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Logo Design Love Awards now open

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The Logo Design Love Awards are now open for submission.

The aim of the awards is to give some well deserved exposure to lesser-known graphic designers, and to uncover the most effective blog logos amongst todays popular blogs.

It’s completely free to enter, or to submit an entry on behalf of a blog you think should win. The only requirement is that entrants must have their logo displayed on their blog header between February and April 2008.

There’ll be 10 heats, each from a different blog category (shown below), and the 10 winners will advance into the final.

Blog categories

Update: all categories have been published, and are hyperlinked.

The winning logo designs will be chosen by a distinguished panel of judges, who between them, have a wealth of industry experience.

Judging panel

A big thanks to each of the judges who are kindly donating their valuable time simply because they too, have the logo design love.

How to enter

Simply leave a comment with the name and web address of the blog, and the category into which you think it belongs. Alternatively, send me an email or complete the contact form.

If possible, mention the logo designer responsible for the design. Otherwise I’ll do what I can to find out their name and thought process.

DEADLINE for entry: 01 March 2008

The first category of logo designs will be published soon after the March deadline.

How the winners will be decided

A maximum of 20 logo submissions from each category will be featured on this website, with information about the blog and the blog’s logo designer. If more than 20 logos are submitted for one category, I will choose what I believe to be the most effective for inclusion. This is to place a cap on the judging time, which as mentioned, has been kindly donated.

Once all of the 10 categories have been published, the judges will award points to their favourite three logos from each (3 points for the most effective, 2 points, and finally 1). The logo with the most points in each blog category will advance to a final round, and again, the judges will score the designs to decide on the overall winner.

As well as an outright winner decided by the judges, you are also invited to vote by leaving comments on the individual category posts. There’ll be an additional Logo Design Love Readers Award, and both winners (if different) will receive a special design feature of their own.

I look forward to promoting your individual entries, and I hope you enjoy viewing the logo design selection.

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

136 appreciated comments

  1. Blog name: inRGB
    Blog address: http://inrgb.com/blog/
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Jason Sherwin

  2. I will put my entry in once my blog is back online in the next day or two :)

  3. Hi there

    here’s my entry

    Blog name: monolog.it
    Blog address: http://monolog.it/
    Logo address: http://monolog.it/images/monolog_logo_def.jpg
    Blog category: Business blogs
    Blog logo designer: Alessandro Feltre

  4. Great opportunity to discover great logo designs !
    I’ll enter this competition too ^^

    Blog Name : Blogotour
    Blog Adress : http://www.blogotour.com/
    Logo Adress : http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2181/2047224150_9e24440d64_o.png
    Blog Category : Miscellaneous
    Blog logo designer : Ahmed Chergaoui

  5. Hi everybody!
    Honoured to be in.. here’s mine!

    Blog name: Eshark Design
    Blog add: http://esharkdesign.com
    Logo add: http://esharkdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/esharkdesign-logo.jpg
    Blog category: Graphic Design
    Blog logo designer: Ishak

    Paolo’s last blog post..Quasi carnevale

  6. Blog name: JafaGirlArt
    Blog add: http://jafagirlart.blogspot.com/
    Blog Category: Art
    Logo Designer: Corrine Bayraktaroglu aka jafabrit

    regards Corrine

  7. Andrew,

    Thanks very much for your entry.


    Here’s hoping your site propagates asap.

  8. Blog name: Design’Next
    Blog address: http://designnext.in
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Aryan

    Logo URL = http://designnext.in/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/dn-logo.jpg

  9. blog name: TCRA
    blog address: http://tcramerica.org
    blog category: personal
    logo designer: nicholas gray
    logo address: http://tcramerica.org/logo.gif

  10. D. –

    What is the final deadline for entering? I’ll post the Logo Design Love Awards on my competitions deadline list.

    Good luck – J.

  11. Here’s mine David.

    Blog Name: Random Jabber
    Blog URL: http://www.randomjabber.com
    Category: Personal

    Deron Sizemore’s last blog post..You Have Dozens of Ideas – How Do You Decide Which Ones to Implement?

  12. Paolo, Ahmed, Ishak, Deron,

    Thanks for submitting your entries.


    The deadline for submission is 01 March. I’ve just updated the blog post (thanks for the reminder).

  13. Is it cool if we nominate ourselves?

    Blog name: Austin Audience
    Blog address: http://www.austinaudience.com
    Blog category: Entertainment
    Blog logo designer: Moi (Amanda, the authoress)

  14. Only blogs?
    Can I submit my website logo?

    Niyaz PK’s last blog post..Which Programming Language Should I Use?

  15. Hello Connie,

    It’s not clear from your blog what your logo is. Can you provide a link to the image file?


    That’s right, this is an award for blog logos.

  16. Well, this sure seems to be an easy contest to enter.

    Here’s a couple I’ve done:

    http://joe-urban.com/ (Environmental? Business? Political?)
    http://www.undiesdrawer.com/ (Misc?)

    Darrel’s last blog post..Under construction!

  17. Blog Name: plainbeta
    Blog address: plainbeta.com
    Blog Category: Design and Photography Blogs (Though they are totally different… :-P )
    Logo Designer: Brian Purkiss
    Logo Address: Here

    I have recently revised my logo and have not incorporated it into my design yet.
    I am actually working on a completely custom design right now and it shall be incorporated into that.

    Looking forward to seeing the results!

  18. blog name: BizGiftGuru
    blog address: http://www.bizgiftguru.com
    blog category: marketing
    logo designer: Unique Blog Designs
    logo url: http://www.bizgiftguru.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/bgg-logo-small.jpg

  19. Blog’s Name: Ociotakus
    Blog’s Adress: http://www.ociotakus.com
    Blog Category: Miscellaneous or entertainment, Im not sure, we write about videogames, Japanese animation and other hobbies.
    Logo Designer: Alquimistas del Diseño (www.alquimistasdiseno.com)


  20. Well, all I can do is nominate my own, right? Two, in fact.

    http://www.punctualityrules.com for, um, Miscellaneous, I suppose, since it’s a writing blog.

    http://www.chappysmom.com for personal, because it’s a knit-blog.

    Oh, and

    http://www.marniemaclean.com/words/ is a good one, too, also personal–all dogs and yarn!

    –Deb’s last blog post..MM: Titles

  21. Blog name: ManguareBlog
    Blog address: http://manguareblog.blogspot.com/
    Logo address: http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j194/manguare/logo-blog.jpg
    Blog category: Personal Blog
    Blog logo designer: Ronald “Grinder” Paredes

  22. Blog name: Bionic.
    Blog address: http://bionic-creative.com
    Logo address: http://www.bionic-creative.com/wp-content/themes/illacrimo-101/images/LogoIcon.png
    Blog category: Business blogs
    Blog logo designer: Vicki Lew

  23. Blog name: Dos dedos de frente (“Two fingers forehead”)
    Blog address: http://dosdedosdefrente.com
    Blog category: Personal
    Blog logo designer: dosdedos (Daniela Rogoza <– me)


  24. Fun contest!

    Blog name: Obleek Design Studio (Bleek Blog)
    Blog address: http://www.obleek.net
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Katie Lee

  25. Blog name: Desktop-Publishing Weblog
    Blog address: http://www.dtp-blog.de
    Logo address: http://www.dtp-blog.de/dtpblog.jpg
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Daniel Sprenger

  26. there are some extra url and /url in the link to the logo in my previous comment and the link does not work … if possible please edit the link, thanks

    BizGiftGuru’s last blog post..Not one of the best BizGift ideas – Three Nuts from KPMG

  27. Thanks very much to everyone who has entered so far, and of course it’s fine if you nominate your own blog. I’m happy to offer some free exposure for your logo.


    I’ve edited the URI so it works. Interesting to see a logo design from Unique Blog Designs.

  28. Great opportunity, I’m in, David.

    Blog Name: Firewalker
    Blog Address: http://firewalker.kamusilmiah.com
    Logo Address: http://firewalker.kamusilmiah.com/logo/FirewalkerBall.png
    Blog Category: Design
    Blog Logo Designer: Didik Wicaksono

  29. Blog Name: Can The World Hear Me
    Blog Address: http://www.cantheworldhearme.com/
    Blog Category: Miscellaneous
    Logo Designer: Kevin Xu

    Also I’d like to enter my own personal logo if possible. It doesn’t have a blog but I hope to use it in some future endeavor. If it can’t be entered, then at least have a looksee and maybe comment on it.

  30. Blog name: The Buzz @ Red Dream Studios
    Blog add: http://reddreamstudios.blogspot.com
    Blog category: Business Blogs
    Blog logo designer: Neal Evan Caminsky
    Company add: http://www.reddreamstudios.com
    Logo add: http://bp3.blogger.com/_2x26_b1wKHo/R5Ye4iY5qXI/AAAAAAAAAAc/b9Zm51soyVE/S730/Blog-Header.gif

  31. Blog name: Lodux Studio
    Blog address: http://www.loduxstudio.blogspot.com
    Logo address: http://bp1.blogger.com/__4CUxXIP68I/R5zn81Oc3mI/AAAAAAAAABo/m7Z1R9bFONE/S660/Loduxencabezado.jpg
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Ivan Mejía (Takiro)

  32. Hey David, can I enter your design for ShanKri-la? :razz:

    K-IntheHouse’s last blog post..IE Developer Toolbar – Firebug for Internet Explorer

  33. Excellent idea of blog. Nice template!

  34. Blog name: Konx Ompax
    Blog address: http://konxompax.wordpress.com/konx-ompax
    Blog category: Personal blog
    Blog logo designer: Hristo Radichev

  35. aguis!

    Blog name: helado de melon
    Blog address: http://www.mhelon.blogspot.com
    Logo address: http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q281/melon_nU/mhelonv21b.jpg
    Blog category: Personal Blog
    Blog logo designer: me^^ (Agostina Capponi)

  36. Blog name: tmr5555’s project blog
    Blog add: http://tmr5555.wordpress.com/
    Logo add: http://img509.imageshack.us/my.php?image=blogtitlebz5.gif
    Blog category: Design Blog
    Blog logo designer: TJ Pinar

  37. Laura

    blog category: Design or personal blog
    Blog logo designer: Laura Barcena
    webpage: http://www.lobvdesign.com

  38. Hi, I also want to enter with the logo that i made for the image that appears in the Itunes when you download my podcasts, they are in spanish. Can I send it to you by mail? because its alittle bit different than the one on the web page.

    Categoy: Sports or personal blog/podcast
    Logo designer: Laura Barcena

  39. Blog name: eldesign
    Blog address: http://www.eldesign.ru/
    Logo address: http://eldesign.ru/i/eldesign.gif
    Blog category: Design Blog
    Blog logo designer: Alexander Shiryshev

  40. Blog name: The Meep
    Blog address: http://www.themeep.com
    Blog category: music/entertainment
    Blog logo designer: Caleb Kozlowski @ http://www.everybodylies.net/

  41. I have updated my logo slightly.
    The logo still has the same url.

    Here it is.

    Brian Purkiss’s last blog post..Housekeeping – Design, Logo, Guest Writers Plea, etc

  42. Blog name: Positive Space
    Blog address: http://www.positivespaceblog.com
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Anthony J. Zinni

    Zinni’s last blog post..Sources of Inspiration #1 (Insanely Creative Portfolios From Around the Web)

  43. Blog name: papertoys
    Blog address: http://www.papertoys.ru/
    Logo address: http://papertoys.ru/logo.png
    Blog category: Design Blog
    Blog logo designer: Tim Pokrichuk

  44. Blog name: erabota.ru
    Blog address: http://nsk.erabota.ru/
    Logo address: http://nsk.erabota.ru/img/e-nsk.gif
    Blog category: Business blogs
    Blog logo designer: Eugen Yukechev, Pokrichuk Timofey, Studio MartDesign

  45. Blog Name: Wonderfuuk!
    Blog Address: http://wonderfuuk.blogspot.com
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo Designer: OVegas

  46. I would like to nominate: http://junkbyjo.wordpress.com/ for the personal blog category

    Thanks Pete

    Pete’s last blog post..smarter web-site

  47. Blog Name :- Aivault
    Blog Address :- http://www.aivault.com
    Blog Catagory :- Design and photography
    Logo Designer :- Asmaa’

  48. I will shamelessly submit my blog :)

    Name: Sketchy
    Address: http://www.noristudios.com/sketchbook/sketchbook.html
    Category: Design Blog
    Designer: Beth Nori of Nori Studios

  49. Blog Name: Reslections design.blogs
    Blog Address: http://reflection.com.ua/blog/
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo address: http://reflection.com.ua/blog/images/blog_logo.gif
    Logo Designer: Nataliya Pribytkova

  50. Blog Name: Kerlames
    Blog Address: http://kerlames.blogspot.com
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo Designer: Giovanni Clavijo


    Celina Rojas

  51. Blog name: the Meep
    Blog address: http://www.themeep.com/eep/
    Blog category: Entertainment
    Blog logo designer: http://www.everybodylies.net/

  52. Blog name: Libretrazo Colectivo
    Blog Address: http://libretrazo.blogspot.com/
    Logo Address: http://item.slide.com/r/1/12/i/rN8yS-GIzD9mGAr4dZ_J_6nXH8AX3eI1/
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo Designer: Christian Zamora

  53. Here are my 2 nominees(which includes me :)):

    1.Blog Name: Flo3tic :: Embrace the flow of poetic arts
    Blog Address: http://www.flo3tic.blogspot.com
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo address: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1101/774914825_c383c8b8ef_o.gif
    Logo Designer: Lim Chun Woei & Helen Tan

    2.Blog Name: Urban-Cr3atures
    Blog Address: http://www.urban-cr3atures.com/
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo address: http://www.urban-cr3atures.com/images/UC_web1-1_01.gif
    Logo Designer: Lim Chun Woei

    Thank you so much! Cheers!

  54. Blog Name: AmberMiro
    Blog Address: http://ambermiro.blogspot.com/
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo address: http://ambermiro.blogspot.com/
    Logo Designer: Amber Miro

    A unique take – to match my website. Enjoy! I look forward to you thoughts

  55. Blog name: Venus As A Boy
    Blog address: http://www.whateverelse.co.uk/venusasaboy // http://www.venusasaboy.com (sometimes doesn’t work, but should work in a couple of days from now on)
    Blog category: Personal
    Blog logo designer: Daniel Vázquez ( http://www.dvazquez.com )

    My input to this contest is a simple and clean logo. no more than that.

  56. Cool idea, thanks.

    Two nominations:

    Blog name: I Love Typography
    Blog address: http://ilovetypography.com/
    Logo Address: http://ilovetypography.com/img/header-ms.gif (I believe the image changes on a regular basis)
    Blog Category: Design
    Logo Designer: John Boardley, I assume

    and of course my own:

    Blog Name: @Rest – Aaron Rester’s Blog
    Blog Address: http://blog.aaronrester.net
    Logo Address: there isn’t one, really — it’s half old-skool text
    Blog Category: design/personal
    Logo Designer: Aaron Rester

  57. Blog Name: Better For Business
    Blog Category: Business
    Blog Address: http://www.betterforbusiness.com
    Logo Design: Terra Andersen

    Logo Meaning and Details: http://www.betterforbusiness.com/2007/06/11/better-for-businesscom-gets-a-makeover/


  58. Blog name: chinayudame
    Blog address: http://chinayudame.blogspot.com
    Blog category: Personal

  59. Blog Name: Just Creative Design
    Blog Address: http://justcreativedesign.com
    Blog Category: Design Blog
    Blog Logo Designer: Jacob Cass (I will post my logo design process next week.)
    Thanks, good luck to all.

  60. K,

    Unfortunately none of my own logos can be entered into the awards, to keep the judging as fair as possible. Thanks for asking though.


    Of course, feel free to enter your personal logo. No problem at all.

    Thanks very much for all the other entries and nominations. I’m looking forward to publishing all your logo designs after the March deadline.

  61. Blog Name: Inspiredology
    Blog Category: Design
    Blog Address: http://www.inspiredology.com
    Logo Design: Chad Mueller

    Chad Mueller’s last blog post..Rexx Extreme Footwear Co.

  62. PXLated

    Blog Name: NewMediaWise
    Blog Category: Marketing & PR Blogs
    Blog Address: http://www.newmediawise.com/
    Logo Address: http://www.newmediawise.com/logo/nmw-logo.html
    Designer: Geise Design ( http://www.geise.com )

    Would be nice if there was a “Consultant” category ;-)

  63. Everyone seems to have formatted their entry better than mine, so I’ll list these again with more details:

    Blog name: Joe Urban
    Blog category: Environmental OR Business
    Blog address: http://joe-urban.com/
    Logo address: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/2856
    Logo designer: Me

    Blog name: Undies Drawer
    Blog category: Misc. OR Business
    Blog address: http://www.undiesdrawer.com/
    Logo address: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/22672
    Logo designer: Me

  64. Blog name: The seek project

    Blog category: art/design

    Blog address: http://www.theseekproject.wordpress.com

    Logo design: Karo Akpokiere

  65. Number 1

    Blog Name: Mom Blog Network
    Blog Address: http://www.momblognetwork.com/
    Blog Category: Misc.
    Blog Logo Designer: http://www.OcularInk.com

    Number 2

    Blog Name: 2 Guys Uncorked
    Blog Address: http://2guysuncorked.com/
    Blog Category: Misc.
    Blog Logo Designer: http://www.OcularInk.com

  66. Thank you David,

    I just realized my link to my personal logo in my other comment didn’t work so here is a working link. http://www.cantheworldhearme.com/images/KX%20Logo.png

    Thanks again for this wonderful chance!

    Kevin Xu’s last blog post..Wanna Doodle 4 Google?

  67. Blog Name: DeOuro Workaholicreative

    Blog Address: http://www.deouro.com.br/blog

    Blog Category: Personal

    Logo address: http://www.deouro.com.br/logo_deouro.jpg

    Logo Designer: Lucas de Ouro

  68. Blog Name: Kat v Angliji (Kat in England)

    Blog Address: http://katzigy.blogspot.com/

    Blog Category: Personal

    Logo Designer: Katja Žigante

  69. Blog Name: Trendoffice

    Blog Address: http://trendoffice.org
    Blog Category:Design and photography blogs
    Logo Designer – myself

  70. Blog name: ONDERGROND
    Blog adress: http://www.ondergrond.tv
    Category: everything else
    Logo Designer: Moritz von Graevenitz

    News and Sub-Cult Blog from Amsterdam

  71. Blog Name: ConversationAgency
    Blog Address: conversationagency.wordpress.com
    Blog category: Business Blog
    Designer: Geyrhalter Design http://www.geyrhalter.com

  72. Hi, I’m here to post my entry for the Logo Design Love Awards.

    name: Diseñorama
    url: blog.rancdesign.com
    category: Design
    designer: Etienne Ranc


  73. Blog name: brand-berry
    Blog address: http://www.brand-berry.ru/
    Logo address: http://brand-berry.ru/brandberry_logo.png
    Blog category: Design Blog
    Blog logo designer: Valera Namazov

  74. Calle Höjer

    Blog name: Personal blog of Kristin Östblad
    Blog adress: http://kiiks.blogg.se/
    Category: Personal
    Logo Designer: Calle Höjer

  75. Blog name: Holy Cow a blog
    Blog adress: http://www.holycowablog.com
    Category: Marketing and PR (or maybe design)
    Logo Designer: Michael Buckingham

  76. kao

    Blog name: Beentage
    Blog address: http://www.beentage.com
    Blog category: Miscellaneous
    Blog logo designer: Antonio K. Martínez

  77. David,

    First, the selfless nomination:

    Blog name: Idea Sandbox
    Blog address: http://idea-sandbox.com/blog/
    Blog category: Marketing and p.r. blogs
    Blog logo designer: Paul Williams
    Logo address (well, part of it): http://www.idea-sandbox.com/blog/blog_images/header_top.jpg

    Now the shameless plug:

    Blog name: Maximum Customer Experience Blog
    Blog address: http://maximumcustomerexperience.typepad.com/
    Blog category: Business blogs
    Blog logo designer: Kelly Erickson
    Logo address: http://maximumcustomerexperience.typepad.com/images/banner8.png

    What a great idea for getting to know your readers! Thanks!



  78. Here’s my entry, enjoy:

    Blog name: Macatl
    Blog address: http://www.macatl.com
    Blog category: Technology
    Blog logo designer: Juan Carlos Sandoval (El Diablo)

  79. rob

    Blog name: robert f russo
    Blog address: http://robertfrusso.com
    Blog category: Design and/or Personal
    Blog logo designer: robert f russo

    I’m a designer (design category?) and this is my personal site (personal?) just released this year. The first reason to get this up is to showcase my work and get new clients (personal?) … but I plan to add design info/thoughts/tips, too (design?)

    Great site. Good luck with it, David!

  80. Great contest and great piece of work. The jury will have to make a tough decision.

    My blog is written in romanian and is centred around the idea of relationship with others to have double success (translated in RO = succes dublu)

    Blog name: Succes Dublu
    Blog address: http://succesdublu.ro
    Logo address: http://www.succesdublu.ro/wp-content/themes/revolution/images/logo1.jpg
    Blog category: Health and self-development blogs
    Blog logo designer: Paul Cotor

  81. Blog name: rechurched
    Blog address: http://rechurched.wordpress.com/
    Blog category: Health and self-development blogs
    Blog logo designer: Nic Scott

  82. Nice contest! Blog is in Swedish and move around subjects like design and advertising.

    Blog name: Flyer – The Blog!
    Blog address: http://lglisflyer.blogspot.com
    Logo address:
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Andreas Friberg Lundgren

  83. Blog name: Randa Clay Design
    Blog address: http://randaclay.com
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Randa Clay

  84. Blog name: Corey Potter
    Blog URL: http://www.coreypotter.com
    Blog Category: Personal and/or Design
    Logo URL: http://www.coreypotter.com/logo.html
    Logo Designer: Corey Potter

    Hopefully I’ll have another logo soon… when I can get a copy of Illustrator – I made this one in inkscape ;)
    The blog is also a new idea, hopefully it will have some content within the next week or so.

  85. Blog name: torli
    Blog address: http://www.torli.pl/
    Blog category: Personal blog
    Blog logo designer: Sławomir Kozłowski

  86. Blog name: InfoAdept
    Blog address: http://www.infoadept.com
    Blog category: Design and photography blogs
    Blog logo designer: Laura Blalock

    Thank you.

  87. Blog name: GermWorks
    Blog URL: http://www.germworks.net/blog
    Blog Category: Personal and/or Design
    Logo URL: http://www.germworks.net/blog/wp-content/themes/juicy-2.0/GermRSS.jpg
    Logo Designer: JP2 Designs

  88. Blog name:Designer for Hire!
    BlogAddress: http://designerforhire.wordpress.com/
    Blog category : personal blog
    Blog logo designer: Farah Faeza

  89. Blog name: nomad-one
    Blog address: http://www.nomad-one.com
    Blog category: Design
    Blog logo designer: Nur Ahmad Furlong

  90. Hi,
    great idea, this contest :)
    Here is my contribution:

    Blog name: Vibr8bros.com
    Blog address: vibr8bros.com
    Blog category: Design
    Logo address: vibr8bros_sitelogo.jpg
    Logo designer: Robert Augustin at Effex Medien

    Blog name: Nubloo’s Blog
    Blog address: nubloo.com
    Blog category: Business
    Logo address: nubloo_sitelogo.jpg
    Logo designer: Robert Augustin at Effex Medien

  91. Bog name: Clever Carrot
    Blog address: http://www.clevercarrot.net (launching early March)
    Category: design
    Logo: http://www.clevercarrot.net/clevercarrot.png

    Harris’s last blog post..February Mailbag, Stephanie Says

  92. Blog name: LearningNerd
    Blog URL: http://www.learningnerd.com/
    Blog Category: Miscellaneous
    Logo URL: http://www.learningnerd.com/pics/learningnerdlogo.gif

    I designed it myself, and I just finished it today. This is really the first logo I’ve ever made… And it shows, lol. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot, right?

    Thanks so much for starting this contest. It inspired me to try making a logo, and I had a lot of fun!

    LearningNerd’s last blog post..Weekly Word: Echt

  93. Blog name: Found Gallery
    Blog URL: http://www.foundla.com/blog
    Blog Category: Art
    Logo URL: http://www.foundla.com/images/res/res_found_logo.jpg

    Hope you can make it out to one of our shows if you are ever in Los Angeles, David.

    -Found Gallery

    Found Gallery’s last blog post..Matt Maust + Matt Wignall: Opening March 1st

  94. Blog name: LameFace
    Blog URL: http://www.lameface.org/
    Blog Category: Travel
    Logo URL: http://www.lameface.org/res/Lame_Face_org_logo.jpg

    Thanks for running the contest David!

    Brady’s last blog post..Sins Part I

  95. Blog name: Found Gallery
    Blog URL: http://foundla.com/blog/
    Blog Category: Design and photography blogs
    Logo URL: http://www.foundla.com/images/res/res_found_logo.jpg

    Not sure if this already went through – but just in case, here it is. Thanks!

    Found Gallery’s last blog post..Matt Maust Matt Wignall: Opening March 1st

  96. Blog name: OnDemand Beat
    Blog URL: http://www.ondemandbeat.com
    Blog Category: Technology Blog
    Logo URL: http://ondemandbeat.jobamatic.com/a/jbb/partner-logo

    In another life many years ago I was a Graphic Designer and like riding a bicycle, some skills you never forget:)
    Thus I designed this logo myself for the OnDemandBeat blog…the logo was meant to emphasize the On in OnDemand Beat while at the same time creating a great favicon.

    A Taylor’s last blog post..Preview of SAP Business ByDesign

  97. http://x72.xanga.com/d4d0002a73132176444518/w98306232.jpg

    Blog name: somestyle
    Blog address: http://www.xanga.com/somestyle
    Blog category: Personal
    Blog logo designer: Edward Chu

  98. Blog name: 1st look
    Blog address: http://www.1stlook.ro
    Logo address: http://www.1stlook.ro/logo.jpg
    Blog category: Design Blog
    Blog logo designer: Alex Macsoda

    I love your site. Keep up the good work, David!

  99. Blog name: Adelto Contemporary Living
    Blog address: http://adelto.co.uk/blog
    Logo address: http://adelto.co.uk
    Blog category: Business blogs
    Blog logo designer: Trevor Curtis (www.southcreative.com)

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