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Jet Cooper refinement

Jet Cooper wordmark

Armin put this one on the Brand New b-side.

Which then had me wondering if you know a company that turns this…

Jet Cooper wordmark

Into this…

Jet Cooper wordmark

It doesn’t matter if they’re local to you, or local to me. You never know when a recommended sign-maker will come in useful.

The example above is by Toronto-based artsigns.

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  1. Thanks for the logo love! :)

    For anyone local to Toronto, we had the sign produced by the great folks at http://artsigns.com.

    PS: The first picture is actually of the sign as well. The lighting against our chalkboard wall is just deceiving. ;)

  2. Hi Verne, you’re very welcome.

    I figured both shots were of the signage. Thanks very much for letting me know who crafted it. Nicely done.

  3. Jocelyne

    This is a really nice logo refinement. Great job.

  4. I’m interested in this too. I’ve worked with signage companies for enamel signs for our What If project that David featured a while back (the company who produces the same signs for the London Underground did ours), we have contact with some signwriters, there are loads of firms who make letters out of cut wood or plastic, but I haven’t had use of them yet.

    This thread has potential to be a really good resource of suppliers. Unless you want to turn them into a specific thread later David. I’ll post some here later with approximate costs.

  5. How interesting…we are always looking for such projects! As sign designers, we naturally envision images as dimensional pieces. Check out the sawn-off beer kegs for ‘Quarter Barrel’.

    For a year or more I’ve been following LogoDesignLove…always great stuff, David. I forward many posts to friends in the sign business as inspiration. Thanks for your efforts!

  6. That sign looks superb. I’ll be sure to add this to my list of sign resources for future clients. Cheers!

  7. Unfortunately I don’t think the potential is going to be realised, Lee. Perhaps a more emphasized call for recommendations is in order.

    Lois, no worries at all.

  8. Adam

    Very nice

  9. Christian Guidetti

    I make those kind of signage very often… plexiglass, mdf, steel, polyethilene or foamex.
    But I’m in Italy, don’t think my contact could be usefull.

  10. Peter Xing

    Yes the recommendation of a sign maker can be valuable at times. I think adding a LED back illumination (yes it is possible even with smaller letters) will make the logo even more appealing.

    We have worked with many brilliant (and demanding) designers and are dealing with issues like this on a daily basis. Have a look at http://www.wonderfulsigns.com, and our blog at http://www.wonderfulsigns.info (look at the new projects section).

  11. Thanks for that, Jay. Verne already commented with the link, but I should’ve updated the post.

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