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Obama logo ideas that weren’t chosen

Obama 08 logo design

Sol Sender, who led a design team for the Obama 08 logo, was recently interviewed about the project.

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Wonderful Union and Cog logos

Cog logo

Two logos that are new-ish to me, and I thought you might like a gander.

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CultureBus logo by Pentagram

CultureBus monogram logo

Pentagram partner, Kit Hinrichs, and designer, Mo Woods, have created a new brand identity for CultureBus.

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30+ Logo Design Love reader favourites

Mother and Child logo design

A few weeks back I asked you what your favourite logo design was. Here follows an interesting collection, including a few of what I believe to be the world’s best logos (best is a very subjective term, which I often steer clear of). The quotes below each logo are from the reader who voted for the respective design. Enjoy.

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Shropshire Council logo

Shropshire Council logo design

Shropshire Council have chosen their new logo from a group of seven designs, all of which are shown below, along with accompanying comments from an article on the BBC website.

The shortlist had included three designs by schoolchildren in the county (numbers 1 to 3), and the chosen logo will be used from April 2009.

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