Logo Design Love Awards now open

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The Logo Design Love Awards are now open for submission.

The aim of the awards is to give some well deserved exposure to lesser-known graphic designers, and to uncover the most effective blog logos amongst todays popular blogs.

It’s completely free to enter, or to submit an entry on behalf of a blog you think should win. The only requirement is that entrants must have their logo displayed on their blog header between February and April 2008.

There’ll be 10 heats, each from a different blog category (shown below), and the 10 winners will advance into the final.

Blog categories

Update: all categories have been published, and are hyperlinked.

The winning logo designs will be chosen by a distinguished panel of judges, who between them, have a wealth of industry experience.

Judging panel

A big thanks to each of the judges who are kindly donating their valuable time simply because they too, have the logo design love.

How to enter

Simply leave a comment with the name and web address of the blog, and the category into which you think it belongs. Alternatively, send me an email or complete the contact form.

If possible, mention the logo designer responsible for the design. Otherwise I’ll do what I can to find out their name and thought process.

DEADLINE for entry: 01 March 2008

The first category of logo designs will be published soon after the March deadline.

How the winners will be decided

A maximum of 20 logo submissions from each category will be featured on this website, with information about the blog and the blog’s logo designer. If more than 20 logos are submitted for one category, I will choose what I believe to be the most effective for inclusion. This is to place a cap on the judging time, which as mentioned, has been kindly donated.

Once all of the 10 categories have been published, the judges will award points to their favourite three logos from each (3 points for the most effective, 2 points, and finally 1). The logo with the most points in each blog category will advance to a final round, and again, the judges will score the designs to decide on the overall winner.

As well as an outright winner decided by the judges, you are also invited to vote by leaving comments on the individual category posts. There’ll be an additional Logo Design Love Readers Award, and both winners (if different) will receive a special design feature of their own.

I look forward to promoting your individual entries, and I hope you enjoy viewing the logo design selection.

104 responses

  1. Paolo, Ahmed, Ishak, Deron,

    Thanks for submitting your entries.


    The deadline for submission is 01 March. I’ve just updated the blog post (thanks for the reminder).

  2. Hello Connie,

    It’s not clear from your blog what your logo is. Can you provide a link to the image file?


    That’s right, this is an award for blog logos.

  3. Blog Name: plainbeta
    Blog address: plainbeta.com
    Blog Category: Design and Photography Blogs (Though they are totally different… :-P )
    Logo Designer: Brian Purkiss
    Logo Address: Here

    I have recently revised my logo and have not incorporated it into my design yet.
    I am actually working on a completely custom design right now and it shall be incorporated into that.

    Looking forward to seeing the results!

  4. Blog’s Name: Ociotakus
    Blog’s Adress: http://www.ociotakus.com
    Blog Category: Miscellaneous or entertainment, Im not sure, we write about videogames, Japanese animation and other hobbies.
    Logo Designer: Alquimistas del Diseño (www.alquimistasdiseno.com)


  5. Thanks very much to everyone who has entered so far, and of course it’s fine if you nominate your own blog. I’m happy to offer some free exposure for your logo.


    I’ve edited the URI so it works. Interesting to see a logo design from Unique Blog Designs.

  6. Hi, I also want to enter with the logo that i made for the image that appears in the Itunes when you download my podcasts, they are in spanish. Can I send it to you by mail? because its alittle bit different than the one on the web page.

    Categoy: Sports or personal blog/podcast
    Logo designer: Laura Barcena

  7. Here are my 2 nominees(which includes me :)):

    1.Blog Name: Flo3tic :: Embrace the flow of poetic arts
    Blog Address: http://www.flo3tic.blogspot.com
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo address: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1101/774914825_c383c8b8ef_o.gif
    Logo Designer: Lim Chun Woei & Helen Tan

    2.Blog Name: Urban-Cr3atures
    Blog Address: http://www.urban-cr3atures.com/
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo address: http://www.urban-cr3atures.com/images/UC_web1-1_01.gif
    Logo Designer: Lim Chun Woei

    Thank you so much! Cheers!

  8. Cool idea, thanks.

    Two nominations:

    Blog name: I Love Typography
    Blog address: http://ilovetypography.com/
    Logo Address: http://ilovetypography.com/img/header-ms.gif (I believe the image changes on a regular basis)
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo Designer: John Boardley, I assume

    and of course my own:

    Blog Name: @Rest – Aaron Rester’s Blog
    Blog Address: http://blog.aaronrester.net
    Logo Address: there isn’t one, really — it’s half old-skool text
    Blog Category: design/personal
    Logo Designer: Aaron Rester

  9. K,

    Unfortunately none of my own logos can be entered into the awards, to keep the judging as fair as possible. Thanks for asking though.


    Of course, feel free to enter your personal logo. No problem at all.

    Thanks very much for all the other entries and nominations. I’m looking forward to publishing all your logo designs after the March deadline.

  10. Hi, I’m here to post my entry for the Logo Design Love Awards.

    name: Diseñorama
    url: blog.rancdesign.com
    category: Design
    designer: Etienne Ranc


  11. David,

    First, the selfless nomination:

    Blog name: Idea Sandbox
    Blog address: http://idea-sandbox.com/blog/
    Blog category: Marketing and p.r. blogs
    Blog logo designer: Paul Williams
    Logo address (well, part of it): http://www.idea-sandbox.com/blog/blog_images/header_top.jpg

    Now the shameless plug:

    Blog name: Maximum Customer Experience Blog
    Blog address: http://maximumcustomerexperience.typepad.com/
    Blog category: Business blogs
    Blog logo designer: Kelly Erickson
    Logo address: http://maximumcustomerexperience.typepad.com/images/banner8.png

    What a great idea for getting to know your readers! Thanks!



  12. Blog name: robert f russo
    Blog address: http://robertfrusso.com
    Blog category: Design and/or Personal
    Blog logo designer: robert f russo

    I’m a designer (design category?) and this is my personal site (personal?) just released this year. The first reason to get this up is to showcase my work and get new clients (personal?) … but I plan to add design info/thoughts/tips, too (design?)

    Great site. Good luck with it, David!

  13. Great contest and great piece of work. The jury will have to make a tough decision.

    My blog is written in romanian and is centred around the idea of relationship with others to have double success (translated in RO = succes dublu)

    Blog name: Succes Dublu
    Blog address: http://succesdublu.ro
    Logo address: http://www.succesdublu.ro/wp-content/themes/revolution/images/logo1.jpg
    Blog category: Health and self-development blogs
    Blog logo designer: Paul Cotor

  14. Blog name: LearningNerd
    Blog URL: http://www.learningnerd.com/
    Blog Category: Miscellaneous
    Logo URL: http://www.learningnerd.com/pics/learningnerdlogo.gif

    I designed it myself, and I just finished it today. This is really the first logo I’ve ever made… And it shows, lol. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot, right?

    Thanks so much for starting this contest. It inspired me to try making a logo, and I had a lot of fun!

    LearningNerd’s last blog post..Weekly Word: Echt

  15. Blog name: OnDemand Beat
    Blog URL: http://www.ondemandbeat.com
    Blog Category: Technology Blog
    Logo URL: http://ondemandbeat.jobamatic.com/a/jbb/partner-logo

    In another life many years ago I was a Graphic Designer and like riding a bicycle, some skills you never forget:)
    Thus I designed this logo myself for the OnDemandBeat blog…the logo was meant to emphasize the On in OnDemand Beat while at the same time creating a great favicon.

    A Taylor’s last blog post..Preview of SAP Business ByDesign

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