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Following your nominations for business blog logos, below are logos from the design and photography blogs you nominated for entry into the Logo Design Love Awards.

This is the second of 10 blog categories (listed here) to be published. Remember, it’s not only the distinguished panel of judges who decide upon the overall winner, because there’s also the Reader Appreciation Award, so be sure to vote on your favourite by leaving a comment.


arche blogger logo

Bionic Creative

Bionic Creative logo


BrandBerry logo


cookieface logo

Design Shack

Design Shack logo


disenorama logo


eldesign logo

Eshark Design

Eshark Design logo

Fluidesign Blog

Fluidesign logo

Found Gallery Blog

Found Gallery logo


Fubiz logo

Just Creative Design

Just Creative Design logo

Libre Trazo

Libre Trazo logo


NewWork logo


nomad one logo


papertoys logo

Red Dream Studios

Red Dream Studios logo


Robert F Russo logo


Sketchy logo


typoblog logo

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The next category to be showcased will feature your favourite logo designs from entertainment blogs.

Logo Design Love Reader Appreciation Award

As well as the overall winner judged by the design panel, there’ll also be a Reader Appreciation Award, chosen by you. One logo from each blog category will progress into the final round, and it’s up to you which one. List your favourite design (or 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite) in a comment. Once all categories have been published, the votes will be counted.

Good luck to all the shortlisted entrants, and apologies to those who didn’t make the final cut of 20 logo designs.

All 10 award categories

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

100 appreciated comments

  1. 1) Just Creative Design
    2) Archie BLogGER
    3) typoblog

  2. Great! Not only a good logo blog, but also a resource for other design blogs :-)

    Plamen’s last blog post..Къртичето и метрото

  3. My favorites are,

    1. Just Creative Design
    2. Found Gallery
    3. ARCHE BLogGER

    jesusOmar’s last blog post..January 2008 Desktop

  4. My goodness… so hard to choose…

    I shall have to go with a tie with New Work and Just Creative Design.

    Brian Purkiss’s last blog post..It’s Complicated… – The Power of Minimalism, Part 1

  5. I can’t believe you omitted my entry, and instead put in entries like cookieface, eldesign, bionic, disenorama, and typoblog.

    Harris’s last blog post..When stupid is the new smart

  6. These got my vote :
    1- nomad-one
    2- eldesign
    3- fubiz

    Ahmed’s last blog post..8 things that lead to success !

  7. Kinam

    And…my votes are:


  8. Daniel, JesusOmar, Brian, Ahmed, Kinam,

    Thanks very much for your votes.


    There are some great blogs on the list, and for even more, have a look at my list of the top 50 graphic design blogs.


    You’ve missed the point. This is a competition for blog logos. Some of my other readers submitted entries that I had to leave out. Brian, for instance, who has already left a vote above, commented very graciously, knowing his logo didn’t make the short-list, and his logo is shown on a blog.

  9. And the site will be a blog.

    The rules stated: The only requirement is that entrants must have their logo displayed on their blog header between February and April 2008.

    It will be displayed there at some point.

    Even if you don’t think I qualify since my site has not launched, I still think those are very poor logos.

    1. brandberry
    2. just creative design

    Harris’s last blog post..When stupid is the new smart

  10. Calle Höjer

    I vote for Brand Berry

    It has that “Apple” feeling to it

  11. 1. robertfrusso.com
    2. ARCHE BLogGER
    3. Eshark Design

    very good group of logos!

    Sławomir Kozłowski’s last blog post..Galeria zdjęć: CeBIT 2004

  12. I’ll vote for Just Creative Design, robertfrusso, and BrandBerry.

    LearningNerd’s last blog post..LearningNerd’s Site Redesign and Two Design Contests

  13. Hmm…tough one. Some really clever ones here.

    My #3 choice goes to…Sketchy. Simple, to the point, and hey! A duck!

    #2…Just Creative Design. I’m a sucker for pencils

    #1…typoblog. Wonderfully simple yet high-concept.

    Darrel’s last blog post..April 1 Twin Cities UX Meetup, Topic: Usability Methods

  14. My vote would have to definitely go for Just Creative Design! ;)

    Thanks everyone for the votes for Just Creative Design, much appreciated!

    Brandberry would get my other vote, as it is very strong just by itself, very memorable and describable working in monochrome too, however it does remind me alot of Pacha.


  15. This has more worthy mentions unlike the last lot.

    my favs are:
    Design Shack
    Eshark Design – Bit confused on the choice of their icon though – would have expected it to be a ‘shark’.

    Jermayn Parker’s last blog post..Analysis of Mike Sheahan’s top 50 all time players

  16. My top choices are ARCHE-BLogGER and Just Creative Design in that order. Opposites in style but both perfection.


  17. Jermayn,

    I agree with you that the design category nominations hold a stronger line-up than the business blogs. You’d expect that really.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the other categories compare.

    Thanks very much for all the votes so far.

  18. Math

    2_LIbre Dazo


  19. 1.- Arche BLOGGER
    2.- Just creative design
    3.- Robert F Russo

  20. Laura, that’s exactly what I was going to say!

    1. Arche Blogger
    2. Just Creative Design
    3. Robert F. Russo

    (Go read Just Creative if you haven’t. I’m a fan of Jacob’s writing.)

    David, thanks for all the great stuff to look at, once again!



    Kelly’s last blog post..Tip of the Week

  21. ooooh BrandBerry 100%

  22. Where’s my blog’s logo? :P
    Just wondering and thinking :D

    firewalker’s last blog post..Artwork: Warglaive of Azinoth Vector

  23. rob

    1. robertfrusso (gotta root for the home team)
    2. COOKIEFACE (now I want a cookie)
    3. NewWork (this is my kind of design)

    Thanks for putting this together, David.
    Good luck to all!

    rob’s last blog post..It’s a Girl!

  24. 1) Just Creative Design – I love this logo!
    2) Brand Berry
    3) Real Dream Studios

    Corey Potter’s last blog post..How To Post a YouTube Video in a WordPress Blog

  25. Jasper Kane

    #1 Just creative design.

  26. 1) Just Creative Design
    2) Brand Berry

  27. PJ

    My votes are:
    1) Just Creative Design
    2) BrandBerry
    3) ARCHE BLogGER

    PJ’s last blog post..Beboshowcase

  28. Raanan Avidor

    1) Just Creative Design
    2) Sketchy
    3) BrandBerry

  29. Laurent Besnard

    1/ Fubiz
    2/ Robert F Busso

  30. I think the Bionic Creative logo is good. Not a lot of people can get outlines right. This one’s perfectly used.

  31. 1st choice – JCD

    nomad-one is a close second. I’m not one for the holistic aspect but that’s besides the point. I really like its design and how it’s integrated into their header and introductory banner.

    Regan’s last blog post..even freelancers can have a tough time commuting to work

  32. DT

    Where’s mine? Heh-heh…

  33. My fav is black and white Bionic. Simple but outstanding. Nice font. Others are a little too typical blog type.

  34. Edward


  35. Moritz

    I like typoblog because they went looking for the limit of what is readable. Therefore it is not so random. Next is New Work for it’s simple yet effective logo. Third is Fubiz, because the typography is well done and the pink line falls exactly in to place.

    1 typoblog
    2 New Work
    3 Fubiz

  36. Hello all,

    Thanks again for the continued voting. Seems that Jacob’s Just Creative Design logo is storming up the readers’ favourites.

    BrandBerry getting a lot of love too.

  37. paul

    New Work. It’s still possible to make helvetica stand out!

  38. Calvin

    I love the New Work logo

  39. 1. NEW WORK
    2. NEW WORK
    3. NEW WORK

  40. Saar


  41. 1. New Work
    2. BrandBerry
    3. Just Creative Design

  42. jes

    1. robert f russo
    2. robert f russo
    3. robert f russo

    Definitely the best!!!

  43. Bionic is good. I like the clean design.

  44. A good design is not just something looks good — it must be functional.

    For that matter I vote for BIONIC – The color and shape fit almost any background. You can slap this logo on any surface and it will still look good. You can even make it into fridge magnet!

  45. HY Ng

    1. Bionic !
    2. Bionic !!
    3. Bionic !!!

  46. always love simple stuff with a story.
    feel the bionic power radiating?

    ( ( ( o ) ) )

  47. Bionic.
    Simple, classy, unique concept.

  48. Kris

    My favourite : Bionic Creative. Very professional and chic!

  49. Gerrit

    I Love New Work

  50. Andryha


  51. Monica Añez

    1- Just creative design
    2- Bionic
    3- Brand Berry

  52. Minimal Bob

    New Work!!!

  53. Desmond Tan

    Bionic Creative – simply creative…..

  54. Interesting how most of the votes for particular come in waves.

    Unfortunately, these comment threads are turning more into polls to be spammed rather than a place to discuss the merits of the individual marks.

  55. Math

    Fubiz ! Creativity and fresh inside :)

  56. Mijn

    My heart goes out to New Work!

  57. Mitch

    1_New Work
    2_Brand Berry

  58. 1. typoblog
    2. Just Creative Design
    3. Diseñorama

  59. el chupacabra

    1.) Typoblog
    2.) New Work
    3.) eldesign

    typoblog is on the top
    others are loosers

  60. I don’t like logos that try too hard. I think Bionic has got it right in the way they have taken a simple font and designed it sufficiently to qualify as a wordmark. The treatment conveys the essence of bionic without being too literal or nondescript. For great use of semiotics to make this mark come to life, Bionic has my vote.

  61. Olga

    1. eldesign
    2. Just Creative Design
    3. NewWork

  62. 1. Brand Berry – Caught my eye from the pack, and I know I’ll not forget it easily. Nice work.

    2. Just Creative Design – I just had to give support to Jacob.

    3. New Work – You’d nearly miss the simplicity of its craft, which is why I like it.

    Armen’s last blog post..The #1 Simple Secret to Make Your Blog Look Good

  63. Marc

    Fubiz for the win !

  64. Tobias

    1. New Work
    2. Found
    3. Design Shack

  65. BERG

    1. new work
    2. typoblog
    3. found

  66. technick

    1. eldesign
    2. new work
    3. brand berry

  67. My vote goes to the only one…

    No.1 Eshark Design

  68. 1. robertfrusso.com
    2. nomad-one
    3. Just Creative Design

    A u d e e’s last blog post..The Advantages of Using Free Photo Hosting Service

  69. Nik23

    Found and Fubiz

  70. I think some of these logos look really good. I especially like the Robert F Russo logo as it is simple and i like the colours used. When i design a logo i always try to make it simple and try only to use 2 or 3 colours and put in a symbol or something so that way you dont always have to use the type.

  71. It’s
    EsharkDesign for me!

    Kay Kastum’s last blog post..Slash featured in Total Guitar Magazine this month!

  72. creatica

    Just Creative Design

  73. 1. BrandBerry
    2. Just Creative Design
    3. Eshark Design

  74. I’m probably too late for this, but just in case…

    I like Bionic and Sketchy.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..10 Dark Business Card Designs (+1 by me!)

  75. Thanks for all the votes!


    You’re not too late. The voting is open until after all categories have been published, and there’s one to go.

  76. Definitly JCD. Second choice is CookieMan.

    Chaitanya VRK’s last blog post..Coke Zero Game – The coke side of the life

  77. Math

    Fubiz and Cookieman!.

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  2. Logo Design Love - Mar 8th, 2008

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