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SpecWatch on design contests


It’s interesting to see the recent appearance of SpecWatch, a venture that educates about the very real risks of design contest websites and “their so-called communities”.

SpecWatch has been cataloging unpaid and refunded projects, and those terminated due to copyright violation. Here are just a few examples of what’s going on.

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Google Chrome, decorative monograms, and biffing the Bing

Bing logo design

Does the Chrome logo spin your cogs? And has Bing outdone Google in the iconic logo department? A little logo design news doing the rounds.

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Kit Hinrichs: the story of a storyteller

Kit Hinrichs retrospective

Pentagram partner Kit Hinrichs talks about his experiences in a recent interview for the One Club.

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Tenth logo by Nancy Wu

Tenth logo design

A quick mention of a favourite blog, Logolog by Denis Radenkovic, and a great logo by Nancy Wu, for Tenth.

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How Twitter helps designers

Twitter fail whale

Twitter can be an unhealthy obsession. I’ve had to stop following people when their speeds of around 100tph drown out everyone else. That doesn’t mean us designers aren’t using Twitter to our benefit, and here’s what I’m doing to make the most of it.

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