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We’re at the half-way point (5 from 10) in the Logo Design Love Awards. Today it’s the turn of health and self-development blogs to have their logo designs featured and voted upon.

Which ones stand-out for you amongst the rest?


CalorieLab logo design

Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man logo design


Emergiblog logo design


Fingertips logo design

Health News

Health News logo design

Lift Magazine

Lift Magazine logo design


Medbroadcast logo design


Medgadget logo design

Organic Passion

Organic Passion logo design


ParentDish logo design


SharpBrains logo design

The Fatfighters

The Fatfighters logo design


Wellness.com logo design

Zen Habits

Zen Habits logo design

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Logo Design Love Reader Appreciation Award

As well as the overall winner judged by the design panel, there’ll also be a Reader Appreciation Award, chosen by you. One logo from each blog category will progress into the final round, and it’s up to you which one. List your favourite design (or 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite) in a comment. Once all categories have been published, the votes will be counted.

Good luck to all the shortlisted entrants!

All 10 award categories

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58 appreciated comments

  1. Dumb Little Man gets my vote however I think the man should be a little more to the left of the logo.
    2. CalorieLab
    3. Emergiblog

  2. 1. Dumb Little Man
    2. SharpBrains
    3. Health News

    very strong competition!

    Slawomir Kozlowski’s last blog post..Porada: Błąd uszkodzonych map w Nokia Maps

  3. 1: Dumb Little Man
    2: Sharp Brains
    2: Zenhabits

    Brian Purkiss’s last blog post..New Developments – plainbeta, Life, and The WDA

  4. Donna K.

    1. LIFT Magazine
    2. Emergiblog
    3. Dumb Little Man

  5. rob

    Dumb Little Man
    Lift Magazine

    rob’s last blog post..It’s a Girl!

  6. Kim

    Wow – how cool to see Emergiblog nominated? Can I vote for my own blog! LOL!

    I also need to give a shout out for

    2. MedGadget
    3. Sharp Brains

    Kim’s last blog post..Change of Shift: Vol. 2, Number 18

  7. 1. Emergiblog
    2. MedBroadcast
    3. Fingertips


    Caroline’s last blog post..A blurb from Scrubsgallery.com

  8. Dumb Little Man is the only one that stands out for me, so they get my vote!

    LearningNerd’s last blog post..Weekly Word: Thraw

  9. I like the Emergiblog shield logo. Plus, I’m always a sucker for a good script typeface.

    JimK’s last blog post..Fuel efficiency and City of Portland trucks

  10. 1. Dumb Little Man
    2. Med Broadcast
    3. Med Gadget

    I like the Lift Magazine logo, but not for this category. Their website design doesn’t really reflect the logo very well either.

  11. 1. Emergiblog
    2. Wellness
    3. Zenhabits

    danwalter’s last blog post..CHAPTER ONE

  12. ArkieRN


  13. Emergiblog

    rlbates’s last blog post..The Sterile Eye

  14. Thanks for the votes, everybody.


    I agree with you on the spacing of the DLM logo. I’d like to see at least the same amount of space as shown between the actual words.


    Best of luck with the Emergiblog logo, and thanks for spreading the word on your site.


    The Lift Magazine logo certainly stands out amongst the others.

    Again, thanks everyone. Good of you to vote.

  15. Matt


  16. Emergiblog. And the apple-a-day visual reference on the MedBroadcast amuses me.

  17. Lillian


  18. Dumb Little man and Medbroadcast are the best!

    Jermayn Parker’s last blog post..The Curse of the A.C.L & WIN $50 Amazon Gift voucher

  19. savaden

    1. HealthNews

    2. Emergiblog

    3. Dumb Little Man

  20. Lift

    Luke Despatie’s last blog post..The Pikes.com

  21. Joe


  22. Emergiblog

    Rita Schwab’s last blog post..Simple Data Solutions – My New Alter Ego

  23. 1) Lift Magazine
    2) ZenHabits
    3) Organic Passion

    Stuart Hobday’s last blog post..The bluecoat

  24. neil

    CalorieLab & Zenhabits

  25. shirley

    Dumb Little Men

  26. glenda gregory


  27. 1. Emergiblog (Gotta support our nurses!)
    2. Med gadget (A must read!)

  28. Definetly:
    1. Fingertips
    2. Medgadget
    3. Health News

    A u d e e’s last blog post..The Advantages of Using Free Photo Hosting Service

  29. 1. CalorieLab
    2. zenhabits
    3. organicpassion

    Overall this category’s offerings don’t do much for me.



    Kelly’s last blog post..Do You Need Them in Bed With You?

  30. Deb

    1 Emergiblog
    2 Wellness
    3 zenhabits

  31. Bruder

    1 MedGadget
    2. Emergiblog
    3. Zenhabits

  32. 1. Dumb Little Man
    2. Organic Passion
    3. Sharp Brains

    I like the ZenHabits logo too, really simple, fits with the theme of the blog :)

    Jon Phillips’s last blog post..2008-03-16 Sunday Links Folder

  33. JimR

    1. LIFT
    2. Emergiblog
    3. Dumb Little Man

  34. This category has a lot of strong contenders. I didn’t even voice an opinion on the first and fourth categories, because I didn’t find any of them innovative or truly creative. This category has several I find both innovative and creative:

    Dumb Little Man (all about the graphic)
    Fingertips (all about the graphic)
    Emergiblog (all about the font)
    Lift (all about the font – when it works, it’s great!)
    The Fatfighters (all about movement)
    Wellness (all about movement)


  35. Thanks very much for the continued voting.


    I’m glad you found some of the options more innovative this time around.

  36. Seems like I’m a little bit late this time also ^^
    My favorites :
    1- The Fatfighters
    2- Fingertips
    3- CalorieLab

    Ahmed’s last blog post..Hello World !

  37. Dumb Little Man hands down – simple yet striking at the same time.

  38. Nurse Stella

    1. Emergiblog

  39. Moritz

    Very nice competition!

    1 Fingertips
    2 Dumb Little Man
    3 LIFT

  40. All the way with…

    …great competition and great selection of blogs!

    Adrienne Zurub’s last blog post..‘Notes’ is Coming!

  41. Lynn G.


  42. 1. Wellness
    2. CalorieLab
    3. Health News
    4. Organic Passion
    5. Medbroadcast

  43. Thank you for including us …

    LIFT Magazine (which I’m biased towards) and Emergiblog are my favorites!

    Tanya Ryno’s last blog post..Set sail in style: luggage for first mates or first-class travelers

  44. Dumb Little Man – very cool!

    kristarella’s last blog post..Meet the GIMP demonstrates Ufraw

  45. David, really very tough to select. Collection of creative efforts.

    Any way, after brainstorming a while with the designs and corresponding blogs, I decided to vote for:

    “FingerTips” – Reflecting massage hands and hand-in-hand life journey… some what touching. Isn’t it?

    Chaitanya VRK’s last blog post..Coke Zero Game – The coke side of the life

  46. 1.Lift
    2. Dumb little man


    Jenn’s last blog post..Does the model make the picture or does the photographer make the model?

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