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Orchestre Symphonique Genevois

Orchestre Symphonique Genevois logo

Some of the samples end a bit abruptly, sounding odd, but I like the idea behind this design for Orchestre Symphonique Genevois, explained in the video below.

Designed by KW43. Via @issue.

It reminds me of one of my favourite videos on Vimeo, Birds on the Wires.

I don’t need much of an excuse to share that again.

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3 appreciated comments

  1. Great idea! Love the birds on a wire video!

  2. Jorge Portugal

    I like the idea but, as you mentioned, I don’t like the way some samples end.

    With a different approach, and best sound results if you ask me, is this sound logo for the Philharmoniker Hamburg (http://vimeo.com/23688740).

  3. Brian Wong

    I love the idea, fun and creative. But I feel like there’s definitely room for finesse in the final product. The music note dots just feel like they’re competing with the rest of the logotype a little too much somehow.

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