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Total Peter Saville Howard Wakefield

Despite contention in the CR Blog comment thread (about both the design and the actual release of the compilation), like Ben said, nice video.

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Alternative Moscow logos

Moscow logo concept

A few interesting design ideas for the city of Moscow.

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9,000 TV channel logos

TV channel logos

And that’s only about a fifth of the collection.

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Edgeboard identity design

The identity is based on the board’s special feature, the edge, and the brand comes to life using the edge in any any application.

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Five personal favourites

Creative Review logo issue

I judged my selection a little differently, basing my choices purely on the idea of the isolated marks, as opposed to recognition or flexibility. I reckon that’s partly why none of my five made it into the top 20, so I’ll share them here with you.

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Deichmanske Library identity

Deichmanske Library identity design

The identity focuses on the many sides of the institution by building a brand that constantly evolves rather than being static, just as the library itself is supposed to.

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Snooty Peacock

Snooty Peacock logo

I was flipping through the new iheartlogos book (thanks a lot, Brian) and came across this logo for Snooty Peacock by Ryan Russell.

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Behind the New York Cosmos logo

New York Cosmos logo Pele

General manager Clive Toye chose the green and yellow of the Brazilian national team as part of his strategy to lure Pelé to the United States.

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Your favourite logos

classic logos

What are your top five favourite logos of all time?

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Rio 2016 logo

Rio 2016 logo sketch


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AGM logo

AGM logo

The obvious, boring solution to the obvious boring problem is to do a very small AGM.

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Optimistic Beverages

Optimistic Beverages

This logo for Optimistic Beverages caught my eye.

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Free & Equal

Free & Equal logo

But in many parts of the world, where people are denied their human rights on account of their sexual orientation, the battle for freedom and equality is still being bitterly contested.

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What Gap should’ve done

old Gap logo

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Landfit logo

Landfit tshirt

If it’s about getting people to use unused spaces, why not grow vegetables in the unused spaces in the logo?

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Spin My Logo

As part of a promotion for Panda Motion’s sister company, Spin My Logo, Dan took two of my past projects and set to work animating the designs.

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Brazil World Cup logo 2014

FIFA World Cup trophy

“The logo’s interlinking hands in the yellow and green of Brazil and shaped like a trophy aim to enhance Brazil’s image as a warm, hospitable nation. The design is taken from an iconic photograph of three hands triumphantly raising the World Cup.”

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“Man at Kiosk”

Disregarding the “you should’ve known better” reflection applied to the website version, I do like the idea behind this logo for Kiosk.

Kiosk logo

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Ian The Plumber

Ian The Plumber van

Plumber Ian Lightfoot required an identity to set him apart from the competition. Cheshire-based designer Raphael Mahon helped by creating this simple, relevant, and memorable logo with an accompanying stationery set.

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The Corner Deli

The Corner Deli compliment slip design

A nice idea for The Corner Deli in Cornwall, England.

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