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NYCFC crest

Fans have been quick off the mark.

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Satirical logos by Maentis

Rolling Stones North Korea logo

Well known logos with a satirical take.

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$15,000 to tattoo Romney’s logo on your face

Romney logo tattoo

The facial ad space was sold for $15,000 to a Republican party member.

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Last Bummer Records

Last Bummer Records logo

Designed by Manhattan-based High Tide, for Last Bummer Records.

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Famous logos in Comic Sans

Subway logo in Comic Sans

Just a bit of Friday fun.

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Olympic logo a day

Olympic rings logo

Sarah Hyndman putting her own spin on the Olympic brand guidelines.

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The Twitter bird does pop culture

Twitter bird cartoons

Created by Utah-based cartoonist Adam Koford.

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Hipster Branding

Hipster Branding logo

“Holding a mirror to the artsy community.”

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2012 Olympic non-events

2012 Olympic pictograms

While these events enjoy no official status, they represent some of the most popular participation sports in the UK.

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Combined logos

Combined logos

Reminiscent of johnson banks’ logo mash-ups.

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More honest logos

Apple logo

Remember those honest logos from back in April? There are more.

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Crack one open

Pepsi butt crack

Pepsi logo illustration by MODY-89.

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Department of Innovation gets stuck

(Updated 10 August 2011.)

Department of Innovation logo

Five star innovation.

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Storage Deluxe

Storage Deluxe logo

The Storage Deluxe logo’s a bit suggestive, isn’t it?

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Upside-down logos

McDonalds logo

Logos can look very different when viewed from an unexpected angle.

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Logonom, how logos are made


These standards are constantly monitored, and these monitors are constantly monitored.

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Optimistic Beverages

Optimistic Beverages

This logo for Optimistic Beverages caught my eye.

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The S From Hell

Screen Gems logo

A documentary-come-horror film about the scariest corporate symbol in history: the 1964 Screen Gems logo, aka “the S from Hell.” Watch it here.

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“What do you get when you cross…”

ABBA abc logo

johnson banks published a series of logo mash-ups.

A few additions to the mix.

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Logorama the movie

Logorama movie

Logorama is a short animation nominated that won at the 2010 Oscars.

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