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Make My Logo Bigger Cream

make my logo bigger cream

Is your ‘tiny-logo-loving’ designer always cramming your beautiful logo into an obscure corner of your ad? Well not any more.

You paid your neighbour’s nephew’s friend a whopping 50 bucks for that logo. Make sure you display it with pride!

“My logo is so much BIGGER now!”

View the commercial on the Make My Logo Bigger Cream website.

Interesting viral marketing from Utah-based Agency Fusion.

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22 appreciated comments

  1. Yeah I already had a post on this last year… funny as hell.

  2. David,

    Brilliant spoof! Thanks for sharing – made for a great laugh this morning. I’ve had many clients who would love to buy the ‘whitespace eliminator’ spray.


  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Rudy.

    I’ve also experienced many clients who’d love the ‘whitespace eliminator’. Ah the joys!

  4. Starburst Dust HA! I just had to design one of those. If only I had the easy application dust handy.

  5. That’s hilarious, thanks for sharing David! I can’t get enough of “The Emotionator”

  6. David,

    I came across “Make My Logo Bigger Cream” a while back and had to pull out the tissue box. I laughed so hard I cried. It’s just as funny the second (third, fourth…) time. Glad you posted about it!



  7. Great find. I’ve had this happen to me a few times. It’s so annoying!

    On an unrelated note, those diagonal lines you’ve got as a background on the comments (Like on Peter Sullivan’s comment for example) are really distracting. You can’t read the comment properly. Just a thought.

  8. Ran into this a while ago, was having a really good laugh because was busy deisgning a logo at the time and the clients filled out all the criteria of this spoof add.

  9. Glad you all enjoyed the clip. :)


    Thanks for the pointer on the comment box styling. I’d not actually considered the diagonal lines to be a distraction, but now you mention it, I think a change is in order.

  10. A friend sent this to me not too long ago… I laughed so hard I cried. The best part: I had just finished a logo design project with a client who was the epitome of Make My Logo Bigger.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  11. Ahahha I remember a co-worker sent me that. I couldn’t stop laughing! =P

  12. Awesome video, couldn’t stop laughing.

  13. Amy

    Hilarious!!!! I just had a client ask for a bigger logo AND less white space. This cracked me up!
    Amy in Texas

  14. Tracie, Amy,

    You both saw this at just the right moment then! It’s a great piece of viral marketing.

  15. Justin

    Let’s just hope that those products will never make it to the market :-) Most clients already tend to do the unimaginable to ruin a design let alone you give them the tools in hand !! I can’t imagine the whitespace eliminator !!! LOLL.

    Regarding viral marketing, one must surely mention the launch of the Year Zero album by Nine Inch Nails and a bit way back in time, the promo to Artificial Intelligence movie. Both I think are excellent examples of the power of viral marketing. Definitely the way forward to spreading your message !

  16. Hi Justin,

    I can’t actually remember those two launches you mention. I’ll have to do some digging. Cheers.

  17. JP

    I hope this never happens. Too many of my clients would jump at the change to make everything bigger. I already have problems keeping a little whitespace in the design. It was hilarious though, in a sad depressing kind of way!

  18. thank you, it’s like watching my low moments in design roll by….comedy break really appreciated!

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