Logo Design Love on Twitter

Many of you know that I have a personal Twitter profile @DavidAirey, but you mightn’t know that I recently started a dedicated logo profile @LogoDesignLove, used for logo links without the random musings.

Twitter fail whale

Some recent Tweets

If Twitter’s not your thing, no worries. I’ll periodically publish my favourite logo links right here, with some images and additional commentary.

Logo Design Love, the book

3 thoughts on “Logo Design Love on Twitter

  1. This is an excellent idea, David, thank you! Well timed, too, as I recently cleaned some of more talkative people I was following – since I started following them for their design insight, and reading about their concert experiences, or breakfast diet, was not going well with my informational overload :)

    You were not on that list, but I guess the fast that you are creating another profile emphasizes even more that you are aware of the issue, and care about your readers. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  2. i like twiter, and i got finally someone really important to add. It’s such a good way to promote yourself. thanks for the links aswell.

  3. My pleasure, Anton, Gerardo. More and more I’ve been using Twitter as a replacement for Delicious, so the @LogoDesignLove account is basically my bookmarking tool of choice. An advanced search feature would be very welcome.

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