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A space odyssey

NBC peacock logo design

Here are 35 or so logos that show good use of white space.

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CLEVER FRANKE identity design

Clever Franke identity design

CLEVER FRANKE is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It came into being when Thomas Clever, Gert Franke, and Lude Franke joined forces in 2007. Up until then, all three ran independent design studios.

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Dynamobel brand identity by Saffron

Dynamobel logo design

Dynamobel is a Spanish manufacturer of office furniture, founded in 1959 in Navarra. The company grew thanks to the initiative and perseverance of two brothers: an electrician and a metalworker, who devoted their ingeniousness and youth to this endeavor.

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Love Irish Food, don’t love the logo

Love Irish Food logo design

So what happened with the design?

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Accidental design, flawed to success

Quiksilver logo embroidery
Image via Xaf

“It was the best selling font for the company for three years, on all products, and was fun to watch accepted by the masses.” Dean Bradley

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Howcast identity design

Howcast logo design

Identity design is about producing more than just a logo. Stand-alone static marks are essential, don’t get me wrong, but by containing them within an identity package, top designers and agencies create a visual language that improves the consistency of the brand message.

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£600,000 offered to rebrand London

London Underground
Image via London Travelogue

The Mayor of London’s office wants to rebrand the city and is inviting agencies to tender to create the new image.

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St David’s identity, Cardiff

St David's Centre logo

London-based agency Johnson Banks has been working for a couple of years on a new visual identity for the St David’s centre, in the heart of the Welsh capital, Cardiff.

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Woolmark logo

Woolmark logo design

The Woolmark logo, designed by Italian graphic artist Francesco Saroglia, was launched in 1964 in Britain, the US, Japan, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

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Cross that one off

International Red Cross logo

For reference, I’ve been compiling a few resources featuring logos of a similar nature. Previous posts include logos using the standby symbol, and similar ideas in general. Given that a recent project involved a common shape, here I share a few logos with crosses.

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Stretching the Virgin logo

Virgin logos

VIBE shows us just how many Virgin sub-brands there are, and how different the identities look.

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Library Initiative logo

library mural

For the past nine years, as reported on UnBeige, Michael Bierut has led Pentagram’s work on the Library Initiative. Pentagram were responisble for creating signage, wayfinding, and the Library logo.

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Logos from Stylo Design

Escape Studios logo design

Stylo Design is a creative design agency based in England and France. Here are a few of their logos I particularly enjoy.

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Centenary logo with a difference?

Rubgy Football Union centenary logo

Whitestone International has created a logo to celebrate 100 years of English rugby at Twickenham.

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Floating logos

Philgas logo

Photographer, Matt Siber has grabbed my attention with his showcase of floating logos.

“Inspired by the proliferation of very tall signs in the American Mid-West, Floating Logos seeks to draw attention to this often overlooked form of advertising.”

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Logos using the standby symbol

Camden Town logo

Next time you think about using a standby symbol in your logo, remember, it’s been done before.

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Think London logo

Think London logo

Think London is Londons official foreign direct investment agency. Here I show a little info about the company logo, designed by Johnson Banks.

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Greenpeace Airplot logo

Airplot logo

Greenpeace have bought a piece of land in the middle of the proposed third runway site at Heathrow.

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New York Philharmonic logo

New York Philharmonic logo

Paula Scher, one of my favourite designers, recently created a new logo for the New York Philharmonic.

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A closer look at ambigrams

holiday ambigram

An ambigram is a graphical figure that spells out one or more words not only as presented, but also in another direction or orientation.

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