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Mobil logo

Mobil logo sketch

The red O served to help people pronounce the name correctly (Mo-bil, not Mo-bile).

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Famous logos, generic type

Sony logo Copperplate Bold

Thank a type designer who doesn’t settle for just “standard” but knows how to choose, create, or modify an existing typeface to be a memorable and expressive brand mark.

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Ferrari logo history

Francesco Baracca

Ferrari, put my son’s prancing horse on your cars. It will bring you good luck.

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It is a parallel between the modern and the old, some of the slogans dating back to the 40s and 50s.

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Nike logo 40 year anniversary

Nike logo sketch

None of the options “captivated anyone” so it came down to “which was the least awful.”

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BMW logo evolution

BMW badge 2011

People think that the BMW logo is based on a rotating airscrew. The origin of this interpretation is the cover of a BMW aircraft magazine.

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Angus Hyland on logos

Angus Hyland

My very favourite mark is the World Wildlife Fund. I’d love to have done that.

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World Wildlife Fund logo sketches

Chi Chi panda

British environmentalist and artist Gerald Watterson played a key role in the original panda logo by producing the initial sketches.

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Time Warner

Time Warner logo

“…making it weaker, and then call it theirs.”

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A logo doesn’t need to say what a company does

Apple logo iMac

Just because it’s relevant, doesn’t mean you can’t do better using a design that doesn’t depict the product or service your client provides.

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Planes, trains, and logo-inspired art

minimal Coca Cola logo

Rounding up the latest logo-related news posted on Twitter and Facebook.

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Five personal favourites

Creative Review logo issue

I judged my selection a little differently, basing my choices purely on the idea of the isolated marks, as opposed to recognition or flexibility. I reckon that’s partly why none of my five made it into the top 20, so I’ll share them here with you.

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Saul Bass logos: then and now

Saul Bass

It’s hard to beat a Saul Bass original.

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Colors by Mu Chen

Chanel logo in soil

For Colors, part of Mu Chens Forever and Ever solo show at Shanghai Gallery of Art, the artist took a variety of Chinese soils (red, black, brown, and green) and packed them into molds, shaped like global-brand logos, from a swoosh to an apple, using a centuries-old construction technique.

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Comics’ greatest logos

Batman comic logo

Todd Klein chooses comics’ greatest logos.

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I (heart) NY concept sketch

I (heart) NY sketch

A Milton Glaser sketch for his classic I (heart) NY logo.

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JAL’s crane logo resurrected

JAL logo

Sure, there are a lot of birds in airline logos, but the crane holds particularly appropriate symbolism for the Japanese company, so it gets my vote.

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A classic through exposure

Nike swoosh Camp Nou

I don’t think the Coca Cola logo is a great logo, but it’s a great brand. Nike has become a classic through exposure.

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Lance Wyman

Lance Wyman logos

Lance Wyman. One of the great graphic designers of our time.

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Turner Duckworth and Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s design director Moira Cullen talks about the role of Turner Duckworth in bringing the famous brand identity back to basics.

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