Love reader favourites. Some fantastic designs, no doubt.

Here I’ve shown 10 of your favourites that I consider timeless logos.

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30+ Logo Design Love reader favourites

Mother and Child logo design

A few weeks back I asked you what your favourite logo design was. Here follows an interesting collection, including a few of what I believe to be the world’s best logos (best is a very subjective term, which I often steer clear of). The quotes below each logo are from the reader who voted for the respective design. Enjoy.

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V&A buys original Rolling Stones logo

Rolling Stones logo design
Image copyright: Max Nash / AFP

The V&A Museum has paid slightly over £50,000 at auction for the original drawings of the Rolling Stones logo, devised by British designer John Pasche in 1970, it announced last night.

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Bayer logo design

Bayer logo

Bayer’s corporate logo, the Bayer cross, was introduced back in 1904.

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