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Kodak logo evolution

Kodak signage

Sad news today that 131-year-old Kodak has filed for bankruptcy.

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British Rail’s double-arrow

British Rail symbol

The company name was shortened to British Rail and Gerry Barney of the Design Rearch Unit conceived the famous ‘double-arrow’, a remarkably robust and memorable icon that has far outlasted British Rail itself and continues to be used on traffic signs throughout the United Kingdom as the symbol for the national rail network and more specifically railway stations on that network.

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More honest logos

Apple logo

Remember those honest logos from back in April? There are more.

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Penguin logo evolution

Penguin logo evolution

I went straight off to the zoo to spend the rest of the day drawing penguins in every pose.

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British Steel logo

British Steel logo

Only later did I discover that steel was bent in order to test its strength — so I used this as a rationale, but I didn’t know that at the time!

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