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The Royal Mail has released official stamps commemorating the London 2012 Games.

London 2012 stamps

This type of stamp — known as the “definitive” version — usually only features an image of the Queen. Royal Mail said it was the first time a logo had been beside the Queen’s head on a “definitive” (everyday) stamp.

London 2012 stamps

Sets of “everyday” first class stamps displaying the Olympic and Paralympic logos will go on sale this week in shops around the UK. They will be available from all 11,800 Post Office branches and from thousands of retailers from 5 January.

Via Mail Online.

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12 appreciated comments

  1. What a mess!

    It’s such a shame they just have that awful logo on them, they could have been great.

    Why did they have it make it so corporate, I thought the whole point of this identity in the first place as that the logo evolved and changed. Possibly the worst, ugliest major identity of all time. What a missed opportunity for the uk to show off it’s design industry.

  2. Such a messy ittle logo. Whatever happened to the impressive British craftmanship? One shouldn’t be forced to decipher a logo.

    A missed opportunity I dare say.

  3. A brandmark to confound logo designers forever.

    The stamps look fantastic…

  4. Wow, its worse than I even remember… Is the extra messy version the paralympic version?

  5. John Spiegel

    Hodgepodge design! A Royal mess!

  6. Sad to see the Queen next to this :(

  7. On a second thought, I think the logo should have been made a lot smaller because it is way too close to the Queen’s head. But then, it will loose legibility in it’s intricate detail…

  8. Utter disgust… God save the Queen…


  9. I´m not even sure what I´m looking at…

  10. Toks

    This logo is irritating to the eyes. It looks like something everyone at the local fete designed by committee, with a crassness not unlike Southpark – in fact Cartman’s head next to it would be more appropriate. Other comments here point to this being a great opportunity lost to showcase Brit design. Kind of sums up the state we’re in to be making confused decisions – and thwarting the process of making a simple and memorable identity for one of the greatest events on earth.

    If it is meant to be a riddle then it has worked, because without the 5 rings I’m totally lost.

  11. Tessa

    What is this mess of stickle bricks?
    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse! What’s the even messier one all about? Oh dear…
    What a waste of a design opportunity.

  12. Melker

    The lesson learned: never drink and draw.

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