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Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund

Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund business card

A logo to visually represent the legacy of Ann Maguire.

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Wedding planner logo

Probably my favourite logo from the website of George Lois.

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Loft Bar

Loft Bar patterns

Here’s a straightforward idea that often works well.

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Elephant Book Company

Elephant Books logo

For Elephant Book Company, by Grade Design.

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Elisa redesign, by Grow

Elisa logo

Finnish telecommunications firm Elisa has a new look.

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Oregon Scout Badges

Oregon State park logos

It’s a personal challenge, to step away from the work desk every once in awhile.

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Beko gets an update

Beko logo sketches

Worldwide, Beko-branded goods are sold every two seconds.

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Melbourn Squash Club

Melbourn Squash Club logo

Here’s a lovely bit of work by Distil Studio for Melbourn Squash Club.

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La Chamarilera

La Chamarilera

I like this symbol idea by Entre Líneas for La Chamarilera.

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Logos on vintage badges

Raleigh badge logo

Many of the vintage badges are accompanied by a logo history.

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Rio 2016 typography by Dalton Maag

Rio 2016 typography

Dalton Maag’s excellent typographical work for Rio 2016.

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An alphabet of monograms

BB monogram

Blair kindly pointed me toward an alphabet of monograms on Present&Correct.

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2014 logo trends


Khoi Vinh shared thoughts on the compilation’s merit, much of which I agree with.

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The ubiquity of similarity

Subterranea Britannica

An example of how coincidence can occur without malice.

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Jigsaw logo

Jigsaw is the production company of Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney.

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Japanese municipalities

Flag of Japan

Intriguing symbol designs for the flags of Japanese towns and cities.

Japanese flag image via Morningstar

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Stop Sex Trafficking

Stop Sex Trafficking logo

The sketches that helped launch The Body Shop’s Stop Sex Trafficking campaign.

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Pub quiz

Pub quiz logo

Nice idea.

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Brand Colorado

Colorado logo sketches

“Our new logo combines the familiar with the unexpected.”

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Alzheimer’s Disease National Congress

Alzheimer's disease logo

An appropriate symbol for the 18th Alzheimer’s Disease National Congress.

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