Logos from the 1950s to early 70s

Sandi Vincent collated a nice Flickr set of marks that appeared in publications between the fifties and early seventies. Here are a few that stood out for different reasons…

NEED logo

Near East Emergency Donations (NEED)
Look how needy those two ‘E’s are. By Arnold Saks/Peter Kramer. From the Graphis Annual 68/69.

Banda Shoes logo

Banda Shoes
Seen well before the 1986 version of the WWF panda. From Gebrauchsgraphik No. 3, 1956 (Sandi also shared an interesting set from this advertising/art magazine).

Lucidity logo

The lines mightn’t scale too well, but it’s the simple, relevant idea — Lucidity was a company that specialised in plastic/acrylic dimensional design and lighting fixtures. By Alan Mitelman. From Communication Arts, Volume 11, No. 5, 1969.

Aquastat logo

Reminiscent of the lovely Spratt’s ‘dog’. By Gil Drexhage. From 1967 Communications Arts, Vol. 9 No. 6.

Grantham Rainwear logo

Grantham Rainwear
No words needed. By Julian Swift. From Graphis Annual 67/68.

British Railways logo

British Railways
Timeless (mentioned previously). By Gerald Barney (disputed, I’m unsure). From the Graphis Annual 66/67.

Full set here.

More vintage design (old vehicle wordmarks) in the archives.

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  1. My favourite is the Aquastat identity. It reminds me of the Monkees logo or the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. Utterly groovy!

  2. These guys (and gals) seemed to be way ahead of their time. I wonder how these logos were received internally and by their customers. And Mark, I so can see the Mystery Machine …

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