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Little Soles

Little Soles logo

Little Soles is a children’s shoe charity that pairs children in need with other people’s unwanted footwear (I should really share more good projects for non-profits).

Little Soles logo

Designer Tom Ward combined a footprint motif, friendly typography, and a bright colour palette to tell the charity’s story. Illustrated characters bring the identity to life.

Little Soles logo

“The approach was to create a rich, distinctive world for Little Soles in order to grab and retain attention with messages that mums would instantly warm to. The footprint within the logo forms the basis of backdrops, shadows and shoe tags for a cohesive identity that communicates the ‘making feet happy’ strapline.”

Little Soles logo

UK-based Little Soles collects good quality, clean children’s shoes with life left to give. They take care of collection and storage and then deliver to local charities, crisis centres, and councils where they are passed on to children in need.

Little Soles logo

Little Soles logo

Little Soles logo

Find out more at www.littlesoles.org.uk. You can follow Tom Ward on Twitter.

Font: Foco
Illustrations: Tom Ward

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

10 appreciated comments

  1. REBRANDme

    Bright, fun, and simple. A brand you’d really buy into.

  2. Lovely illustration by Tom Ward. It served it’s purpose – made me visit the website and find out more about how to help make feet happy! Just not too sure about the colour scheme, would love to know more about the reasoning behind the colour choices.

  3. The footprint shadow is a perfect idea. I realy enjoyed this project, and can’t really critisize anything in a negative way. It suites the target audience well, bright colors, good illustrations etc…I would be interested to see some follow up stationary designs. A job well done

  4. Barney

    Very nice indeed. A worthy cause, a great name, a simple idea and a cute design.

  5. Paul

    Without any thought or evaluation…I liked this immediately… Just wonderfully executed.

  6. I really like this, it has ‘sole’.

  7. Rich

    This is great! Aside from the brilliant logo, the level of illustration fits the brand perfectly.

  8. I love it, fun and creative and the cards are great for kids to hold on to. Nice work.

  9. Chris Clowes

    Wow – I agree with all of the above – simple, engaging, immediately ‘works’. Moreover, I think it’s the only work on this site that is universally praised – no criticism whatsoever! A first? Well done.

  10. It feels evil to critique a good cause, but I feel a little weird about the top-heavy look of the footprint ‘l’s. Maybe that helps the branding though… as in, you feel compelled to help them out because they can’t stand on their own. Really cute how the two line up in the logo!

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