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Optimistic Beverages

This logo for Optimistic Beverages caught my eye.

Optimistic Beverages

By Helms Workshop, found via the Johnson Banks thought for the week.

That is all.

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35 appreciated comments

  1. Chelsea

    The line width from the illustration to the type makes it for me. Absolutely lovely!

  2. Extremely clever concept!

  3. I don’t know, I’m on the fence … it’s messing with my head a bit :D Lol

    It ‘looks’ stunning though visually. Verrrry well executed.

  4. Kent

    Clean and clever. I’m with Chelsea on the line-width: excellent work.

  5. OMBG. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Justine

    The only thing that bothers me is that drop shadow on the glass. Is it necessary? Does it make or break the logo or meaning of it? Doubt it. Otherwise.. fantastic!

  7. Brilliant idea, a bit of a gift. But it’s lovely.

  8. Eric

    This logo is extremely clever. I love it.

    In reply to Justine: The glass casts a shadow. It is not to be confused with a drop shadow.

  9. I really don’t understand why people think this that clever. The first thing I did when I saw it was Google the brand to understand the brand better. There is no website. Is this just a logo for a logo’s sake? How can it be considered successful or clever if there are no real problems to solve? It is a great illustration, but with the lack of a real idea, any good illustration can be considered a great logo if type is placed underneath to reference a restaurant, design studio, or service.

  10. nateP

    I think that the shadow cast from the glass is a bit unessecary, it deletes the symetry, which could arguably make it either more interesting, or more cluttered.

    I still love it though…

  11. I like it, very old-school.

    Does anyone know what it’s for? I see the image on the ‘thought for the week’ but it doesn’t explain, unless I’m missing something.

  12. Tom

    So funny. Love it. Simple illustration. Nice type treatment. Cheers mate!

  13. Killerkillerkiller concept. Strikes me personally as that rare Great Idea which needs no explanation — although though it isn’t directly analogous or a stodgy metaphor. Damn, I wish I’d thought of this one! That said; its so easy to armchair QB even the best concepts. However, I were to offer two (albeit quibblingly) constructive thoughts here:

    – Perhaps this could be streamlined even further (or extrapolated upon more) as appropriate for the target / client? Not enough visual shorthand for a major market brand. But since it’s obviously not one; perhaps a bit more elocution?

    – Form, shape and color clearly insinuate alcoholic beverages — and boutique ones, at that. This feels very “90s earth revival” / CSA. Not a bad thing unless the client has broader ambitions. Design for current category and design for future brand objectives (as long as it rings true in the present) are different animals.

    Again — that’s quibbling. This is brilliant work. Absolutely inspiring!

  14. natasha


  15. Ajiram

    I am an amateur, interested in Logo. I am working in the beer production. As you might know, beer drinkers are not only “cute” people, as this cute Logo above, but a quite big population – rock, death metal, progressive metal, punk, motorbikes….with all symbols of their way of life. Yes, Brand Logo can not be made for one target population only, but from time to time, for some special occasion Optimistic Beverages could have more black color, more symbols of that population. I made one (company competition), and would like to publish it. Is it possible, and how. I do not have FB, and do not want to have.

  16. Mr. Grey I agree with you, does anyone know what this was created for?

  17. Marco

    Clever interpretation!…but I think that illustation doesn’t help to immediatelly understand the concept…anyway a good job! M

  18. Jen

    Talk about half glass full…at the top! I really like this a lot!

  19. Love it!! It’s so simple but it makes me happy :)

  20. Aaah, love it. The linework looks great; it’s nice to see the not-quite-solid black, and the “clear” in the bottom half of the glass makes me happy. It’s perfect – thanks for sharing:)

  21. Forte

    Really like the negative space here. A very sharp and economical design. Great find.

  22. Marky

    Nice, clever – but – feels like the brand name was built around the logo concept and not the other way round. I mean: ‘Optimistic Beverages’?

    Feels contrived.

  23. Matthew

    I think this is great! Simple & clever.

    Does anyone know what typeface “Optimistic” is set in?

  24. cherie

    Very clever! Two thumbs up!

  25. Nice idea and illustration.

    I think to work as a logo I would prefer to simplify this a bit more. The shadow should be removed as well as those black blobs on the bottom of the glass, as it’s rather distracting and serves no real purpose. Also they might want to rethink the blue tint and the reflection of the liquid.

    Verdict: Great potential, but not quite there yet.

  26. Gorgous illustration, perfect for a micro-brewery or something similar. Perfect combination of clever + character.

  27. Lovely Illustration work with consistent quality.

  28. Stephen Shillito

    Great solution and really good piece of work.

  29. freddie stevens

    why do people like this so much? First of all it looks like a clip art illustration, the shadow is horrible! I also find logos that try to show a picture like this are never really that great. And finally the concept really is not that great, glass half full? Wow special…..

  30. As I scrolled down I thought this is clip art. As I reached the type though it seemed to balance out somehow and seemed more professional. Just shows what type can do. It is also well balanced. It has a warm feel. I would feel comfortable with it in some kind of cosy pub restaurant such as “Wetherspoons” (UK). I am musing over whether the clip art like image would work with a wine bar, french cafe or coffee chain.

  31. Naomi

    Am I the only one who thinks the glass looks like a cigarette? (especially when the logo is smaller).

  32. Joes

    Freddie has nothing constructive to add here except “wow special” … News flash Freddie: every illustrated logo looks like some piece of clip art the exists somewhere, so by your standard any and all illustrated logos are no good. I wouldn’t be surprised it because you’ve never picked up a pencil in your life and couldn’t draw a stickman if your miserable life depended on it.

  33. Joes

    Hey Mr. Grey…maybe you can’t find anything when you Google the name because they are just in the planning stages pre launch, that would explain no site yet. Speaking of sites, checked yours out…nice Mad Men theme you got going, just a question though….what’s with Merrill Lynch’s logo in your Technology section?

  34. Mhoe

    I agree with you Naomi… it seems like cigarette… lol

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