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Zagreb Jewish Film Festival

Designed by New York-based Mirko Ilić Corp for the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival.

The theme of this year’s festival was tolerance.

Jewish Film Festival logo

Jewish Film Festival logo

Jewish Film Festival logo

Jewish Film Festival logo

Jewish Film Festival logo

Scope: logo, poster, billboard, button, T-shirt, program (with Sanja Kuzmanović).

I like it.

Visit the Mirko Ilić blog. Via Imprint.

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11 appreciated comments

  1. Love it! I especially love the text effect changing color. Very creative.

  2. steve

    Kind of reminds me of the logo for the band HIM:


    but still cool.

  3. wilsonality

    young, fresh

  4. Beautiful gradient application. Love that.

  5. Creative solution, and as Rebecca pointed out, the fade between blue and red is a nice touch :)

  6. Pretty sure I’ve seen that elsewhere. Doesn’t say “film” to me. This one does:http://www.nashvillejff.org/about_the_njff/mission_and_history

  7. The logo above is just the logo attached to the theme Tolerance of this year’s festival. But, if you go on the festival website, you will see the logo of the festival says “film”. Below are links to the print logo of the festival, and the still of the animated logo of the festival which are used before the showing of every film.


  8. Ahhh… that makes sense then. I think I would have opted to always use the festival’s main logo, with the word “Tolerance” attached as a tagline, to preserve the main branding and not confuse people with two brands… Clearly it was confusing here.

  9. Angela W

    Nice bra. Really, no one complains about sexual exploitation anymore? There are plenty of ways to show a logot on a t-shirt without it being a boob shot. So much for “tolerance” showing respect to women.

  10. Ange Y

    Actually, following up on Angela W’s comment above…when the logo is spun in a certain direction, the curves of the heart do look like, well, breasts. Am I the only one who thinks this? It’s an elegant logo, yes, but someone didn’t do the 360 degree test on it. :/

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