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Last Bummer Records

Last Bummer Records logo

Designed by Manhattan-based High Tide, for Last Bummer Records.

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Pipeology logo

Designed by Elmwood for Pipeology, a Doncaster-based plumber.

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DeLorean Motor Company

DeLorean logo

I’ve always liked the ambigram, designed by Phil Gibbon.

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Canada 2015 Women’s World Cup

Women's World Cup logos

When is a logo not a logo?

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Moor, by Hahmo

Moor logotype

Designed by Hahmo’s Pekka Piippo, for Moor.

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7th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival

7th Jewish Film Festival

Colourful idea by Mirko Ilić to symbolise equality, and to form the Star of David.

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Architectural logos

Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil

When the design idea is staring you in the face.

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Katona József Theatre

Katona Jozsef Theatre

“The quote marks refer to theatre masks, a well known theatre motif.”

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Little Soles

Little Soles logo

Little Soles is a UK-based children’s shoe charity.

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Pony Jewelry

Pony logo

A simple idea, done well.

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Cliffhanger logo

Magpie Studio designed this logo in 2007 for Cliffhanger.

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The Woodshed Horror Company

The Woodshed Horror Company logo

An appropriate logo for The Woodshed Horror Company.

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Asian Cup 2015 logo unveiled

Asian Cup 2015 logo

The four golden bands forming the map of Australia represent the four host cities.

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Fixing the Brazil 2014 World Cup logo

Brazil 2014 World Cup logo

In 2010, Felix Sockwell did a good job fixing the Brazil 2014 logo.

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NFL logos by Matt McInerney

Houston Texans logo

Pentagram designer Matt McInerney’s “minimalist take on current NFL logos.”

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Logos from the 50s and 60s

Logos from the 1950s and 1960s

More in this Flickr set.

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Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways masi

The new Fiji Airways branding is set to launch next year.

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Crests of Serie A

Serie A logos

A visual comparison by Liam Ferry of on Goals Scored.

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Obama source code logo

Obama source code logo

Strange attention to detail.

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Transparency suit

Brand suit

The “Transparency Suit” visualizes the unseen flow of information around us.

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