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Paula Scher’s “Liquid Identity” Skillshare class

The Public Theater lobby

In Paula Scher’s first online class, she walks students through “her process of creating a liquid identity — a recognisable, dynamic branding system that can be adapted across mediums.”

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Quick thoughts on trademark infringement

Registered trademark symbol

“I still think the client will get sued…”

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Identity style guides from around the world

Adobe brand guidelines

It’s useful to see how identity style guides are presented, so I collected a few.

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Color use in logos can also be addressed in terms of particular industries.

Logos by color

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A process for designing successful identities

Brand identity process

Alina Wheeler’s one-page process from Designing Brand Identity.

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3D signage by Toronto’s artsigns.

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Logo Go/No Go

Logo Go/No Go

Logo Go/No Go features the overlooked craft of comic book logo and cover design.

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Symbol? Or wordmark?

Renault symbol

When should a CEO choose a wordmark, and when a symbol?

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Penguin logo guidelines

Penguin logo guidelines

Quite a basic template, but one that can still offer a few pointers.

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Identity Designed goes live

Identity Designed

The aim is to grow the site into a book, a collection of interviews, resources, possibly awards, and a few other ideas. It’s clearly very early days, but if you’re a fan of Logo Design Love, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Identity Designed.

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Destination branding 101

destination branding 101

Sound advice from Clinton Duncan, a contributor over on Brand New.

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Free chapter from Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love book

The most popular vote — chapter seven: From pencil to PDF.

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Logo Design Love on Twitter

Twitter fail whale

Many of you know that I have a personal Twitter profile @DavidAirey, but you mightn’t know that I recently started a dedicated logo profile @LogoDesignLove, used for logo links without the random musings.

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How Twitter helps designers

Twitter fail whale

Twitter can be an unhealthy obsession. I’ve had to stop following people when their speeds of around 100tph drown out everyone else. That doesn’t mean us designers aren’t using Twitter to our benefit, and here’s what I’m doing to make the most of it.

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Ten logo design tips from the field

I love New York logo

I’ve learned from quite a few mistakes during my time as a designer.

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WTC Logo Preservation Project

World Trade Center motif

World Trade Center buildings are present in thousands of classic New York skyline logos owned by local businesses in the city. They tend to belong to small businesses that are likely to disappear over the years to come. So are their logos and the Twin Towers.

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The good from the great

wheat chaff

I was chatting with my friend Randa, a successful WordPress designer, and she posed an interesting question:

“I often look at the work of other logo designers in admiration and wonder what they have that I don’t. What is it that makes someone really good at identity design, and is it obtainable through practice or is it a “gift” that some have and others don’t? There are zillions of logo designers out there — what separates the good from the great?”

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Periodic table of branding

periodic table of branding

Here’s a novel idea from Kolbrener, a table of brand elements based upon the scientific periodic table.

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Useful design resources

Adobe Illustrator

I’ve searched my bookmarks and gathered your top tips, culminating in this selection of sites, books, articles and designers.

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5 websites for free vector logos


You’re working on a design project and the final action is to drop in a couple of sponsor logos. They’ve still not sent the files and ask if you can just lift the logo straight off their website. A lot of people aren’t familiar with the difference between the resolutions for web and print. That’s where the following resources for vector logos come in.

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