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A few forums for logo design feedback

Feedback is a vital part of the logo design process, and the forums listed here can offer fresh perspectives on your design projects.

HOW Design Forum

HOW Design Forum

Graphic Design Forum

Graphic Design Forum

Graphic Design Forums

Graphic Design Forums

Since publishing this post a few of the resources have either disappeared or become virtual ghost-towns, so I removed them. An addition, though — Ivan Raszi pointed me toward his new critique section on Brands of the World.

Where do you learn online?

Have you had any personal experience with the forums above? If you know of any other forums or sources of online critiques, do let me know in the comments.

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11 appreciated comments

  1. I can’t believe I missed the launch of your new blog, David! Congrats!! How’s it going to be keeping up with two blogs now? Phew! I have trouble with just my small one! Good luck with this new venture :)

    The only forum I’m a member of is Estetica (formally G-D-F). I like it pretty well, I actually wish people would give better critiques on design work; not be mean, but be very picky in such a way as to help make a design better. It seems that when people say “be as hard on me as possible” they always end up making excuses as to why they did what everyone is picking on! Have you ever used these forums you’ve listed?

    P.S. Can I give a quick critique of your design here? I’d love to know who wrote this article so I can address him properly in my comment ;)

  2. Hi Lauren, thanks very much. It was a while in coming, but I got there. Now the work begins. ;)

    I wondered where G-D-F went, and had an idea that the name changed, but wasn’t sure. That clears it up.

    There are two forums above that I use from time-to-time, and that’s HOW (the best one I reckon), and MySpace. It’s more light-hearted, without doubt, but check out the ‘pinned topics’ on the graphic design forum and you’ll find some nice discussion and inspiration.

    MySpace has been removed after the forum was deleted. Shame.

    And thanks for pointing out how I don’t show the post author. I’m writing everything (for now anyway). Might change.

  3. Tim

    Logopond.com isn’t necessarily a forum, but you can give/take feedback in the comments section of each submission.

  4. cat

    Hi David. Great idea for an article. You have two of my favs listed: HOW and Graphic Design Forum.

    Although it’s lost a lot of members due to the redesign of about.com, the about.com graphic design forum has a warm group of designers who do a decent critique. What really stands out is the lack of snarls. I like.

  5. Hi Cat,

    I think it was because of you that I initially signed up to the About.com forum, though to be honest I’ve not participated much at all. I definitely prefer less snarls. Nice addition.

  6. cat

    They are a grand bunch of people.

    Some are still hanging around the forum. In desperation, they’ve designed their own css to change the awful forum design.

    For the past two years about 20 of us from the about.com GD forum meet up in Seattle when I fly out. This year it’ll be October 15 – 21. Great fun.

  7. Nice! Sounds like a great meet-up.

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