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Logos that prevent parking tickets

traffic warden Edinburgh

I’ve received my fair share of parking tickets. The traffic wardens where I used to live were dubbed ‘little Hitlers’ due to their aggressive tactics, and it was painful to see those bright red warnings slapped on my windscreen. Here’s one way around it.

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New York Philharmonic logo

New York Philharmonic logo

Paula Scher, one of my favourite designers, recently created a new logo for the New York Philharmonic.

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Logos from why not associates

London Arts logo

why not associates is a British graphic design company, established two decades ago. Here’s a taste of their identity design work.

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Thoughts about Pepsi

Pepsi cans

Will the new shelf-image bring higher sales?

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Dreaming the best and worst of Hershey’s

Maggie Macnab logo design sketch

In this tenth and final logo round-up of the year, you’ll find features on Pentagram, North, Hershey’s, and more. I hope I’ve shown you something of interest in these brief posts, and I wish you all the very best for 2009!

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