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Divvy, Chicago’s bike-share system

Divvy bike-share identity

The double-V ligature, is based on the guillemet or angled quotes.

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animodul by atipo

animodul identity

animodul is a brand of clothes and toys for children.

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Respublica University

Respublica University emblems

Fun identity work by Moscow-based Denis Bashev for Russian bookstore Respublica University.

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Reachin’ for Myeloma UK

Reachin identity

Reachin’ is a regular fundraising event for Myeloma UK.

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Airbnb introduces “the Bélo”

Airbnb logo Bélo

Airbnb launched a new identity, created by DesignStudio.

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Sismyk identity

Inspired by the shock waves caused by large-scale music events.

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The Chain Reaction Project

The Chain Reaction Project card

The namecard creates its own chain reaction. You can pass it on to three other people.

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Anita Giraldo

Anita Giraldo brand identity

A New York photographer who uses multiple photos to make her images.

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A few interesting projects

13th Venice Architecture Biennale

Line and space used to lovely effect.

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Jon Contino on designing his personal identity

Jon Contino identity

Jon Contino shares how he created his visual identity.

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BBC Asian Network Summer of Music

BBC Asian Network Summer of Music

Vibrantly coloured powders and spices exploding to life on a pounding bass speaker.

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Lale logo

Fun, appropriate, lovely work by Art Lebedev.

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Tin Can

TIN CAN brand identity

Each line refers to one of the four disciplines of their profession.

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National Rail symbols

London Euston Station logo

Lloyd Northover’s 1999 design work on the National Rail identity.

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Better to be gay than grumpy

HomoVino logo

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7-Eleven brand identity

The iconic stripes is the take-off point of our design.

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Santa Claus brand guidelines

Santa Claus brand guidelines

Bond gave him a facelift and a few new guidelines to help boost his credibility.

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University of California

University of California logo

The genesis of the University of California systemwide logo.

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A translation company “making your texts better.”

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Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK logo

Our new logo comprises our name and our corporate icon: ‘the man of men’.

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