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Free “Make the Logo Smaller” t-shirts

Make the Logo Smaller tshirt

Patrick King of the TypographyShop has kindly offered 10 lucky Logo Design Love readers a free “Make the Logo Smaller” t-shirt.

The type is set in Neuzeit S, a 1966 geometric-grotesque hybrid redesign of Wilhelm C. Pischner’s Neuzeit Grotesk, originally designed in 1928.

There are two styles available, with the logo large, and small, and you can choose your size, sex, and whether you want a black or white tee.

Make the Logo Smaller tshirt

For entry into the random draw, simply leave a comment answering the following question:

Why did you become a graphic designer?

10 commenters will be drawn and emailed on Wednesday 24th February, and I’ll update this post with the names.

Update: 24 February 2010
The t-shirt winners have all been sent an email with information on how to collect. The winning names are as follows:

  1. Tim B
  2. Jukka Lariola
  3. Joao Pereira
  4. Sarah
  5. Ahmed
  6. Kosta Atzemis
  7. Jackie
  8. Debbie
  9. Enrique Mendoza
  10. Lee

The third-year students on Kingston’s Graphic Design and Photography degree recently answered the same question.

TypographyShop clothing

Good luck, and thanks again to Patrick King. Be sure to check out the rest of his design-related clothing, including a tasty Helvetica Neue hoodie.

But if making the logo smaller isn’t for you, there’s a cream for that.

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities

308 appreciated comments

  1. Justin

    To save the world.

  2. For the longest time I wanted to be a computer programmer. I liked the scientific and logical aspects of it—and my mom being a computer programmer probably drew me into it. For the longest time I also wanted to be an artist. I liked drawing and painting and spent long summers at my dad’s ceramic studio. Then I realized that through design I could have the best of both worlds: the logic and relative objectivity with the visual and aesthetic. I never looked back.

  3. To make the logo smaller! :-)

  4. Emily

    I became a designer for the money. Buahaaahahhaa

  5. I became a graphic designer because there were so many things I saw in my daily life that I could make better… sharper, cleaner, easier to understand, sexier, stronger, happier, sadder, grungier… you name it. It became even more of a need for me when I saw that there were so many designs that were out there that were really, really good. Inspirational.

    I realized that design means endless possibilities, all tied to my imagination.

  6. I didn’t, because I knew I’d suck at it. (But I work with creative pros instead–trying to help them make more $$)

  7. Alex

    Because I liked food too much to become a fine artist.

  8. Why did you become a graphic designer?

    Three words: Spray Mount fumes.

  9. casey

    Why did you become a graphic designer?

    So my parents would never really know what I did for a living. Kidding, they do, so now I take it very seriously.

  10. I became a Graphic Designer to create visually stimulating art pieces using only my style and vision. No input from anyone else. Right.

  11. I became a designer because I love beautiful things and I want to make them!

  12. Jon Stefaniak

    To create. Keep creating.

  13. It’s not a choice, some people are just born that way. Don’t stare.

  14. Amy

    It’s the only thing I ever really wanted to do except be a jockey, but I’m too tall for that.

  15. Anon

    @Emily… what money… I aint seen it yet. smh.

  16. Noel

    seemed like a way to be an artist and make a decent living.

  17. I couldn’t stand being in advertising any longer.

  18. AdamB

    To make the logo better.

  19. Jim Lung

    Why did you become a graphic designer?

    I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

  20. Why did you become a graphic designer?

    The Media Studies course was full.

  21. I became a graphic designer because I hated the t-shirts at the surf shop I worked at.

  22. Toeburn

    So my “will work for food sign” would be prettier than anyone else’s! ;•)

  23. I want to make the world beautiful.

  24. Michelle

    i never saw myself as an artist & what u normally think a designer is. but with time i grew into it, i was drawn & now i could not imagine a world without it. im just a beginner & there is much more to learn, but i love every aspect of it. from coding (which i have a mathematical logical mind for it) to the marketing side (which i’ve always found interesting) to the visual (who doesnt like to look at pretty done things, haha). & Grandma paints, draws & has always been an artist. & mom does things with polymer clay. Dad is a programmer. Its in me. :D I cannot deny it. & i love it!

  25. PP

    Nothing better to do.

  26. Ashley

    So I could have a mystery job that only people in the business understood. I love watching peoples’ reaction when I tell them I’m a graphic designer. “Oh…so…you…make stuff on the computer?” Yep.

  27. danareinke

    I became a designer because I fell in love.

  28. Kate

    My big sister. She is 11 years older than me, a designer and I really looked up to her. I started listening to good music and paying attention to CD cases then realized I could be like her and be a designer. We’ve never worked in the same field of design but it’s really nice to sympathize, vent, express with someone you would do all those things with anyway.

  29. Because the US is f*cked graphically at least….


    And I can do my part to help get rid of that stigma.

  30. Josh Davis

    Because I love getting paid for what I love to do

  31. Hehe…love it! I think I need one of these t-shirts for client meetings…

    I became a graphic designer because it was a natural (and much more profitable) extension of my creative expression through visual arts. Always had a love for drawing, doodling, sketching and creating, so graphic design kind of birthed from that.

    Hope I win one – thanks for the chance!

  32. After 3 years of school I decided I didn’t want to be an engineer. For my dad —-The Architect-— architecture wasn’t an option for me. So I went with graphic design which he insisted wasn’t even a profession. That was enough for me.

    Now I work at home and people think I don’t have a job. So, I guess he was right :)

  33. Abe

    I didn’t know there was such as thing as graphic design and I happened to stumble into it. I can say I became a graphic designer because I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

  34. Because it’s what I love doing. Simple as that.

  35. I became a graphic designer to get loads of recognition from people that really appreciate the time and effort I put into each design.

    It’s totally paying off.

  36. Because there was too much math involved in Engineering or Business. I had a buddy just starting in design classes, I thought it looked cool, went out and bought a copy of Illustrator CS and never looked back. I very quickly realized I had stumbled into the best job ever.

  37. To win a contest such as this… and for the passion of design.

  38. Manda

    I didn’t choose graphic design, it chose me.


  39. Is that what I am? Nooooooooooooo…

  40. because i love it when people with no artistic talent tell me to “make the words pop more” and “jazz it up” and then try to under pay me.

  41. Andrew Burridge

    I became a graphic designer so I could flirt with the girl at the print shop.

  42. Because I love design… Identity Design.

  43. Dale Sandoval. [High School Design Teacher]

    Also, I love the speed and evolution of the design world. Graphic design has grown and evolved more in the last 100 years, than “Fine Art” has in the last 1,000 years.


  44. Bryan Levay

    My entire life seems to be about bridging the gap between problem and solution, especially where art meets technology. Graphic design is all about that, just like my other passions of music production, DJing and photography.

  45. Alex

    well…. it’s better than getting a real job……

  46. tokyedo

    well why not?

  47. Bryan

    It was a college major that didn’t require math and science classes.

  48. So I didn’t have to take a ton of math classes.

    My serious answer, so I could make a living creating art.

  49. Chris

    I always loved trying to solve problems growing up (and have many disassembled phones and radios to prove it). To me graphic design is equal parts problem solving and artistic expression and it allows myself to be immersed in many different products and facets of life i may have never experienced otherwise.

  50. Blythe

    Anyone can be a struggling painter…who needs college for that?
    I needed a career, a job that paid…..wait-a-minute

  51. Joon

    I was praised for artistic talent since I was little, then my interest became more specific toward digital media. Becoming a graphic design was an obvious choice when you are good at it and enjoy doing it.

  52. Jimmis

    I became a graphic designer because I’m appalled by bad design; it is my job to fix that.

  53. Armando

    Clayton Hove, spray mount fumes?

    Rubber cement… much better! (I’m from the 80s!)… I need one of those tees!!!

  54. Matt J

    It’s something that sort of just ‘happened’, really. Even though my pursuits lay in other areas for the longest time, I would periodically get asked to design a t-shirt or make a poster. Gradually, these requests became more frequent and the enthusiasm behind the feedback grew as well. I eventually found myself reveling in the impact my creations made on people and, as a result, starting devoting more of my time to design.

  55. Erin

    Because I was sick of looking at horribly designed signs and improperly used fonts. I wanted to make the world a prettier place to be, and a more typographically-correct world.

  56. When I went off to art school my parents told me that if I decided to be a painter that was great but they werent going to support me financially. I took a design class and fell in love, I could be an artist and make money doing it. The best of both worlds. No one was happier to hear that then my parents. And now I cant imagine doing anything else. I AM A PRINT DESIGNER and I LOVE IT

  57. Daniel

    Because I’m not looking good enough to be a model.

  58. Because of the rock star status.

  59. Why? because my Math sucks !!

  60. Jo

    Designing to me is like a puzzle, and i love to solve things!

  61. Claudia Dunitz

    I could never keep my fingers out of the designer’s pie when I was a writer, so I figured I might was well get my own. Besides, it beats slinging copy!

  62. Josh

    I became a graphic designer because….

    …I failed my physical to enter into the Air Force, which forced me to go to college instead…while in college, all of the other college majors looked boring…I discovered a passion to create and design that has never stopped growing. I design, because I can…and it’s fun!

  63. Because it’s my true passion.

  64. To help rid the world of those who think the solution to all design is to make the logo bigger :)

  65. James

    Why did you become a graphic designer?

    I didn’t. I’m a web developer with a focus on front-end design. A strong interest in graphic design just comes with the field.

  66. Seemed like a great way to combine my love of art and my love of money!

  67. Melissa

    Back in my early 20′s I used to work as a receptionist at a tanning salon. The owner had me make posters — on posterboard with markers — of “This Week’s Specials” and such to put in the front window. One day her husband, a professor of advertising at the local university, came in and asked, “Did you make those posters?” I told him I had, to which he responded, “You should go into advertising.”

    So I did.

  68. Ever since taking A Level Graphic Design in sixth form I knew this industry was what I wanted to be in!

    I now primarily focus on web design/digital media but have a soft spot and a fascination for Logo Design :)

  69. For the girls…

  70. Seeing your work in packages, websites or anywhere else in the world is the reason I became a designer

  71. because I loved food.

    … trust me, it all makes sense.

    In high school, I realized I love creativity, design, layout, colors and especially, eating. I believe whole heartedly that food is the highest form of art – the only form that you use all five senses for. I got into a culinary arts program in Providence, RI – Johnson & Wales University, and realized that chefs only get to be creative four times a year; the rest isn’t that great. Plus, I was getting pretty fat.

    I was always handy with photoshop, and could talk a good game, defending my creative process. Advertising, marketing, design and the like became a new challenge everyday.

    figmints delicious design was born.

  72. Nuno Jacinto

    I was the best way to have job and a hobby at the same time. The best 2 in 1 I could think of.

  73. Chris

    I was in a band, and someone had to make a website, design cd covers, design posters, the logo, etc.

    When you’re in a band you do all the work for, and you realise how much money you could have made doing what you’ve been doing fir the last couple of years. It’s time to think about doing it pro.

    One day I might get to pro

  74. At first I wanted to be able to play on my mac all day… but then when i got more and more into it I thought it was a great way of adding clarity and beauty to our world. Hope I am succeeding.

  75. I became a designer because it was the perfect marriage between art and business, the two college majors that I could never decide between.

  76. Curtis

    I like punishment.

  77. Julia

    because i wanted to love what i do for a living

  78. Megan

    to head swap!

  79. Why did you become a graphic designer?

    So I could influence the world with better taste.

  80. karen

    I feel like I’ve been a designer since I was about 10. I remember doing a project in grade school where I got to make up a product and design the logo/packaging/advertising for it. I was hooked. Been going at it ever since!

  81. Bjørn Torbo

    I became a graphic designer because I felt that I had no choice – I was compelled. I love everything about it, the colors, the many wonderful typefaces, contrast, line, point, form, figure, the tactile qualities of the surface of papers and cardboards, the smell of paper, the smell of offset ink, to work in OS X with Adobe products, the gratification and satisfaction you feel when a customer goes WOW! The list can go on and on. It’s the good life!

  82. Jason

    For the prestige and wealth.

  83. Chris

    Creative and artistic as a child and as an adult I needed to pay the rent. Making money with your artistic talent and technical skill sure beats having a real job.

  84. Because I love colour, composition, typography, images and everything else that graphic design entails!

  85. Mandy

    From as far as I can remember, up until the age of 13, I wanted to be an artist. My direction changed when my Art teacher told me I couldn’t draw. I knew I was a creative so decided to take up GCSE ‘Graphics’ thinking ‘yeah I might suck at Art but I might be good at technical drawing?’. My techical drawing class turned out to involve no techical drawing at all… it was Graphic Design as I know it now. I left High School with an A in Graphics and an F in Art. My college and uni lecturers saw potential in my design and illustration skills…. the rest is history.

    P.S Mr Art Teacher. It turned out that I can draw. I’m a working Graphic Designer/Illustrator now. Thinking back now, I think it’s you, who couldn’t draw. Anyway… I must thank you because if it wasn’t you dashing my dreams as an artist, I wouldn’t have discovered Graphic Design.

  86. Tim B.

    I took on work as a student creating display materials for an eccentric graphic designer. After I graduated with a degree in an unrelated field, I was asked to stay on full time. I learned everything on-the-job on my own time, as I completed projects. “Became” a graphic designer when I got a promotion and began to take it more seriously. Still not quite sure if this is “what I want to be.” It’s been ten years.

  87. May

    It’s the only thing in my life that gives me ‘good stress’.

  88. Pete Norris

    Because I’m useless at everything else! :)

  89. Because I, the pessimist, see the world as broken and in need of fixing. Design allows us to solve problems, to improve everyday details and our interaction with them — if only by making them slightly more beautiful.

  90. I have been designing for as long as I can remember. The concept of a grid came very early to me as a child, and I guess I’ve always had a strong sense of aesthetics.

  91. I want to be creative, but lacked the skill to draw. I learnt how to do graphic art which developed into a love for typography and ultimately a desire for graphic design.

  92. Because I wasn’t good enough at math to become an Architect.

  93. I dropped science for the art of making type and image fit together.

  94. Because that’s what I’ve been doing since I was 4 years old… and I love it!

  95. I really wanted to be an ice skater…but that didn’t involve experimenting with color so I chose graphic designer….

  96. jesus

    I always liked communication. First I discovered photography, and photography discovered me design.

  97. Jessica

    I’m not a graphic designer, but I’m a serious graphic designer groupie. I’m became a copywriter so I could hang out with you all…

  98. Because drawing beautiful things all over my arms to make myself look pretty wasn’t enough. I wanted more. (True story, ask my Mom!)

  99. Kyle

    To make the world look better.

  100. I became a graphic designer so I could have the opportunity to create beautiful things, being that of typography, layouts and hand crafted pieces, and so I could whittle down all of the bad design out there.

  101. Amanda

    I have had the urge to create since I discovered that I could make my bedroom walls prettier with a little help from my imagination and a box of crayons. I’ve since found better outlets/mediums, but still can’t get rid of that urge to create something new.

  102. Juan

    Guess I became a GD to be able to talk weird things, listen to weird músic, watching weird movies, going to weird places and even paticipating in contests such as this one, and still pretending I am not that weird… :-)))

  103. When I was down drinkin at the Legion i was doodling on a napkin and someone told me i had talent. So now i dont even drink during the daytime anymore, its all about designing, girls, selling stolen meat and having a good time … making quality designs.

  104. Kira Grinberg

    I wanted to do something creative and I’m not pretentious enough to do fine art photography for a living :)

  105. Once, I was a high school student who wasted more ink doodling in my notebook margins than actually taking notes. Then there was this new thing called Desktop publishing, and I wanted to be part of it.

    (Take note : in French, Desktop publishing translates to «Infographie», and Graphic design to «Graphisme»; not only the two look similar, the term «infographiste», or “computer-graphic-designer”, is still widely misused in my part of the world, and frequently crosses these two borders.)

    Anyway, to make a long story short, I knew all along Desktop publishing wasn’t going to be my knack; I wanted to create, to design, not merely calibrating colors and processing plates. So I went to do my Graphic Design course. Since then, I think the love for design evolved into a fierce vocation for all things beautiful and functionnal, well-kerned copy and Pantone 3025…

  106. When I found graphic design and met graphic designers, I felt like I belonged. I couldn’t help but think, “These are my people. This is what I want to do.”

  107. Tim

    I don’t know???

  108. andrea d

    Because the guy I had a crush on was a graphic design major.

  109. Stephanie

    I became a graphic designer for the love of art. Design found me. It has made me who I am. I design as an outlet. It has truly fulfilled a piece of me and makes me a better person.

  110. To impress a girl.

  111. Keisha

    To do what I love.

  112. JD Lafontaine

    Back in college, I met a girl who was wondering what to do later, and told me about a amazing new study program mixing arts and design, since I was sick of stats, I took the jump. Since then, being a graphic designer has been my way of living.

  113. Zach Shirley

    The love of intelligent art

  114. i am a designer b/c i like to play god.

  115. Marty Jones

    To combine two things I love, computers and art.

  116. to make things look pretty

    in college i was a compsci major, then switched to comp engineering, then my club was making a packet that involved a biography section with photos of us in shirt and tie. I was in Hong Kong for 2 weeks and they decided to design and print the packet without me. Inside a packet made in microsoft word, they photoshopped my head onto someone else’s body for my bio photo.

    I’ve been a designer ever since.

  117. To compel people to think what I want them to think through my designs. I love to control minds.

  118. Because someone got paid to draw up band logos like Iron Maiden. I thought it might as well be me. Oddly enough, I’ve yet to do a band logo. Weird.

  119. Colin

    I’m a teacher actually…but if I could change jobs..I’d pick designer..anybody want to switch

  120. Architecture was too slow.

  121. My father being a programer I started down that route, but was always slightly more interested in the interfaces. My mother had a fine arts degree so when I went to collage and found my interest in programming waining to the point that i was doodling in class and ignoring everything said, people started to say, “why arn’t you in digital art?”
    I went and looked it up, not really knowing what it was, signed up, fell in love at my frist class and havent looked back. I currently work at a local printing company and have a host of opportunities ahead of me.

  122. Seemed like the right thing at the time – bagged art school for engineering. Quit engineering to do design.

  123. MelFunction!

    Graphic design: the next best thing to being a rockstar.

  124. Jamie

    To get out of Port Arthur.

  125. Hao La

    To open the door to a whole new world.

  126. I was aimed at writing and/or art when I was growing up. I collected Absolut vodka ads and those old (totally un-eco-friendly) box cd packaging covers… and papered my walls w/ them from age 13 to college. Then, my first real boyfriend’s mom stuck the fork in me at age 16, when she let me see her design studio in their house. She said I was made for it, and I’ve been doing it ever since. I’m coming up on year 16 and still loving it!

  127. Jan

    So that when I deliver this baby on February 24th, her birth announcements don’t make people want to barf.

    (She’d better not turn out to be a boy…I’d need a new palette, different typeface, bolder illustration…I’ll have to do the backup plan now while I’m still getting sleep.)

  128. pat taylor

    Because the title God was taken.

  129. I became a designer because i couldn’t not become one. It’s just something I had to do.

  130. WalterM

    Because I was running out of red sharpies after correcting junk mail and sending it back to the offenders.

  131. Jiteshwar Kshetrimayum

    I realized I was no good in science or literature and no good speaker.

    Then I found myself there…

    It is my language, my passion and every time I create something I own it… It’s cool

  132. A Malik

    Because I love graphics!

  133. ben

    Sex drugs and Rock and Roll. but it turned out it is
    more like. Clients, Coffee and the Radio.

  134. So I could respond to one of these questions with a witty and sarcastic remark.

    No, but seriously, because it beats 5 years of Math training for Engineering, and it’s very rewarding to see a design come to fruition from the initial to final stages.

  135. Dominic Rödel

    Because I didnt want a job that the same day by day. Now there always is something different to do. Oh, and I wanted a job where I get payed for “thinking”… the coolest part of all!

    Make the Logo smaller is so cool :D

  136. · · · — — — · · ·

  137. David Gale

    As an eight year old, I discovered the concept that the way shapes and letters were represened could have a profound affect on how people related to what they saw. I saw the innate power of MY design and how other people could relate to it.

    Later in life, I came to realise that every organisation, public or private, should be driven by its customers. The starting point for achieving this is a brand with which customers can not just associate but feel a part of. Graphic design is a key facilitator in that quest. Get it wrong and the other components of meeting your customers’ needs face an up-hill battle.

    With graphic design, I can make a difference…

  138. Denis

    Why did you become a graphic designer?

    I didn’t become… I’m just.

  139. Andy Jones

    I was born with it, but it hasn’t stopped me doing anything.

  140. It all started as a hobby when i was in highschool and soon after that it deveoleped into a full time job and a long term relationship.

  141. Mike Scott

    I became a designer to deal with rational, reasonable clients who have a mate who owns photoshop and could do it for £50 anyway!

  142. I became a graphic designer out of respect for great design. I wanted to learn the skills needed to make peoples’ lives easier, more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing.

    Life’s too short to have to endure bad design choices. As creatives, it’s our job to streamline, beautify and create for the benefit of others.

  143. So that I could go to work for the last 25 years wearing jeans, trainers and t-shirts just like this!

  144. Tom

    I’m a designer because people need designers, not illustrators. It hurts every time I think about it…

  145. David Ortiz

    To get satisfaction.

  146. Eye for detail, passion for design of all disciplines, love problem solving.

    Unfortunately I didn’t have any foresight when leaving university otherwise I would have become a politician and lied for a living whilst getting paid to embezzle and run two houses!

    Maybe I should consider a career change!

  147. To long ago I was inspired by Alison from Melrose Place that was working in advertising. I am glad my career turned out a bit different – I don’t like wearing corporate navy suits.
    Now I just love art and computers! Job satisfaction it there when I create something and the client really likes it!

  148. Paul Scott

    Why? To pull girls. It didn’t work.

    Paul (Age 33, single)

  149. Robert Clowes

    Went into the wrong class room at college

  150. dave k

    because i could play guitar well enough to be a rock star

  151. Cristiana

    I thought I could change the world…silly silly

  152. Joao Pereira

    I guess, at the time, it was because i fall in love by typeface.

  153. Robert

    I became graphic designer to bring new and fresh ideas to the world, and to kick ass… And I’m all out of ideas.

  154. Giles

    I always wanted to be a graphic designer I applied to many agencies as a junior, only to be hired as an artworker. shunned from the glory and limelight.

  155. Because it’s the easiest job in the world – anyone can do it.

    All I need is my Photoshop (for the filters mostly), Word (for text layout and great text effects) and PowerPoint (for some layout, some animation) and there’s nothing I can’t achieve.


  156. To make people smile

  157. I became a designer because:

    I just like the colour red, and sometimes I sit alone and get excited by fonts

  158. I became a designer because having spent many years at art school I got the itch to do something else but I wasn’t sure what. I didn’t want to do something radically different and I saw what the local design course involved. I was jealous enough of their fun days out cutting up letters and making shapes do funny stuff. It took a while to make the transition (there are rules and stuff!) but it was a great challenge and I’m glad I’m still here doing it every day…..

  159. I always loved to draw and paint from a very young age and sort of stumbled upon graphic design at school. Since then I have been hooked I took a course in visual communications and never want to look back. I am still a young designer with over a years experience in the industry and at the moment I am looking for more permanent work. But I could not imagine my life without design in it.

  160. Edmondo

    Because it’s the best I can do!
    And I love it!

  161. One day I could hear an old man voice (let there be graphic design!) and a saw a big finger coming out the clouds and touching my head while Handel’s Messiah was sounding and a gospel chorus was singing. That’s what really happened and that’s why I became a graphic designer. No joke.

  162. Magda

    Because I can’t imagine doing anything else.

  163. Brian

    I love people who have no idea what they want telling me to change my design.

  164. Nicole

    It was accidental actually

  165. Marge

    Because I already owned thick, black glasses!

  166. because my journalism teacher told me i was shit at writing and i would have to find something else to do. true story.

  167. Nate

    In 5th grade, I drew a save the planet advertisement for a billboard contest and won. My drawing was on a billboard for 2 months on one of my town’s busiest streets.

    I thought it was so cool that one little drawing could have an impact (however minor it might be) on that many people’s lives. At that point I decided that I wanted to do art that people could see and be affected by. Thus design was a natural place for me to start.

  168. Graphic Design chose me.

  169. So I create & share cool stuff with people every day.

  170. I became a graphic designer because of two related events.

    As an architecture student, I got a D in calculus

    Within a week the facade of a nearby building fell off.

    I switched to graphic design where it is more difficult to kill innocent bystanders.

  171. I love the shirt! I became a graphic designer because I loved art and I loved computers, it was a great combination of the 2 for me. I also fell in love with the craft when I took a class in high school! I haven’t looked back since :)

  172. Definitely for the Fame & Glory….
    and the chance to do something I enjoyed.

    But mainly the fame and glory…

  173. p01ak

    I didn’t.

  174. Brian in KC

    To communicate well in a field full of people who cannot.

  175. Sarah

    Because I was able to take information and mold it into something beautiful that anyone could glance at and understand in an instant.

  176. I became a designer because I want to wear jeans!

  177. I became a designer by proxy when I learned you have to design things before you were able to animate them.

  178. nina douglas

    Because I was going to be a psychotherapist but discovered that I found sick people really annoying. So I became a graphic designer.

  179. ian

    Why did you become a graphic designer?

    i like to make the mundane more “great” so you can kind of say to make a greatdane, no wait that just sounds wrong.

    anywho… to make things pretty, yeah that works better.

  180. Amy

    Because I get to solve problems with art.

  181. Lily

    I became designer to create. I love the process of design. At first there is only an idea and step by step it’s getting closer to the final result.

  182. I became a graphic designer to save the world.

  183. Christine

    To learn and participate in visual communication :)

  184. Age 16 – got a summer job at the in-house art department where my mom worked. Who knew I would be mentored by some wonderful people inspiring me to study design.

  185. Jason S.

    I was illustrating Bible stories when I was five. By the time I was ten, I was making my own books. At fifteen, I was remixing and detourning J.Crew catalogs for fun and sport. At nineteen, I changed my college major to Fine Art and got introduced to Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark. And I fell in love. Deeply in love. And that love only grew as I began to look, really look, at the design work being done all around me. Dave Carson’s Raygun. The cache of C.R. Stecyk Dogtown articles a friend of mine showed me. Album cover after album cover after album cover. And this and that and more and more and more. It got so that my breath would physically leave me when I encountered something new that would trip my trigger. It still does. I love the colors, the shapes, the solids, the whitespace, the intricacies of type, and the way it can all come together in the hands of talented people. Every day, I find something new to inspire me. And every day, I manage to produce something that I can be happy with, at least until the next day when I or my CD see tweaks that needs making. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world some days.

    And I would feel very lucky indeed if I’m chosen to receive one of those breathtakingly wicked shirts. In black, please.

  186. bluebird

    Design is either in you or it isn’t. It’s in me.

  187. Shaoren

    Why did you become a graphic designer?
    I am not one. I feel like one.

  188. Jeremy

    I remember being impressed by album covers and band t-shirts the most when I was a kid. Growing up kind of sheltered meant I was naturally curious what all these new bands were.

    Needless to say I fell in love with the music I heard and the message these artists sent through imagery and advertising.

    For me, a good design can sell me on an album no matter what it sounds like. I enjoy reading through liner notes and looking at album artwork, sometimes more than hearing the music I just bought.

    Design is powerful and I wanted to learn more. Today I’m not a graphic designer simply because it’s a job. I enjoy creating it but also enjoy just looking at and exploring it.

  189. Pam

    Got a job as a designer part-time while in school for fashion illustration – I loved it so much I stayed with after I graduated, got promoted to full-time and made a career out of it. I absolutely love my job.

    (I would SO love to win this shirt – it’s a running joke with me & my boss, I would just love to wear it to work just to rib him!)

  190. Well, I’ve become a graphic designer by passion =)

    When I was child, I used to draw a lot when I feel bored.. & I’ve always wanted to deal with computers… so I guess I’m lucky now, that I have a job where I can design things :)

  191. It’s something I love doing. Why not make it a profession?

    My right brained artistic/creative self is totally suited for a job/hobby like this…

  192. Jeronimo

    To mold the minds of the people!

  193. Megan Gedris

    I wanted to do art for a living, and graphic design seemed like the one least likely to leave me destitute in a cardboard box.

  194. Reev Robledo

    Blame the genes. :)

  195. at the beginning I was a copywriter, then I draw a line in the floor so no designer could cross it. And this is how i become designing: drawing a line.

  196. I became a graphic designer because I like to solve puzzles. I thought of the opportunity to challenge myself and creating something different everyday.

  197. Steven D. Elliott

    I TOOK ONE ART CLASS IN HIGH SCHOOL. Ha! My mother said when I was younger I use to stare at the Tv and be in a trance, not hearing here call my name. Starting college, I was a biology major, after 2 years, I decided I needed something different. I’ve always been a very visual person, and also very competitive.Ask anyone of my friends how persistent I am when I want to accomplish something. I enrolled into my school graphic design course and its been a wild ride! Fallen in love with the field and all there is to learn. Love the Site by way! One of my top favorites for information.

  198. Irene

    so I could draw pictures all day – and get paid for it

  199. sameera

    I became a designer because its something i did naturally. i collected cool packaging. I made icons and marks to organize myself in a early age. the process of designing is just like my process in life. my life is very designed…a forever progressing project.

  200. Chad Kirsebom

    Why did you become a graphic designer?

    Because Helvetica makes me feel good..

  201. So I could drink too much caffeinated drinks, look at screens until my eyes are bloodshot, develop carpal tunnel, and geek out over typography!

  202. O-P

    To rid the world of Comic Sans.

  203. Because cartooning just didn’t seem respectable. :)

  204. Jeremy Tyson

    I decided to be a Graphic Designer to fulfill a passion I have had for art ever since I was a wee little one. I wanted to follow my dream and have a career doing what I love; what’s more fun than painting, and drawing and laying out type for a living?

  205. Communicate the message to an audience through shiny and colourful things and make most things fun and nice instead of the gloomy gray and poorly designed we are used to.

  206. Kosta Atzemis

    Because I thought i knew everything. And guess what, I do.

  207. Jon

    I became a designer because I enjoy art and using creative ways to communicate.

  208. I became a graphic designer because there’s too much ‘ugly’ in this world and I thought a little ‘pretty’ would do good.

  209. I was losing my mind in a different field. One day to keep myself sane, I started doing report covers for my dull reports. I loved it so much, I quit my job, went back to school and re-emerged as a shiny new graphic designer.

    It restored my sanity!


  210. Joey

    to stop the onslaught of Comic Sans, Papyrus and Copperplate Gothic from the desktop publishers and logos designed by “my friend’s son Tim, who took an art class”

  211. I couldn’t spend the rest of my life admiring/criticizing typography, illustrations, and other work without being able to see things that I create get printed. I spent so much time examining the most minute details of design all around me that it didn’t make sense not to make something.

  212. jcbadua

    the reason i became a graphic designer is because I wanted to make myself and others happy. bringing the joy of creativity to others is what life is.
    -never assume, begin to know. -jcbadua

  213. i’m in love with graphic design!!!

  214. I became a graphic designer to help rescue the world from bad design. And to make a difference in the world by communicating to peoples minds and feelings.

  215. I became a graphic designer because design was the one thing that still had me getting up every morning while I was at a previous job.

  216. tazzy

    When I was 13, my brother had Photoshop installed on his pc, and I didn’t know what it is. So I run it and also read some information about it and I was absolutely amazed of it and started learning how to work in it. Nowadays, I’m 18 years old graphic and web designer and I’m still amazed of Photoshop functions and possibilies!

  217. because it’s fun.

  218. Because I spent more time formatting my papers in school than I did writing them. I can’t stop design.

  219. To make a difference

  220. Jackie

    The client made me do it.

  221. Trey Chen

    Because i like painting and creative process.. when i design , i feel like the time is flying… another thing is there r so many ugly design around us, i want to replace them with my own presonal and superb deisgn…

  222. I like to create good looking stuff and explore the bounds of design.

  223. John S

    Because fine art won’t pay the billz.

  224. videoflyer

    Wait. Make it……smaller?? But that might result in…white space!

    You know, I got into this line for the autonomy. So that I don’t have to answer to anyone…except for, you know, the dozen or so mid-level, frustrated-designer management types each pulling what used to be a functional, attractive design in a different horrifying direction.

    SO DON’T YOU TRY TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Or else you know what YOU can do with your logo ;-)

  225. Heesook

    I discovered a passion for typography in high school and knew my career would involve this new found love. Pursued my goal in college and the rest is history. My passion for design & typography still burns.

  226. Gustavo Caetano

    To create the world as I please.

  227. Jeremy

    It’s amazing how you give away something free and EVERYONE comments. Including me.

    Umm… Because I could. Well, I had the tools at my disposal at a young age. It only seemed fitting. I love it!

  228. I needed to be part of the fight against ugly.

  229. Because I love typography!!!!!

  230. Lorinda Theuma

    I always loved design. Graphic design: it makes me happy!

  231. To make things pretty.

  232. Debbie

    came into graphic design quite late in life, but have always been creating in one way or another… I need to create and I live to learn. I went to do a photography course but so glad they steered me into Graphic design, I get to create using so many different mediums.

  233. Ivan

    It is my passion since primary school and I’ve always liked everything related to graphic or web design.

  234. It was my passion!

  235. Sebastian

    Why did you become a graphic designer?

    Because it is also my hobby.

  236. stewart

    I always wanted to be an illustrator !

  237. Loc

    To enter into drawings like this one.

  238. Riley

    I’m just in it for the chicks,

  239. Because design is the most beautiful think in the world.
    Design is art people use.

  240. Why did you become a graphic designer?

    Because there are loads of design around us that you always think could look better, and I wanted to be one to say “I did that”. Design is just exciting!

  241. While studying architecture and spending uncountable hours on Google, design became a passion.

  242. Luke Duesing

    It was half accident, half fate. Always been creative but never thought I could do it for a living. Then I enrolled in a graphic design program at a local tech school out of curiosity, fell in love with the industry, and voila! Here I am.

  243. I stumbled onto design while doing an editorial internship at a local magazine in college. I discovered I loved what the designer was doing much more than writing! I had always been artistic, although more of a fine artist, so I switched tracks from journalist to designer and have never looked back. I LOVE what I do!!

  244. Jalu

    because it makes me live!!!!

  245. Jeremy

    I couldn’t get a job pumping gas … full service stations just don’t exist anymore.

  246. JoJo

    Because bad design makes my skin crawl… and good design is just sooooo good…

  247. Cuando decidí ser diseñador, sabía que no lo haria por dinero, era simplemente por amor al arte, en este caso: por amor al diseño (for love to design)

  248. Peggy Jones

    I am become a graphic designer because I love to create what will make someone express themselves to the world. I love to express myself with my own creations. I always will except good criticism as well. For that is a way in which I learn from others.

  249. Aaron Lee

    I became a designer because designers are the mind behind the message. I like the idea of portraying an idea of importance in a creative manner.

  250. Jennifer B

    I decided that I never wanted to sleep. It’s overrated anyway.

  251. I’ve always love to draw and design my own cars since I was a kid, but in the meantime I’ve decided to study some computer engineerig.

    But then I discover the Industrial Design Degree in Zaragoza’s Unniversity and decided 100% to go for it :D

    Once there, I specialiced in Design & Communication, which is my true vocation, and now I’m working as a graphic designer in 3lemon, the most important graphic design & Marketing agency in Zaragoza!

  252. I became a designer to win free T-Shirts…

  253. James Zhao

    Because design is like a giant wall of greatness to scale.

  254. Thomas Lees

    Because there’s always room for improvement.
    Because it’s a profession that moves with the times.

  255. Karen

    To change world!!! haha!!!

  256. When I realised designing cover sheets and assignment letterhead was the best part of calculus!

  257. I needed a reason to wake up on mondays to fridays.

    It worked.

  258. tacapaca

    Because it was meant to be!

  259. Sergio

    to have the power!

  260. When I discovered that the paths of ART and LOGIC actually intersected at Graphic Design is when I knew it was where I belonged. Haven’t looked back since.

  261. Because being an architect took 7 years worth of training so that ruled that out for me.

    Because of 2 books by two men who inspired me:

    1. Bill Bernbach
    2. Bob Gill

  262. Julie

    I became a designer because it is the right thing for me. I am visual, I am an artist, I love to make information clear through good design.

  263. qub

    to become an invisible hero – leave a mark in visual environment and make it better

  264. Goalie

    I happened to run across this software called Photoshop for the first time in upper secondary school. It stuck to me ever since.

  265. Chose (web) design because I wanna compete with that neighbors nephew who knows how to do websites himself.

  266. Kevin

    Drew on the walls at home and Mom took a picture. Hmm the camera only comes out at important times, so design/art must be important. Thanks, Mom.

  267. Carla

    I tried nursing and hated it. I love to create, so I realized I could pursue my passion and also make some money doing it. So here I am. :-D

  268. NeilyPeelie

    It was either this or be a Quantity Surveyor the rest of my life.
    That was in 1987.
    No regrets.

  269. Why did you become a graphic designer?

    Because I needed something to express myself… And it’s graphic design !

  270. riverpost

    To change the Word one letter at a time !!

  271. I love the challenge of rearranging and organizing the pieces of the puzzle into a cohesive unit that communicates, inspires, and surprises.

  272. Eric

    1. I like to draw pictures all day.
    2. Can’t code for $#!7.
    3. Don’t know how to farm.

  273. vdubs

    …the neurotic need to prove everyone wrong (I failed graphic arts in high school).

  274. I can’t play music, so this is how I create.

  275. I became a designer at around the age of 10, and professionally speaking at the age of 15. Simply put, I did because that was the way I have always communicated, worked and felt. It’s the language I speak best; as I assume is the case with most of us here.

    Great blog!

  276. Monica

    Because it’s enjoyable

  277. CLEWIS

    It’s one of the few things I’m both passionate about and good at. I love to create something that pleases the customer and meets their goals.

  278. carolina

    i´ve been drawing my whole life, that´s the way I explain things…

    and because pole dancing it´s not really my thing.

  279. Matt Redway

    Because I wasn’t clever enough to do anything that would directly benefit the huge proportion of people in the world who actually need the help the others.

  280. Why did I become a designer?

    Because photography didn’t grasp me as design did in school. Competition in class kept me interested. Making things aesthetically pleasing kept me interested. Seeing the satisfaction in the eyes of my onlookers keeps me in it. Judging menus at restaurants and HUGE logos keeps me inspired to not make similar mistakes. ;)

    I <3 design.

  281. So I could finally break my addiction of late night infomercial ads, fried rice and wasted days of sleeping til mid afternoon.

  282. To create, (to code) to bring smiles to the people who see the designs!

  283. Lee

    I hate routine!

  284. I think I was very lucky. I’m glad.

  285. v

    Because my Mac loves me! We are happy!

  286. DM-design

    I’m still asking myself that question.

    Just kidding! Probably because that’s the one of the things that makes me happy and relax me no matter how I feel. It’s always good to do what you love and make world more beautiful plus to earn money doing that.

  287. binou

    To make this world look better! :)

  288. Stacey

    Because of the creativity involved combined with the digital aspect. I love the ever-evolving capabilities of design software and seeing how I can come up with new ways to utilize them!

  289. Ryan

    I knew I’d be working with clients from a variety of backgrounds. I love that I learn so much with each project I take on… even if the project requires me to learn something I never thought I had an interest in before.

  290. Kelsey

    I became a graphic designer because it’s the only career I’ve yet to find that can keep my over-active brain completely satisfied, constantly challenged, and completely open to new ideas and technologies. There is also a lot of interest in sustainability, so Graphic Design improves my world and can help improve the world around me. So basically, I became a graphic designer because it’s AWESOME!

  291. So that I could tell my kids- See you can work & play AT THE SAME TIME :)

  292. janet

    because i could not write the letter “J” the right way until I was 5 (i drew it mirrored, its also the first letter of my name).

    I was determined to show my parents I could write the letter J correctly… how I became a type designer.

  293. Aaron

    Struck a balance between my interest in journalism and art. But honestly? I’d rather be singing.

  294. Revon Pereira

    It’s the only thing i was GOOD AT

  295. Rob

    It was actually by accident, I was a perl programmer who moved into website programming and website design then someone asked us to produce their logo and stationary, next thing you know I discovered I could do graphics and not just programming!!


  296. To redesign the world around me

  297. Simon

    I became a graphic designer because I’ve always had an interest in art, and as I graduated high school that developed into graphic design, and I guess that led me to where I am now.

    Having said that though, my tutor always used to say ‘When anyone asks what you do, you can say you’re a graphic designer, which sounds so sexy’ – which is far cooler than the truth of my answer.

  298. Because it’s harder to make a living creatively ‘non-digitally’ these days (I was previously an artist), so moving my creative juices to digital graphic design has kept me creative – and happy!


  299. Darron

    Wanted to do something that was rock’n’ roll without out singing or playing an instrument…Design Rocks our world!

  300. AJ

    Am I to late? I became a designer, and am still becoming a designer (as everyone is constantly evolving and maturing in this game) because I love the process of creating something effective that I can be proud of.

  301. Patrick

    I became a designer when sitting in a Computer networking course I realized just how much that sucked. Plus what other profession can your boss say ” Oh Patrick he makes pretty pictures all day”

    And yea I’m late maybe that’s a reason too on the freelance side I set my own schedule so I’m never late.

  302. I became a designer because of music. Design is like a bridge, there is a lot of planning and work involved, but when it is done it helps get people where they need to go. Working on projects that don’t even feel like work and being creatively satisfied isn’t a bad perk either.

  303. jessica b

    To create art in a practical way.

  304. Thanks for everyone’s comments. I’ve just updated the post with the winning names.

    If you’ve won, you will have received an email from me with collection info.

    For those who weren’t drawn, better luck next time, and thanks again.

  305. JMH

    to facilitate & inspire communication

  306. Alyssa

    I spent more time agonizing over making posters and projects look pretty for other classes and not be concerned about anything else.

    Then my mom told me to do graphic design.
    I replied : no i hate computers…
    But she was right.

  307. It’s never really been a “why” question! Thats one of those “why is the sky blue” type questions. I knew that if I wanted to be happy in life, there was no other profession that was going to do it for me.

    For those lucky enough to be born with “it”, becoming a graphic designer is just a matter of when, not why. :)


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