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Logo paintings

The work of Los Angeles-based designer and artist Jorge Oswaldo is largely influenced by the logos of mega corporations. He utilizes techniques found in the design and commercial world by working with automotive car paint, vinyl and silk-screens.

Logo painting

Jorge Oswaldo

Jorge Oswaldo

Jorge Oswaldo

Jorge Oswaldo

Logo painting

Logo painting

“By removing corporate logos from their original settings, and applying them in a different context, Oswaldo re-contextualizes their original meaning within a hypermodern framework. It is at this delicate intersection, where just enough design information is revealed and concealed, that his works of art illuminate just how these colossal symbols are so powerfully imbedded in our visual database.”

Logo painting

Logo painting

Logo painting

Logo painting

I’ll take the lot, please.

View more art on Jorge Oswaldo’s website.

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5 appreciated comments

  1. Jon

    Wow! Great to see pics of his process too. It would drive me mad if I couldn’t find out how he got the paint so flat & sharp at the edges!
    Some of Oswaldo’s art really reminds me of Ryan McGinness’ work too. I mean that as a compliment not a criticism.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous work! The subtle textures give it a tangible, handmade feel.

    Contemporary Pop Art.

  3. Tanya

    These are SO cool! I want one!

  4. I love these paintings! It reminds me of what Andy Warhol did with his work – recontextualizing something ubiquitous and mundane and elevating it to a curious level of interest.

  5. Love these, what a unique concept. It amazing where people draw inspiration from.

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