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Logonom, how logos are made

“When I first started at the company we only had two letters. A “D” and another “D.” I said we should add a “B,” and a little degree symbol.”

Logonom — Symbolizing Excellence, from One at Optimus.

“These standards are constantly monitored…”


“…and these monitors are constantly monitored.”


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Via @BlairThomson and @gregcoley.

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12 appreciated comments

  1. I love the “half-time 2 year warranty” and “By 1912 the company had half-quadrupled in size.”

  2. LOL, I think this is fake or a spoof, but nice video.

    “…and these monitors are constantly monitored.” epic quote

  3. hahaha, thanks for sharing, comes in perfect timing.

  4. Nice, nice presentation :)

  5. Jessica

    Fun :)

  6. This is absolutely brilliant! Laughed my socks of, great bit of Friday Fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. very

    Nice one. Reminds me of Look Around You tv-series…

  8. It’s so friggin’ hilarious Must have been quite expensive.

  9. Cheered me up this one. Why was it produced, looks like a hell of a lot of work went into it!

  10. LOL! Ooh my god I love it! That is the most creative advertising for a logo firm I have ever seen! … Wait, is it an ad? If so, what the URL of the company being advertised?

  11. twintaoer


  12. Billy

    I dont get it.

    It was really funny but seems like way too much work for a spoof.

    “At your work or at your job” hahaha hilarious.

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