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Featured below are your favourite logo designs from environmental blogs. This is the 4th of 10 categories in the Logo Design Love Awards.

Which do you think are most effective?


ecogeek logo design


ecoscraps logo design

Environmental News Network

enn logo design


georden logo design

Going Green

going green logo design

Greentech Media

greentech media logo design


planetsave logo design


treehugger logo design


viropop logo design


world changing logo design

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The next category to look forward to features logos from health and self-development blogs.

Logo Design Love Reader Appreciation Award

As well as the overall winner judged by the design panel, there’ll also be a Reader Appreciation Award, chosen by you. One logo from each blog category will progress into the final round, and it’s up to you which one. List your favourite design (or 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite) in a comment. Once all categories have been published, the votes will be counted.

Good luck to all the shortlisted entrants!

All 10 award categories

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54 appreciated comments

  1. Not really a big fan of many of them but if I had to choose one it would be Georden.

  2. 1) EcoGeek … Awesome
    2) WorldChanging
    3) TreeHugger

    Corey Potter’s last blog post..How To Post a YouTube Video in a WordPress Blog

  3. From Brasil…

    TreeHugger very cool!!!!!

  4. You had me for a loop with this post… Environmental and Entertainment loop really similar. I thought for sure you double posted, until I saw the images were different.

    That Ecogeek logo really caught my eye, so I’ll give it my vote.

    Dan Cole’s last blog post..WordPress Support has gone down the drain!

  5. Oh, I love the EcoGeek logo! Creative and meaningful. I find it interesting that they used green for “geek”, since I’d expect the word “eco” to be green instead.

    By the way, I’ve always loved TreeHugger’s name, but their logo doesn’t do much for me, so I dunno… I think my only vote is for EcoGeek.

    LearningNerd’s last blog post..LearningNerd’s Site Redesign and Two Design Contests

  6. My fav is EcoGeek – without a doubt.

    Brian Purkiss’s last blog post..New Developments – plainbeta, Life, and The WDA

  7. 1. EcoGeek;
    2. Planetsave:)

    Hristo Radichev’s last blog post..Най-скъпата вечеря

  8. ryan

    EcoGeek is genius.

  9. 1. EcoGeek
    2. WorldChanging
    3. TreeHugger

    simple and effective – clean style rocks!

    Slawomir Kozlowski’s last blog post..Porada: Błąd uszkodzonych map w Nokia Maps

  10. Short

    I actually like Greentech media alot.

  11. These are my favorite :
    1- TreeHugger (simple is great ^^ )
    2- WorldChanging (Nice slogan !)
    3- EcoGeek (good idea :) )

    Ahmed’s last blog post..Entrepreneuriat Féminin au Maroc

  12. rob

    1- EcoGeek
    2- Greentech Media
    3- TreeHugger

    rob’s last blog post..It’s a Girl!

  13. Monica Añez

    1- Ecogeek.
    2- Tree hugger.

  14. jobs

    1-Greentech Media’s design is nice, clean and to the point.
    2-eco geek

  15. ckc

    Greentech Media is my favorite.

  16. carolyn

    i choose the greentech media logo, nice and simple.

  17. Thanks very much for the votes, everyone. Not as much of a selection in this category. I had a look for other blogs but all I could find were simple text-based logos with common typefaces.

  18. ecogeek: clever mix of symbols. Nicely done.

    planetsave + treehugger = interesting to see them next to each other like that. ;)

    Viropop = certainly pops!

    I’d say most of these are ‘more than adequate’ and certainly serve their purpose.

    If I had to pick my faves:

    3) greentechmedia
    2) Treehugger
    1) EcoGeek

    Darrel’s last blog post..Ugh. Another CAPTCHA. I hate th…oh! Puppies and Kitties!

  19. Hmm…I actually prefer the viropop logo that they use on their site over the one shown here:


    Darrel’s last blog post..Sevnthsin Hiring Junior Designer

  20. sandy

    greentech is the best. sweet and simple

  21. Hi Darrel,

    You’re the first to notice. Since I published this post, the people at viropop changed their blog design, logo included. I’ve updated the entry here.

  22. ecogeek, I guess….

    Luke Despatie’s last blog post..The Pikes.com

  23. Ju

    As a designer, I would say that greentech media is the best executed. I like the idea behind ecogeek but the execution isn’t as good. Treehugger and Viropop are decent.

  24. David,

    The only one I can vote for here is ecogeek. Very clean and has a clear message. The rest are not so hot to me.



    Kelly’s last blog post..How to Stick Out Like an Aging Seattle Grunge Band

  25. “I’ve updated the entry here.”

    Well, now I have to update my list (sorry, Greentech!):

    3) Treehugger
    2) Enviropop
    1) EcoGeek

    Darrel’s last blog post..$17 an hour? Seriously?

  26. zach

    ecogeek definitely, totally cool concept.

    the rest im not diggin that much.

  27. michael

    I can vote for obama “ecogeek” and “georden” clinton for vice president

  28. John

    agree with kelly on the opinion and vote

  29. moritz

    I don’t understand why everyone is raving about ecogeek. It is not very original and the icon has nothing to do with being a geek.
    I like the letters of treehugger better, but the icon looks too much like a letter as well. So at a glance it spells “Otreehugger”
    Both names are cool, but don’t confuse that with the design.

    1 greentech media
    2 treehugger
    3 ENN

  30. “It is not very original and the icon has nothing to do with being a geek.”

    geek = computers = computer power button icon

    Darrel’s last blog post..$17 an hour? Seriously?

  31. moritz

    Ah you’re right! Now I see it too. thnx Darrel.

  32. like others I would have to say “ecogeek”, before I even saw the others I had already chosen it.,..

    Jermayn Parker’s last blog post..The Curse of the A.C.L & WIN $50 Amazon Gift voucher

  33. Eco-geek is the winner. Simple, genius. Love it

  34. 1. EcoGeek
    2. TreeHugger
    3. Going Green

    A u d e e’s last blog post..The Advantages of Using Free Photo Hosting Service

  35. Really interesting logos. I’m responsible (http://eight6.com) for Planetsave and Ecoscraps.

    Honestly, we didn’t even THINK about Treehugger when we we’re illustrating our logotype. Must just be two great minds?! :)

  36. 1 EcoGeek
    2 ENN
    3 PlanetSave

    spostareduro’s last blog post..Gratitude Smatitude: Gratitude Nurtures the Soul

  37. 1. Georden
    2. Planetsave
    3. TreeHugger
    4. Going Green

  38. 1. Ecogeek
    2. Treehugger
    3. World changing

    kristarella’s last blog post..Meet the GIMP demonstrates Ufraw

  39. Diana H

    1. Georden
    2. Viropop
    3. Ecogeek

  40. Georden is Ok…!!!

    Chaitanya VRK’s last blog post..Coke Zero Game – The coke side of the life

  41. Tiggy

    I really love the treehugger one!

  42. this logo/header i like, probably more header than logo, but good nonetheless:

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