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25 thoughts on “Crave Dessert Bar

  1. Love it. The wonderful thing about a logo like this is a) it’s unique and “ownable” b) script/hand lettering will never look dated. Love the subtle fork in the “E” and it’s wonderful to see how simply it has been applied to the menu etc.

  2. Lovely. Only thing I wonder about is how the forks are designed that you get with your plate of cake in the dessert bar! I hope it resembles the “E” in the logo somewhat.

    Didn’t really like the website that much, the long paragraphs on, for an example, the “About us” section was a bit of a stretch to read in all caps and with that font. Either their menu or the gallery could have contained a bit more photos of what beautiful food/dessert creations you can get there. Their menu in the bar is very elegant compared to the website one.
    The photos flying around in the background really didn’t do it for me, the darker ones taken inside the lovely place were fine but the smaller white ones created ugly edges when fading for an example.

    Still, love it, the logo and interior is a perfect match with all the material being eye candy!

  3. I agree with Martin, the website is poorly designed. It took about 10-15 seconds to load before the music and photos started. What I disliked more was the gradient used in the logo. The logo is brilliant when it looks like chocolate. Aside from the website everything else is very nice.

  4. Thanks for the feedback @Joce.

    @MartinBengtsson I have to agree about the Crave website. Just for the records we did not design or develop the website on the brand identity.

    Thanks again for the compliments and feedback.

  5. That’s a clever logo. It was definitely the best choice out of the earlier concepts shown. As Joce pointed out, it’s quite timeless. Melted chocolate & forks will probably be with us for a while!

  6. @ Nicholas Galekovic

    Oh then my apologies! Though, since you are here… I really do wonder about the forks in there! are they resembling the “E” in the logo like a small trident?

  7. Incredibly well executed. This logo is unique, beautiful and has something about it that really appeals to me. There are so many things incorporated into the logo, it’s just beautiful.

  8. Really great creative logo, and thank you for linking to your other creations.

    One thing caught my eye, the Sushi Mikasa logo. Did you know that when vertical, the ichthus/fish symbol becomes the pagan symbol for female sexuality and fertility? I’m sure this isn’t that well known but might put a few off their meal!

  9. Hi @Rich

    Thanks for support!

    In regards to the Sushi MiKasa mark I didn’t really think of the mark being interpreted flipped. I see what you mean when flipped it has elements of that may resemble the pagan symbol.

  10. Great work, really like it. I did check Nick’s website and noticed on the contact page they have a budget selector. I was wondering if David would set aside a section on this topic so that we can get others to participate and express their opinion about having this option.

  11. This is an incredibly powerful logo in my opinion and suits the culture of the dessert bar down to a tie. It’s so well executed and it really is inspiring to see brand identities being produced with a unique element such as paint. Sometimes designers (including myself) get lost in the digital creative ease of it all.

  12. @Jamie Davis

    Thanks for the compliments and support! I agree with brandmarks nowadays are becoming very robotic and less unique. We try to create timeless marks executed from our head to hand 1st before touching the computer.

  13. Great logo. And to me it’s definitely more than chocolate: it could be a sauce, a cream, custard, even mayonnaise or ketchup that gets painted with the tip of a fork or with a toothstick, whatever! And it makes you want to wipe this cream off with your fingers and lick them, as a kid who gets his/her fingers in a birthday cake to taste the cake cream… And indeed the restaurant uses this logo in many “sauces”! There’s a very strong recall to culinary art itself, a back and forth game between the logo as a visual, and the logo as a gnummy object.

    Also, to me the fork is truly there on many levels: it is represented visually; but you can also “sense it” as if the logo itself could have been painted with the tip of a fork; or you could use a fork to wipe this logo off a plate and eat it. Great logo indeed.

  14. I think it’s a very creative logo. A simple script that A) works well for a restaurant and B) shouldn’t look dated. I also love the forked E, which I feel brings the entire design together.

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