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Logo Design Love Awards

The deadline for entering the Logo Design Love Awards has passed, and the blog category heats have now begun.

During the next few weeks, each of the 10 blog categories (listed here) will be published on Logo Design Love, and without further ado, the business blog nominees are featured below. Remember, it’s not only the distinguished panel of judges who decide upon the overall winner, because there’s also the Reader Appreciation Award, so be sure to vote on your favourite by leaving a comment.

Brand Identity Guru

BIG logo

BNET Today

BNET logo

Business Opportunities Weblog

Business Opportunities logo

Caskey Blog

Caskey Blog logo

Conversation Agency

Conversation Agency logo

Erabota logo

Joe Urban

Joe Urban logo


Monolog logo

Nubloo’s Blog

Nubloo logo

On Startups

OnStartups logo

Shoestring Branding

Shoestraing Branding logo

Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur logo


Startup Nation logo

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The next category to look forward to features logos from design and photograpy blogs.

Logo Design Love Reader Appreciation Award

As well as the overall winner judged by the design panel, there’ll also be a Reader Appreciation Award, chosen by you. One logo from each blog category will progress into the final round, and it’s up to you which one. List your favourite design (or 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite) in a comment. Once all categories have been published, the votes will be counted.

Good luck to all the shortlisted entrants!

All 10 award categories

92 responses

  1. No worries, Brian. Thanks for your vote. Maybe I’ll move the links above the logos. I think you’d not be the only one to suggest an error.

  2. Luiz, Corey, Liz,

    Thanks very much for your votes. I’m holding back my opinion until all the categories have been published. It’s not easy.

  3. I vote for BIG – he’s got “it” and understands the wave of the future.

  4. Im going for monolog, its simple and so effective, I scanned through them all fast to begin with and thats the one that stuck with me.

  5. Disclosure: I am an acquaintance with Scott White.

    Now for my comments:

    – Bnet tells me nothing.
    – Business Opportunities Weblog is crisply executed, but does not excite me/convince me to probe further
    – Caskey Blog – Great “C”, great tagline
    – Conversation Agency – nice, but “CA” reminds me of Computer Associates so it’s confusing
    – Entrepreneur Blog – You’re kidding, right?
    – – NYET
    – Joe Urban – the blogger’s name/urbanist title should be dropped. Crowds what would otherwise be pretty good, but then again the illustration looks lame. Urban to me implies more density. Show a denser “skyline”
    – Monolog – another crisp execution that tells me nothing.
    – Nubloo’s Blog – I can’t look at it or say it fast 5 times
    – OnStartups – reminds me of OnStar… too copycat… if a startup isn’t “disruptive,” will it survive?
    – Shoestring Branding – tells me what it does, but not powerful enough an image. Looks like they need a branding consultant
    – Small Business Trends. – Nada.
    – YoungEntrepreneur – not bad
    – StartupNation – great name, great tagline, good use of heart-tugging flag.

    OK, I’ve given my disclosure, given my gut reactions to all the other logos… now my verdict.

    Brand Identity Guru rocks for 3 reasons:

    1. It tells me what it is and does.,
    2. The acronym meshes with a conceptual objective of branding
    3. The emphasis on “Identity” also meshes with a concept of branding
    4. He is using my college fraternity colors

    (I said 3 reasons and gave you 4, but most of you may discount the last reason!)

    Joe “Giuseppe” Zuccaro
    The Marketing Consigliere

    One of these days I will put my logo on my site….
    You can see it on the Facebook Group in the meantime:

    Feel free to tear it apart… I have thick skin..

  6. MY Vote goes to BIG

    Their work, styles, in-your-face branding options,smart graphics, and the play on Brand Development are all important to us.

    So, without any hesitations,

    GO B I G !!!

  7. Well, this was an easy choice for me. logo is most definitely the one that speaks to me the most. It is a clean yet descriptive logo with colors that are truly complimentary. Best of luck!

  8. Joe (Zuccaro),

    Thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts on each individual logo.


    BIG certainly does have a lot of fans (more to do with their service I imagine). Still, the main award is judged on design merits by a great panel. That will come after all categories are published.

    Thanks everyone for the kind votes.

  9. I entered the JU one, so am biased a bit. that said, now that I look at these, is that one in the right category? I assumed ‘business’ was pertaining to blogs that were blogging about business in general (be it banking, agriculture, what-have-you). In hindsight, these all seem to be very specifically about ‘business consulting’. Feel free to omit/move that logo if this is in the wrong category.

    As for the others, my vote would be:

    – = no idea what it says, but great type and nice mark.
    – monolog and OnStartus (tie) = nice wordmarks.

    Darrel’s last blog post..Ugh. Another CAPTCHA. I hate th…oh! Puppies and Kitties!

  10. I agree with nomad-one

    1 Joe Urban (most professional)
    2 Conversation Agency (most original)
    3 BIG (most effective, although the name does most of the work)

  11. Hi Darrel,

    Not to worry about your category listing of Joe Urban. Thanks for listing your favs.

    Nomad, Moritz, Rob,

    Cheers for dropping by to register your votes, and Rob, congrats again on the news of your baby daughter!

  12. Hi Kristarella,

    Voting is still open, and will remain so until all categories have been published. Thanks for offering your top choices!

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