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NFL logos by Matt McInerney

Pentagram designer Matt McInerney‘s “minimalist take on current NFL logos.”

I like these three.

Seattle Seahawks logo
Seattle Seahawks = hawk/beak + waves in team colours

Houston Texans logo
Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts logo
Indianapolis Colts

The designs below are the ones currently in use for those three teams.

Seattle, Houston, Indianapolis NFL logos

View all of Matt’s redesigns here.

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5 appreciated comments

  1. Trevor

    Hey David,

    I have been thinking of doing a personal project along these lines for quite some time now to fulfill my goal of transitioning from a digital designer to a role in brand identity design. To see a designer at Pentagram taking on a fun project like this is inspiring. My question is, how seriously are these projects taken when applying to design studios. They lack a lot of the research that is required that you talk about in Logo Design Love as well as the client/designer relationship.

  2. They’ll obviously not be as valuable as paid client work or pro bono projects, but they show passion and ideas. I guess it depends on what else you have to show, and who’s reading your application.

  3. Mark

    Hmmm, not sure, I like the Colts, the Seahawks the hawk doesn’t quite work for me, and the Texans I actually prefer the original.

  4. I like them all – nice, simplified design, yet just enough abstract.

  5. Seattle Seahawks looks like a road way, the Houston Texans looks like some sort of an alien ship and the last one I can not be bothered to make a comment. Sorry David, you may at times find my comments straight to the point of tasteless, but I am simply giving my 2cents. I think sometimes things are best left the way they were, why change what works.

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