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  1. Hey David, looks fantastic!

    Who is your publisher or their PR company? I’d like to approach them for a review copy of the book,

    – Haje

  2. Excellent, it shall make good reading, I’ll pass it along to a fellow designer if that’s ok… maybe he’ll end up buying the book too.

  3. Hi Victor, the book should be in my publisher’s warehouse on Friday (18th). Deliveries will then be made, so anyone who has pre-ordered a copy should receive it before the end of December (providing there are no major backlogs with the Christmas mail).

    Thanks a lot for the tweet, Ben.

  4. Thanks for the “first look”. Now I’m pretty convinced that the pre order of your book I did on Amazon was the best and right decision for my career. Thanks David. Keep your work rolling!

    I wonder how I can help you for a spanish translation of your book. Latin america doesn’t have a strong design literature for students and professionals alike and sometimes we wander with a stick in our hands trying to do things at least with some structure. Thanks again….

  5. Cheers, just had a read and was very informative. Its a real insight seeing how people go through the mindmapping stage and brilliant seeing how the ideas evolve into a fully fledged logo.

  6. great chapter david – near perfect, no overload of informtation and the summary at the end is a nice touch.

    look forward to getting the book for xmas..if santa remembers!

  7. Wow, that was better than I expected—in a sense that the whole chapter was easy to read and well structured but left me wanting more. I’m looking forward to reading the whole thing…

    I especially liked this:

    The first idea you sketch for a client is unlikely to be the one that gets chosen. But sometimes, when your creative energy is really flowing and you completely “get” your client, it ends up that way.

    I had that exact experience lately; designing a logo for an American company called BlueDrift (process on my blog in a couple of weeks). The very first idea and sketch I made, out of 5 or more pages of scriblings, was the chosen concept. So yeah, it does happen.

    I really like the Studio1500’s Martínez logo too. No surprise that the simplest of concepts work the best. It was also great to see other designer’s drawings and concepts, which is a reminder to some, but a lesson to all, that unless drawings are been submitted to the client, they can be roughly sketched and messy—but it doesn’t matter.

    I’ve also found that you need to get the rubbish ideas of your your brain first before some of the other, greater, concepts come-to-mind…

  8. Thanks for this – the free chapter was brilliant. Placed my preorder with Amazon just now, so I’ll be able to get my learnin’ on before the start of the school year.

  9. David! Great job on this fabulous Logo book!
    So brilliantly deconstructed :)

    It’s Legendary!


  10. Alberto, that’s kind of you to offer your help. I’ve no idea if anything will happen regarding translations, but suppose it depends on how many people buy / read the English version.

    Andrew, I’m very glad you can empathise with the content, and it’s great how the chapter was better than expected!

    Thanks to everyone for downloading and commenting!

  11. Thanks for the preview, the book looks great and a worthwhile buy. I particularly appreciated the chapter on mind mapping as this is seldom looked at it in great detail.

    There are so many books out there on logo design but few that approach it in such a productive way that this seems to. The chapter about approaching the design without colour first is quite essential, as not doing this is an all too common approach. Colour can be very distracting when trying to form the initial ideas, so getting the design and layout correct is key to creating effective logo designs.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this book, and I’ll be recommending it to my colleagues.

  12. Simple. Clean. Extremely effective. Is it a coincidence that this book echos what a logo should be?

    Great work David.

    To the less experienced designer these are crucial pieces of advice. I’m startled by how many designers work right away on their Macs and not only that with colour or even, horrifically, grads and drop shadows, so for them to read that sketching and then working in mono is the only way to begin is invaluable.

    The advice on rendering the brand over several items is also key. You only need to read on this blog how even designers are impressed by a brand’s widespread usage, even when at times the logo itself isn’t great. Strength in numbers you could say but very effective in winning over a client.

    And I’m pleased you mentioned gut instinct too. A lot can be said for that. But it’s not an excuse for laziness; you only realise your initial ‘eureka’ moment is such after further development and work.

    For someone with my level of experience however, I found mind-mapping very interesting. It is, admittedly, not something I do. It seems much more organic yet also structured as opposed to just ‘brainstorming’ and jotting things down willy-nilly.

    I’ll stop rambling now. Congrats again David. A job well done and another sale guaranteed.

  13. Fantastic, Martin. Very pleased to read your feedback. Mind-mapping is such a simple task, yet it’s a huge help at the beginning of projects. If you try it out, let me know how you get on, and I’m also happy that you’ll buy a copy of the book. Thank you.

  14. David, thanks so much for your free chapter! I really appreciate how you resource other designers :)

    Take care!


  15. Just this minute I received an email from my publisher. The book won’t be available tomorrow (as expected) because the emboss on the front cover is taking longer than they thought to print. Deliveries will now be made from December 23rd. For everyone who has pre-ordered, please accept my apologies over the few days delay.

  16. I couldn’t agree more with Martin.

    I guess your book is something Graphic Design and Designer needed.

    Nice work, mate!

    And for sure a copy will be shipped to Brasil!


  17. Wow. I’ve just read that chapter and was so happy to realise that all that godawful scribbling I do prior to starting a design is actually invaluable idea sketching. I’ve never really credited it as such before, more as shameful proof that I can’t really draw. Might have to check this out when it lands in the UK – any idea when that will be?

  18. I am going to put this book on Santa’s list. Thanks for the free chapter! I really enjoyed reading it.

  19. I loved it! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book. Well done David!

    I only recently started logo designing and although averse to sketching and scribbling at first, I totally saw the wisdom in doing it once I went that way. It is enlightening in more ways than one and lets you see the clarity and direction of your design without actually having vectorized or colorized it. My last 3 logo projects, the first concept was chosen in 2 of them [still waiting to hear on the 3rd project] :)

  20. Thank you!

    Amazon Germany today gave me this information:

    Expected date of delivery: February 01 2010 – February 04 2010

    I guess I have to wait very long … :(

  21. Thanks for sharing this David… nice easy reading and full of useful nuggets of information. I sense a copy of this book might just be landing on my desk in January…!

  22. I really liked what I read, but somehow I got the feeling it was a little less… :( I think I need the whole book… but who knows, maybe I will win one :)

  23. Hi Nick, I’m expecting to receive a copy about one week after the book is ready to ship. The release date is December 23rd (next Wednesday).

    Good luck with the 3rd project you’re waiting to hear about, Sneh, and I’m very glad you love the chapter!

    Nana, according to my publisher, Amazon will show a later date on its website in case there are any issues when finalising the product. I can see why, because the book was due to ship today, but it was only yesterday when I found out shipping is postponed until next Wednesday — due to time needed for cover embossing. Perhaps once the first copies are shipped, the Amazon date will change. Alternatively, you can order a copy directly from Peachpit.

    Thanks very much to everyone else who has downloaded the freebie and left a comment.

  24. Wow, just realised that chapter One, is available to view as well! on amazon you can click “look inside this book” and read chapter one…

    although I’m sure I’ve read that before somewhere….

  25. David, Yeah! I finally got a sneak peek.. I like what I see so far..
    You will be surprised as to how very few people have design sensibilities, whereas most people just copy off, and badly..

    I dont do logo design [no training etc.] but when i design websites, i wait for a day or two, during critical stages, so that i cna relook the design with ‘new eyes’ so to speak.. That too helps…

  26. Chris, the full book PDF is available to purchase through Peachpit, and you can get an unformatted version through Peachpit’s Safari website (I think you get a free trial for 30 days upon registering, but don’t quote me on that).

    Lakshmi, glad you like the preview. I received a box full of the book 30 minutes ago, and it’s great to finally see the result of six month’s stress!

    James, a very merry Christmas to you, too. I’ve spent the past two days packing everything in preparation for the move to Edinburgh. Well, packing for the temporary Christmas move in with my folks, then the January drive to Scotland. So it’s really like two house moves in two weeks. I don’t make things easy for myself.

  27. Cant wait for this book! I have been waiting for a really good book on brand identity design for a while now.

  28. Hi David,

    Seconds ago I received an Amazon delivery with your book inside. I am ecstatic to begin reading.

    As a print production manager…I can’t stop touching the cover and admiring the print/letterpress (cvr) throughout…it rocks David!

    As a designer who…well first loves the content, but appreciates the simplicity of the design I applaud you and want to say congratulations for an amazing job! And, your first…amazing!!!


  29. You’re very welcome, Jasmyn, Tareq.

    Pam, I’m delighted to know you think so highly of the print production and design. If you have time, please do send your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to read it, and all the very best for 2010!

  30. It seems really great, easy read and well planned.

    I read the free chapter and I must admit I will try the ‘mind-mapping’ in my next logo project.

    (I will order the book….so its coming to Greece too :) )

  31. Congrats David. You’ve written the first book on design that I’ve purchased.
    Ordered it today from amazon.
    And please don’t pick up the Scottish accent. I quite like irish accents

  32. Thanks very much, Chris. Let me know what you think when you’ve had a chance to read it, and don’t worry, my Irish accent is with me for life.

  33. Thanks for the great chapter, but the early graphics (mindmapping) are unreadable. Can you redo the PDF with higher quality graphics?

  34. Arrived this morning, read the first 2 chapters, good so far.

    the cover has a strange (but nice) matt coating which I wasn’t expecting, I thought it’d be a nice shiny gloss coat, and while I’m on the subject of the cover, the embossing is really good, especially on the heart, it seems to curve nicely, giving a nice 3d heart.

    those two combined are what real books are about, a genuine tactile reading experience,

    so congratualtions, not only was it my first design book, BUT it’s also reminded me why some books are worth buying in the traditional paper format, instead of on e-readers or PDF’s

    aside from the articles, it just “feels nice” in your hands.

  35. Hi John, sorry the image quality isn’t up to scratch on the PDF. I won’t be recreating it, so it’s of an easily accessible download size, but thanks for reading.

    Chris, great of you to buy a copy, and I’m glad you like the cover. I thought the matte finish would be nicer than gloss — a little more distinctive. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book. If you’ve time, it’d be great to know your thoughts once you finish.

  36. finished it last night, great read, having read all of them, I wish I’d asked for chapter 3 as the free one, brilliant read.
    In summary:
    great first impression, fantastic cover, great to hold in your hands
    informative, without going overboard and getting boring

    as someone trying to get into web design, not logos, I still find it very very relevant, I’m pretty sure that everything you mention still applies to me, all it takes is a tiny bit of imagination to transpose the examples into websites, and if you don’t have that imagination, then design probably isn’t for you anyway.

    I have 1 single gripe.
    pg. 36, 3rd paragraph, first 2 words.
    English-based, surely that should be either English, or England-based?

    but if that’s the only thing I can find fault with then bloody good book, and it’ll remain close to hand to help me through my projects

  37. Great catch, Chris. You’re right. It should read England-based. You know when you’re looking at something for so long, you miss the obvious? Thankfully there have been no typos spotted (yet). I’ll settle for a grammatical error.

    Thanks very much for reading, and for the kind compliment.

  38. Thanks David for all your inspiration and working strategies. It has been very useful in my research for a new identity.


  39. Hi David
    I am a fan of yours, love the work and most important is the knowledge you share because i believe “When you share the knowledge the more wise you become”. Great work and wish you all success.


  40. Muchas Gracias David!!

    I found your site when I was browsing the internet for ideas for a Graphic design class project. I will be reading the free chapter. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.



  41. Hi David!

    I happened to go through your book “LOGO DESIGN LOVE.” It’s a fantastic book and very interesting, moreover, I am inspired to create logos with an approach based on your book. I think my ideas are totally transformed from now onwards and will motivate me to create great logos. Thanks a lot for such a lovely book and I hope you will come out with more like this. Looking forward.


  42. Hi. David. I am just searching some logo site or corporate logo identification ideas or rule. I find your one. I read this and i am impress. Can you tell me where i can get his book?

    Wish you best of luck for creative jobs.
    I am waiting for your next release.
    Thank you
    Dipankar (Designer)

  43. ♥ This book! It is absolutelly one of the best tools for designers. I only wish the book would have come out 5 years ago. Priceless.

  44. Bought your book and loved it! thank you!

    It, along with your blog, has been an essential resource for me as a freelance graphic designer.

  45. Finally reading the book and loving it. I really like that you have actually included quite a few case studies with sketches and mind maps – always fascinating to see the process. Definitely, a must read for any designer (even web). I’ve gained a much better understanding of what a good logo is.

  46. David, I just want to say that I own a wide array of books pertaining to branding and graphic design. Of this plethora, Logo Design Love is my favorite. You managed to simplify a complicated process, and answer many questions that riddled my brain. It is the only one on the shelf that I devoured completely in the same week that I received it.

    Perhaps more pertinent, it is the one resource that I have found to be the most useful in the establishing years of my business.

    Thanks very much.

    Everyone else, one chapter is not enough. Do yourself a favour and purchase this literary boon!

  47. Lovely book. I just started working on a new project at work and needed a nice design book I could reference. The Logo Design Love was the perfect material I could get my hands on.

    Great book

  48. Fantastic book, would recommend to anyone in the industry or studying design with an interest in logos. Great detail with easy to understand wording and guides!

  49. Hi, I am a graphic designer in Iran. I want your book translated into Persian, and for graphic designers in Iran to read it. If you have not authorized anyone else, I’d be pleased to do it.

    Please reply to my email.

  50. I really enjoy reading your blogs and I find them very useful.

    Throughout my professional life I have been influenced and fascinated by visual styles and design and my question to you is this.

    I found myself creating logos and posters for clients and I would like to know if one can become a good graphic designer without academic qualifications.

  51. I would like to receive the free chapter to see if it is good enough to buy the whole thing, but when I apply the emailform, it crashes… Could you look into please?

    Kind regards,

  52. Sorry about that, Joffrey. I just checked and it works fine for me. If you have a chance to retry, and it’s still not working, I’ll manually send you the PDF.

  53. Seu livro e uma inspiração, suas dicas deixam nosso trabalho muito mais fácil.
    Muito Obrigado.

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