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Club Collective

Club Collective device design

London-based Bunch — one of the kind Logo Design Love book contributors — created this logotype in 2006 for Club Collective.

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Logo Design Love: the unsung heroes

Frut logo sketches

As a belated “thank you” to the graphic designers who helped, but who weren’t shown in the book, here’s a sample of work readers won’t have seen.

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Television Associates logo

Television Associates logo

“Television Associates wanted to use the initials, TA as a logo. Instead of trying to do a trendy, graphically exciting monogram, which doesn’t communicate anything, I made the problem more interesting.”

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Birds of a feather flock together

birds perched on telephone lines

One design option I’d like to overlook — the bird in a circle.

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Wine Searcher by Gareth Hardy

Wine Searcher poster design

Lines are all around us and make the world we live in. I noticed that the contour of the bottles could be adjusted to reveal a pair of glasses.

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Sports brand logo designs

Nike Just Do It

A project of mine required a comparison of the world’s most well-known sports brand logos. They’re shown together below in case the quick visual reference might be useful for you.

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Glasgow 2014 Games logo revealed

Glasgow 2014 logo

Today saw the launch of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games logo.

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Logorama the movie

Logorama movie

Logorama is a short animation nominated that won at the 2010 Oscars.

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7x7 logo design

The 7×7 visual identity by Landor caught my eye.

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The Philadelphia History Museum

Philadelphia History Museum logo

“We all liked this hand drawn version [of the grid], as it echoed Penn’s original map while also containing the slight imperfections that make Philadelphia so unique and interesting.”

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Perez-Fox on the London identity

London identity design Perez-Fox

“One of the main criticisms for the whole [tendering] effort was the fact that only a handful of design firms were allowed to bid in the first place.”

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Effektive identities

Candy Cranks logo design

Effektive is an independent design agency based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Vintage logos

vintage logos

I saw this collection a couple of years back over on ISO50, only never got around to sharing it. But that’s the thing with vintage logos — they’re always relevant due to their “vintage-ness.”

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Urban Green brand identity design

Urban Green logo

Fairly new from Pentagram is this identity for Urban Green.

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UEFA EURO 2012 logo revealed

UEFA Euro 2012 logo design

The logo and slogan of next European football championships, EURO 2012, were unveiled yesterday at a ceremony in Ukraine’s capital.

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The ABC’s of Branding poster

ABC Branding poster design

Lovely 18″x24″ poster by Orlando-based designer Jason Dean. Comment with a design-related joke for entry into a free poster draw.

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Mercedes-Benz logo evolution

Mercedes logo

The Mercedes-Benz logo consists of a simple depiction of a three-pointed star that represents its domination of the land, the sea, and the air.

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Logo design from The Chase

Manchester Evening News moving card, by The Chase
“Moving” card by The Chase, photo from Noisy Decent Graphics

The Chase, a UK graphic design and branding consultancy in Manchester, London, and Preston, was founded in 1986 by Ben Casey and Lionel Hatch. With a staff of 46 it recently became part of the Hasgrove Group.

Here is a small selection of its logos and symbols.

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Seven brand identity by B&W Studio

Seven logo design

Design consultancy B&W Studio created this identity for Seven.

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McCadden Design brandmarks

Belfast skyline

Belfast-based McCadden Design has been working with organisations in the UK and Ireland for more than 25 years. Here’s a small selection of its brandmarks.

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