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Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities is just a few weeks 10 days away from finally shipping. To whet the appetite, I’m giving you a free chapter.

Thing is, I can’t choose which one to give away, so I’m letting you decide.

Here’s the table of contents (PDF download, 32k).

Have a look, then simply leave a comment mentioning the chapter title of greatest interest. The one with the most mentions will be free next week.

Update: 16 December 2009
Thanks very much for all the votes. I’ve just made chapter seven available: From pencil to PDF. Get it here.

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172 responses

  1. I’d love to see Chapter 7 From Pencil to PDF. Looking forward to checking out your book when it comes out!

  2. My vote goes to Chapter 4.

    Seeing the TOC has me even more interested in reading the book. Looks very interesting and different from what is out now David.

  3. Chapter two, please. Breaking the chapter into those sections is very intriguing, things I’m always thinking about but have a hard time succeeding with. I’d like to see your take on those issues. Thanks!

  4. wow,

    2, 7, 9 or even any (but those are my favourites)

    number 7 in particular for me…

    this might be the first book that I buy on logo design, most I’ve seen have been a glorified portfolio or what would be a portfolio if all the logos were by one person…

  5. Chapter 3 – Elements of iconic design
    followed by Chapter 5 – Skirting the hazards of a redesign

    It all looks great. Cheers!

  6. Oooh David you know how to build suspense!

    Chapter 9 looks rather healthy, I’ll go for that!

    It’s nice to see, looking at this overview, that there’s a nice diversity of subject material. Not just focusing on logo design but on business, marketing and branding and everything else. Certainly a nice one to read over the xmas holidays!

  7. Will definitely have to buy the book because I love the look of all the chapters! but i think chapter 11 is the best to make available :)

  8. Chapter 4 – ‘Laying the groundwork’ is most interesting for me.

    Surprised so many going for Chapter 11? Most of it is quite self explanatory no?

    Chapter 11.
    pt12 – Remember legibility = Remember to make it legible…?
    pt 20 – Reverse it = This probably means try reversing it…?

    All very sound advice, but all there to be seen. Surely other chapters will have more depth and explanation.

    Just a thought…anyway, looking forward to the release…and great web-site. Keep it coming.

  9. Can’t wait to get my copy … but a sneak peak into chapter 7 would shorten the waiting time :)

  10. Thanks for all the votes, so far! That’s brilliant.

    Luke adds an interesting point about chapter 11—25 practical logo design tips. He says most of it is self-explanatory from the sub-headings.

    The aim of the final chapter is to condense a lot of what is covered throughout the book, and to also share some previously untold advice.

    I go into more detail beneath each sub-heading, featuring some excellent logos along the way, but yes, the table of contents does give quite a glimpse into the tips.

    Nathan, I’m glad you appreciate the diversity of topics. My main aim from the outset was not to create yet another logo design gallery.

  11. definitely chapter seven…can’t wait for the book!

    Im just starting out with graphic design after dropping out of uni, a little overwhelmed with what is already out there in terms of talent and design. So a lot of reading and trial and error is the way forward for me and this book looks really helpful.

    Good luck with it David, already looks a hit with everyone!


  12. Chapter 9 seems the most interesting — it is the most challenging thing for a designer to keep his fire going for many many years.

    Good luck.

  13. I want them all. But Chapter 6 (pricing) is something we continue to struggle with.

    I guess I’ll be buying the book to get the rest of the chapters when it’s available!

  14. Any of the odd-numbered chapters…

    In all seriousness, just reading the Table of Contents has me all set to purchase this book. I can only imagine what effect a whole chapter would have on my fragile psyche…

  15. Is ‘all’ a chapter? I’m going to select all!

    Father Christmas might face an unfestive beating if he doesn’t bring me this book for Christmas!

  16. ooohhh such a hard decision! can’t wait for this to come out… its on my christmas/birthday wish list already!

    would like to see chapter 6
    or 7
    hmm or chapter 9

  17. Dave,

    chapter 7 looks like the biggest page count – so thats gotta be the biggest preview right?

    Blimey you’ve got the most extensive index I’ve even seen in a design publication! Nice one mate.


  18. The index was a real fidgety one to set, Blair. Did you know that publishers have a specialist “indexer” to work on that final section? I didn’t. I’m guessing you mean the table of contents, rather than index, but it was a learning experience working on the latter. Thought I’d mention it.

  19. This is tough. I’m torn between 7 and 4. And, as I’m sure it’s already been mentioned, it’s really nice (and mighty considerate, I should add) to see such a detailed breakdown in a TOC.

  20. yeah – ‘contents’ – thats what I meant to type of course – duh!

    Indexing is pretty damn involved.. I can see why a specialist may work on this… I’d hate to dictate the definitive list… bound to miss something / someone out! Plus you have someone to blame if they do! = )

  21. I was really interested in the ghost art of pricing. I believe that is chaper 6? Very few books ever talk about pricing and bidding on jobs.

  22. First choice definitely 9; second choice 7. This is a super advertising move…I am excited about the book.

  23. Chapter 7, please. If I can only see one thing from the book, it would have to be that overview of the entire design process.

  24. Likewise, Blair. I’m very glad someone else was given the indexing task.

    nido, yep, that’ll be chapter 12.

    Thanks, everyone! I’ll give it another day or two before counting the votes. Then the result will be passed to my publisher who wants to watermark the chosen chapter—I don’t know what with, but I’m sure it won’t affect legibility much at all.

  25. Great work !

    It’s certainly an “in” site full of insights to incite
    even greater work from its viewers.

    May I have Chapter 2 please ?

    I appreciate your kind attention and would like to get a free chapter SIX and I will be very thankful.

  27. Is there anybody out there who already has got the book?
    Amazon Germany still isn’t able to deliver .’o (but schedules it for jan 16 – jan 20, date is changing sometimes …) It’ll stay suspenseful … ;o)

  28. Chapter SIX please ! for me the hardest task of designing is coming up with a price quote. Thanks sooo much.

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