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A few interesting projects

13th Venice Architecture Biennale

13th Venice Architecture Biennale

13th Venice Architecture Biennale

13th Venice Architecture Biennale, by Sydney-based Toko. Line and space used to lovely effect. Via BirdWatching.




Knopka, by London-based NB. It’s the charm of the illustrated girl that makes this one memorable, although whether she’s what Russian entrepreneurs want to see from a service that combines “personal and business banking, a personal assistant, a lawyer and accountant” is another question. Via visuelle.co.uk.

Fashion Walk

Fashion Walk

Fashion Walk

Fashion Walk, by Hong Kong-based BLOW. The pattern takes a number of different forms, each bonded by the colour scheme. Via design work life.

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4 appreciated comments

  1. Don

    Interesting collection. I like the first one. Couldn’t they have kerned it a bit better though? Just kidding.

  2. Love these! great inspiration

  3. The first and the third are great, but the charming girl I don’t get. Sorry.

  4. I agree with Alex. I don’t get the little girl. I feel like a K-8 elementary student would be handling all of my financials and legalities. Seems unprofessional for the service it provides… However, that’s just my two cents.

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