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Euro 2016 logo unveiled

Euro 2016 logo

“Conceived by Brandia Central, the Portuguese agency behind the UEFA EURO 2012 insignia, the UEFA EURO 2016 logo is a representation of various art movements and football elements. Different inspirations can be identified, all centred around the iconic Henri Delaunay Cup. The red, white and blue of the French flag combine with flowing lines and shapes to produce a contemporary and bold style, lending the logo distinction and elegance.”

Quoted from UEFA.

Euro 2016 logo

There’s a Euro 2016 animation on Vimeo.

Euro 2016 logo

And here’s Michel Platini stating the obvious in an expressive manner.

Euro 2016 logo

More images over on the Brandia Central website. Via The Branding Source.

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26 appreciated comments

  1. So many details, no concept.

  2. I like it that way.

    Being trained as an architect I grew some hard feelings for the ‘concept’. They ask you to force something as complex as a building into one singular, mostly random, thought.

    Logos are much smaller in scale, but for something that has to represent many things and is used on a singular occasion, this works fine with me.

  3. How can you say it has no concept? Have you seen the video? Take a look.


    They get inspired even in Matisse paints, so don’t criticise without knowledge.

  4. Dragos

    It’s gorgeous. The video is amazing as well. I think it’s a really well thought concept that suits well in representing the French culture. The Euro isn’t about only football and the video beautifully portrays it. Great work from Brandia.

  5. That cup looks like an urn.

  6. James

    Wow, great Logo!

    But really, at first glance, I thought it was Nemo.

  7. I like it. It looks classy. One thing I dont understand is this trend of creating fake sketches.

  8. You shouldn’t have to look at a video to “get” a logo. I think this logo is way too busy. As in kitchen sink busy. There are so many elements going on in this logo, none of them stand out.

  9. It humors me… the design elements come together to create a subtle winky face ;-) and the combination with the video is really nice. I’m not usually a fan of 3D logos with shading and what not, but this one I like!

  10. Macca

    Just because each element has been rationalised doesn’t make it good. Surely if you have to explain a logo it’s not working properly? I’m not a fan, it’s way too complicated.

  11. gracie

    Dear Dragos, I am not being smart but what else are the Euros about?

  12. It’s ok, but the logo design does not appeal to me. It looks more like something to represent China. The color red is too dominant for my taste..

  13. To me, it’s got too many focal points. The stars vie for attention with the cup, and I really dislike the offset (feels like old 3-D to me) of the soccer/football line on the red dot.

    If you take the stars, the hexagons, and the blue line out, I think it’s great. I would’ve liked to see the mark enclosed in a hexagon instead of floating images inside.

    Just my 2 cents.

  14. Joanna

    I see a very bad trend in design – comminuting.

  15. wilsonality

    I • LOVE • IT

    just saw the video


  16. MiloW

    Totally sucks. And why is the typography the same as in Poland/Ukraine? Wasn’t it that every Euro had different typography? Plus the sign is so …ugly! I understand it has something to do with Asterix & Obelix? But the production… uhh… no no no.

  17. This is absolutely superb, from the concept, to the video and the logo itself.

    I like it a lot, great work from Brandia!

  18. Sharon

    There are some elements that I like – I think the cup i s well designed and the colors of the French flag are appropriate. However, in my opinion, there are too many disparate elements that do not come together to make a cohesive whole. That half football shape over the cup is very distracting and I don’t understand the placement – it looks half finished. I also find the hexagons distracting and not a match for the overall design. It’s very cluttered. I’d simplify by removing the football and the hexagons and darken that blue arc on the right side.

  19. Sharon

    P.S. – i LOVED the video, and I understand the symbols and inspiration they were going for, but think they missed the mark.

  20. @ coda – I agree. A Greek urn.

  21. Horace

    This looks more like a representation of China and America’s battle for world supremacy.

  22. Natalie

    I love the video, but the logo is way too busy. This logo would be best left as an animation piece by itself. I understand that the client wants “more” they maybe asked the designer to “add this and that” and so on to represent every thing! However, it loses the idea of what the logo was supposed to be representing. It is up to the artists to do their best and convince the client why this idea would not have worked. I have had many bosses and clients in the past ask me to add everything into a logo-but I explain why that is not possible. Sometimes they listen and sometimes they don’t. The client does not have the skill or the talent to create the design-that is why they hire a designer and it is our job as designers to educate them.

  23. This Euro 2016 Logo design contains too many details for my taste. Color choice could have been better, it seems a bit incoherent to me.

  24. Jo

    Logos should be undersandable without a video…

  25. Luis

    I agree with Jo. Even some graphic elements in the logo that are not from French painters — the stars are in a Joan Miro style, for example.

    I can see the graphic element taken from Delaunay’s artwork, but it also looks like Korean flag.

    This logo is a big fail.

  26. Jen

    I’m glad to read I’m not the only one who saw the Chinese and Korean flags.

    It’s a beautiful logo, but these two issues bring it down quite a lot as a concept.

    A little dissapointed.

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