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Identity Designed goes live

Identity Designed

Those of you who read my self-titled blog will already know, but as I have a few thousand extra subscribers on Logo Design Love, it’s worth repeating here. I’ve just launched my third blog, Identity Designed (ID) — a showcase and forum for those involved in the design of brand identities.

I spoke a while back about shifting more towards the bigger brand identity picture, possibly even selling Logo Design Love. Since then I’ve been chatting with a number of fantastic designers/studios around the world who have kindly contributed case studies for this new venture.

The aim is to grow the site into a book, a collection of interviews, resources, possibly awards, and a few other ideas. It’s clearly very early days, but if you’re a fan of Logo Design Love, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Identity Designed.

Free subscriptions are selling-out fast — grab yours immediately…

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…or just go and have a look. I’d like that, too.

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

4 appreciated comments

  1. Wow I hope it goes well! I inspire to start my first design blog and you are one too look up to!! good work!!

  2. Congratulations, David. Looking forward to checking you out in your new venture…

  3. Thanks very much, James, Julio.

  4. I’ve just taken a look at your new blog and I love it. I find your posts really easy to read and really enjoyable. Identity designed has some really interesting posts already and you have seem to be posting regularly on there. I’m currently hunting for some good design blogs and Identity Designed is definitely going on my list. Thanks.

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