LogoPond Awards winners 2008


The results are in for the inaugural LogoPond Awards. You can view 1st to 4th place here, with links to the logo designers’ personal websites, and to the full collection of submitted logos.

1st place: FIDO computers

fido logo

The bone concept is based on the name FIDO which is generic name for a pet dog.

Logo designed by Raja Sandhu.
View Raja’s LogoPond showcase.

2nd place: elephruit

elephruit logo

Importers of exotic southeast asian fruits.

Logo designed by nido.
View nido’s LogoPond showcase.

3rd place: Castle Print

castle print logo

Logo designed by Fogra (Sean O’Grady).
View Fogra’s LogoPond showcase.

4th place: Day One Fitness

day one print logo

Online workout programs, one-on-one coaching, nutritional information, etc… inspired after one of those old flip clocks.

Logo designed by OcularInk (Kevin Burr).
View OcularInk’s LogoPond showcase.

See who chose the winners on this list of judges. You can view all submitted logos, listed in the order of votes (first to last).

Congratulations to the winners, and to David Blanchet of LogoPond, both for inviting me as a judge, and for hosting a successful awards.

More logos from LogoPond:

13 responses

  1. Some well-deserving winners from a very strong field. I especially like the Fido and Day One logos. I wish that some comments from the judges had been included with the list of winners, to show the criteria against which the entries had been assessed and the judges’ insight on the reasons the winning logos stood out. The body of entries as a whole is a very inspiring group of designs.

  2. As a judge, were there any particular pieces that didn’t win that stood out? I’d be interested in seeing why the judges chose the selection they did and what their comments might have been.

  3. David,

    Logopond is so great! This ranking is good, but there are other logos better than these.

    Anyway, they’re amazing and creative.
    Congratulations for post.


  4. David,

    There were quite a few really smart logos over there. Of these, I do like Fido best, and Day One is my second favorite. Maybe it helps if you remember those old clocks, though.

    It must have been a tough job selecting the best ones!



  5. I’ll say what everyone has, but have left out – not a fan of Castle Print. It is clever but not nearly as creative as the others. I mean anyone who has worked their way up through production art has seen several variations of print industry logos done with CMYK. It is not a stretch to add the classic castle look within the CMY overlap. Not saying it isn’t a clever use of the color to tie in the company name, but it really doesn’t compete in pure creativity as much as the others.

    Judge comments would have been cool. Like they did for the blog logo contest done here recently.


  6. Tracey, John,

    That’s one aspect of the awards I would’ve liked included too – comments from the judges. Voting was based on a score system, so individual thoughts weren’t taken on board.

    Of the logos that didn’t win, I particularly liked those for Twins, French Property Exhibition, dache, SwanSongs and Escape Studios.


    There’s a certain elegance about elephruit that I enjoy too.


    It’s quite a subjective process, that’s for sure. I imagine not all the judges would’ve agreed on the top 4.

    Katy, Kelly,

    Thanks for commenting. It wasn’t easy choosing which ones to give my top marks, but it’s clear there was quite a consensus of opinion for the most part.


    We’re all entitled to our opinions, and I appreciate you leaving yours. I actually like the Castle Print design, even though there are a host of CMYK designs around.

    I agree about the comments, though I’m not sure how feasible this would’ve been, given the amount of submissions. Perhaps once the winners were selected, the judges could then be invited to leave their thoughts on just those few?

  7. I think Sean’s CastlePrint logo is very clever. While the CMYK/overlay concept has been done before, Sean was able to take an old concept and bring it back to life in a unique and refreshing way. That’s not always easy to accomplish. In addition, not only does the center of the mark retain a castle-like feel, the center also resembles a shield to strengthen the concept even further. I say, “Job well done”. :-)

  8. I generally agree with the previous comments, especially the ones regarding the use of CMYK. Even I have used that hook in graphic design I’ve done for a local print shop, which shows what a hack I am!

    The day one logo is very clever and nicely executed. A very mild criticism would be that the reference to the old flip clocks is a bit dated. The younger generation may not get it, save for the fact that they’ll have seen those clocks in movies such as Groundhog Day. It is something akin to referring to 8 track tape cartridges or vinyl LPs.

    Joe Biden has related the anecdote that once when he used the phrase “I hate to sound like a broken record”, his young daughter asked “What’s a record?”

  9. Thanks for this post David, I have gotten a few comments/emails on judges comments also so I have sent an email out asking the judges to send me emails on the awards. Nothing compulsory as I over looked asking this up front but i believe a few will respond, so it should give an interesting view on how they felt about the entire event and process of voting.

  10. My fave is the elephant one..

    Regarding first place.. if I saw that logo, I would think its for a pet store or pet food..

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