Computer Arts Collection: Branding

Computer Arts Collection: Branding

“Computer Arts Collection is a new annual series of six in-depth guides, packed with insight and inspiration from the global design industry. With 224 stunning pages, it’s the definitive guide to the core creative fields of: graphic design, typography, illustration, branding, photography and advertising.”

Volume 1 part 4 (Branding) came through the letterbox this week. It’s very well put together, and I particularly like the Studio Project section where “a leading design studio reveals the full creative process behind a project…”

In part 4 it’s London and Nottingham-based Studio Output walking readers through the stages of their project to brand a startup, from the initial brief through brand planning, creating the logo mark, developing the identity, organising a photoshoot…

Other features include an interview with Wolff Olins‘ creative director Mike Abbink, a look at city brands for Tokyo, Barcelona, and Melbourne, Monica Kim talks about using Cinema 4D to animate the Skype logo, Sagmeister & Walsh discuss their work for EDP, and a lot more spanning 226 pages.

Computer Arts Collection: Branding

Computer Arts Collection: Branding

Computer Arts Collection: Branding

Computer Arts Collection: Branding

The final two parts of volume 1 (Photography and Advertising) are due to be released in July and September respectively.

Computer Arts Collection series

Issues can be bought from the Computer Arts shop where you can also preview the first two parts (Graphic Design and Typography).

Computer Arts Collection on Twitter: @CA_Collection.

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  1. Thank you for the info. Do you have the Graphic Design edition? I am thinking of getting that as well. The typography book in print is all sold out :(

  2. Does anyone know if they are to be sold in South America as well?
    Would love to have them.

  3. Hi, I have all 4 of them for sale.
    Just bought them in England and took them home for someone, who already had them.
    So give a good bid.

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