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CityMaps with logos

When you’re zoomed in close enough to the street maps on CityMaps, you’re shown the logos of the main companies on each street.

It’s currently limited to New York, San Francisco, and Austin, but imagine how it might be adapted — you want a coffee, your location pulls up a variety of coffee shop logos on-screen. Or perhaps you want sports stores, banks, restaurants…

CityMaps logos
South of Central Park, NYC

Reminded me of the Logorama movie, and had me wondering how many Starbucks are in Manhattan. Check the maps on CityMaps.

Caught via Joe on Quipsologies.

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7 appreciated comments

  1. Rafael

    Looks like the film “Logorama” !

  2. Really nice idea, could work well with foursquare?

  3. I remember going to new york back in 2010. Starbucks were on every street. This kinda confirms it. Not as many Macy Dee’s as I thought either.

  4. I have to admit, I don’t really like the look of it – too cluttered and distracting!

  5. Kyle

    Look at all those Starbucks!!

  6. Kyle, I counted 12 Starbucks logos.

  7. JJ

    What a wretched idea–this effectively promotes global corporations at the expense of anything local and unique because those are the only logos may people will recognize.

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