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Shropshire Council logo

Shropshire Council logo design

Shropshire Council have chosen their new logo from a group of seven designs, all of which are shown below, along with accompanying comments from an article on the BBC website.

The shortlist had included three designs by schoolchildren in the county (numbers 1 to 3), and the chosen logo will be used from April 2009.

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When logos look alike

carrier ford logos

It gets more and more difficult to create original logos.

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LogoPond Awards winners 2008


The results are in for the inaugural LogoPond Awards. You can view 1st to 4th place here, with links to the logo designers’ personal websites, and to the full collection of submitted logos.

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30 logos from 30 design blogs

Coudal logo design

Design blogs are becoming more and more popular. Here I highlight 30 logo designs that appear at the top of 30 familiar design blogs (listed in alphabetical order).

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Belfast city gets a new logo

Belfast city logo design

Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital city (I was born just 12 miles away), has rebranded with a new logo. You can see the new design on the Belfast Tourism website, and you’ll find more images and comments in this post.

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