Logotype to be released in September 2012

In September, design journalist, author, and copywriter Michael Evamy will release Logotype, a followup to his 2007 book Logo.

Logotype by Michael Evamy

  • Features more than 1,300 typographic logos by around 250 design studios, sorted visually into 50+ categories
  • Features around 40 “focus logotypes” examined in more detail
  • A companion book to the successful Logo and Symbol

1,400 illustrations, 100 in colour
336 pages, 245 x 190mm
September 2012

Logotype by Michael Evamy

Request a release update through publisher Laurence King, or pre-order on Amazon:

on Amazon.co.uk
on Amazon.com

Logo Design Love, the book

5 thoughts on “Logotype to be released in September 2012

  1. Don’t have the book from 2007, but will definitely buy this one.
    Great for inspiration and to see what other logo designers can create.

    Can’t wait.

  2. I don’t know if they’re included in this book, but two of Herb Lubalin’s classic wordmark treatments have to rate as favs of all time. Mother&Child, and Families (featured elsewhere on this site). Note how they both stand up so well beside digital age logotypes, though they are decades old.

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